This are my own photos of quiches that I made from recipes I found at BHG.com.


Broccoli wasn't part of the recipe but I added 1c. precooked broccoli florets that I chopped into smaller pieces. I used half of a drained can of Swanson white meat chicken. I also added one extra egg. This turned out well and though I used a little less cheese than the recipe stated I used a whole lot more salt but it wasn't enough. I used a combination of Swiss and mild cheddar cheese. I used a 1qt pie dish. Mine baked in the time stated.

You can find the recipe here.


I left out the zucchini and red pepper because I don't like either. I doubled the liquid to 1/2c. and used heavy cream in place of low fat milk. I used four jumbo eggs in place of six large. I added 1/4t. of salt. This is very good. It has parmesan and mozzarella cheese in it. I added some dried chives though the recipe calls for no onion. It baked in 28 minutes in a 1qt pie dish. I'll definitely make this again.

Recipe can be found here.


This quiche has onion and cheese in it. I left out the nutmeg and meat. I used dried chives instead of green onion. I used one cup of Muenster cheese and it was incredibly salty. I used just half of the liquid, 3/4c. heavy cream, because if you use over one cup of liquid, the cooled quiche is very moist, almost wet, so I never use that amount. This is a very good, basic recipe that you can do a lot with.

I used an 8.5"/1qt pie dish and it baked in 28 minutes.

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