STUDIO: Boojum Productions/Variety Films, 1973
RUN TIME: 83 minutes
DVD RELEASE: After Hours Cinema, 2007
UPC: 612385423192
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FROM WIKIPEDIA: Forced Entry is a 1973 pornographic film written and directed by Shaun Costello under the pseudonym Helmuth Richler. It stars Harry Reems as an unnamed and psychotic Vietnam War veteran who sexually assaults and kills random women who stop at the filling station where he works as an attendant. Called "one of the most disturbing and unpleasant porn features ever made" the film utilizes actual footage of the war, predominantly in the rape and murder sequences.

SPOILER SUMMARY: Harry's working at a gas station. He pumps gas for a woman (Jutta David, from Germany) and when she pays him in cash, he tells her he's always getting robbed and needs her to pay with a credit card. He lies and tells her that her name and address didn't show up too good on the copy so he asks her for both, writes the info down then follows her home. He's hanging around inside her apartment building, then goes out on the fire escape and spies through her window. He's got a gun stuffed in the waistband of his jeans and is holding a knife. Jutta's in the bedroom with a man (Shaun Costello). He's naked on the bed, she's naked except for underwear. She blows Shaun, then he fucks her missionary position for a long time. She gets on top and rides him for a short time then she lifts up off him and he jerks off until he cums.

Later on, Jutta's dressed, sitting on the sofa reading something. Harry unlocks the front door with his knife. He creeps up behind her, puts his hand over her mouth and threatens to 'cut her guts out' if she makes a sound. She asks him what he wants and he says, "Lady, I want you to take my prick out of my pants and suck my cock. You hear that? You hear that? You're gonna suck my cock!" She kneels in front of him and blows him. While that's going on he's having flashbacks of Vietnam (and real footage is used). He finishes himself off and wipes his dick and cum across her mouth. He tells her he didn't enjoy it at all. He slowly drags his knife across her throat, leaving a thin red line/cut and it kills her. It looks incredibly fake. He kisses her lips.

Harry's standing outside (work?) when a woman (Laura Cannon) stops in her car and asks for directions. He gives them to her and follows her on foot. She arrives at the house and he's watching her from the woods across the street and having more Vietnam flashbacks. He goes inside, up the stairs and watches her as she showers. She sees him, screams, he pushes her into the bedroom and tosses her onto the bed. He strips down and forces her to blow him while holding a gun to her head. He says to her, "You know what I'm gonna do to you once you get it up there nice and good, honey? I'm gonna stick it up your asshole, that's what I'm gonna do. You're gonna like that, aren't ya?" He lays on the bed, she's to his right laying beside him, leaning up and over him, blowing him. She gets on all fours and he rapes her anally. He repeatedly asks her if her ass is bleeding yet and says he's going to show her 'a lot of bleeding'. He pulls out and cums on her ass, visualizing dead children in Vietnam. He tells her he didn't like it and that she got his 'prick all full of shit' (not true). She rolls over on the bed until she's onto the floor. He slices her left shoulder with his knife, then stabs her through the belly button. He kisses her then lays her back on the hardwood floor.

A brunette girl, either Nina Fawcett or Ruby Runhouse, is hitchhiking. A blond driving a van pulls over and they chat. They both walk over and sit down on something. They talk about doing drugs, the blond tells her she does live sex shows for $200 a week and tries to get the other girl interested in doing them and her. They drive to the gas station where Harry works. Harry tells them they'll have to pay with a credit card and lies to get them to give their address. Like with the others, he follows them. They're at home smoking a joint on a sofa or something. He's spying through the window. They take their shirts off and go into the bedroom and get naked. One eats the other out. He comes into the room and they're not really scared because they're high. The blond tells him he's the guy from the gas station. He's getting very angry because they aren't scared and he's continuing to have flashbacks of the horrors of Vietnam and the two women he's killed recently. He keeps telling them to 'stay away' from him. He blows his brains out.

MY THOUGHTS: I've been wanting to see this for over ten years and was excited when I finally got the chance. After watching it I realized it wasn't as rough/violent as it sounded, either, in my opinion. The 'rape' and manhandling of women in R-rated films is far rougher than what's in his film. I see this more as a mainstream film with explicit sex as opposed to a xxx porn with a plot. I'm not ashamed to say I like this.

There's not too much dialogue in this and Harry has most of it. The scene at the end with the two women, they're beyond annoying and they sort of ruined the ending for me. From what I've read they weren't really actors and it seems to me they were ad-libbing most of their dialogue. They couldn't have done a worse job had they tried.

Here's a good review for it, here too.

Harry died from pancreatic cancer in March 2013.

Same review here.[sl]-Thriller/Forced-Entry-DVD-(1974)-(NTSC-Region-1).html

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