ALYX by Lolah Burford with Author Photo

GENRE: Historical Fiction
SETTING: Jamaica, 1790s
HEROINE: Alyx de Vere
HERO: Simon
DATES READ: 1/04, 5/04, 11/06, 10/07

FROM PUBLISHER: They were enslaved in a place where lust knew no bounds-and only love was forbidden… They were two white slaves thrown together in the darkness of the breeding hut. She, Alyx de Vere, a virginal, sixteen-year-old beauty carried off to nightmare captivity on a Caribbean sugar plantation. He, Simon, handsome, young, once heir to a noble title. He felt no desire for this anonymous woman who was forced upon him. And she knew only fearful hatred for this stranger who was about to violate her youthful innocence.

But as night after night of tremulous, fevered mating passed, something forbidden grew between these two desire-damned lovers-a rapturous passion that drove them to dare any peril to free each other from this savage world of bondage and brutal submission. And it was then that Alyx and Simon swore that no power-even death itself-would ever overcome their eternal bond of flaming, all-conquering love…

SPOILER SUMMARY: This is the story of 27 year old Simon and 16 year old Alyx de Vere, both British. Simon was sold at auction to August, owner of a plantation in Jamaica, 10 years earlier when he was 17. This story takes place in the late 1790s in Jamaica.

Here's how Simon ended up in Jamaica. Simon was in line to inherit his fathers estates and all that came along with it when his father was injured in a horseriding accident. Simon's jealous uncle Phillip came up with a horrible plan; to kidnap and ship Simon off to a place far away for life so that he would be next in line to inherit his brother's title and estate. But there was one little problem; what to do with Simon?

Simon's father was out riding one day while Simon was away at school. His father fell off the horse as went into a coma. Uncle Phillip put his plan into action. He went to see Simon at school, told him his father was hurt and his mother sent him to come get him and bring him home. Later that night, Phillip gave Simon some drugged coffee, which made Simon sick, then he passed out. He was taken to his own room to recover.

When he awoke, he was bound and gagged. Phillip was standing beside him, he removed Simon's gag and forced him to drink more drugged rum. Simon and Phillip then traveled by carriage. Phillip told him they were traveling 'towards' Simon's father's. The carriage was then attacked by men who kidnapped Simon for ransom, Phillip watching all the while.

Simon awoke on a bed, bound in a hut, being taken care of by some men for about a week. He was blindfolded one day, put into the floor of a carriage and covered by a rug, so as not to be seen by anyone. After traveling for awhile, the carriage stopped, multiple gunshots were fired and the men who helped Phillip with Simon were killed. Simon knew Phillip did it because he heard his voice. Phillip then forced Simon to swallow some kind of powder.

He was later put on a ship with other captives, they sailed to Jamaica and he was put on an auction block naked, examined by a man who ended up buying him. That man was Simon's master, August. Simon was sold under the name Aston Smith.

Simon was forced to share August's bed for five years. When Simon would resist, he'd get whipped. After five years, Simon stopped sharing August's bed but the rapes continued. Soon after Simon stopped sharing his masters bed, he became one of four *studs*. The studs were to get the female slaves, both black and white, pregnant. After they'd gotten one pregnant, they were given a one month break. Studs were treated better than other slaves.

After being a stud for five years, Alyx arrived. She was sent to Jamaica because she'd gotten caught stealing Simon's uncle Phillip's horse. One of her friends dared her to do it just for fun, so she did it then got caught. She'd been there a few months when she'd been put into the breeding hut with Simon. August put those two together until Alyx got pregnant because August wanted those two to have a son that August and his wife could raise as their own, since they couldn't have their own children.

So Simon and Alyx met in the breeding hut. That's how the book opens. They were in total darkness every time so they couldn't see each other at all. The reason for that is so that if they pass by each other, they won't recognize each other and won't know who they're pregnant by or who has fathered whos child.

Just about every night, Simon and Alyx were put in the hut together. They talked and got to know each other. Alyx told Simon how she came to be there and Simon told her his story.

Alyx knew she was pregnant and even threw up once while they were together. She hid the dirty sheet under the bed because she knew if anyone knew she was pregnant, she wouldn't see Simon again. After a short time, it was discovered that she was pregnant so she didn't see Simon for a long time. Though they didn't know what the other looked like, since they'd only been together in total darkness, Alyx recognized Simon one day while they were working. Alyx dropped her bucket of water, Simon looked at her but continued on, she whispered his name and in that moment he knew she was Alyx, since she's the only one who knows his real name. They talked, he felt her stomach and saw that she was pregnant. They made plans to meet by the fountain later, they met and had sex and were caught by August's wife. She wanted to have him castrated, whipped and hung. After he was whipped and was about to be hanged, August arrived and saved Simon.

They made plans to escape the plantation together. They met, Simon has his master's keys, they met the priest who married them, then as they were boarding a ship that Simon had arranged for earlier. As they were boarding it, gunshots rang out and August and his men shot the captain and another man, and made Alyx and Simon return home. Simon was whipped 200 times.

He was then put to work in a field with a man who'd had his tongue cut out. He was also raped by the man from time to time. He then became 'stud' to Alyx again. They were told not to talk to each other, so they didn't. Then he didn't see her again for three years. One day someone came to the hut Simon lived in and told him his master wanted to see him. When he got there, August told him he'd checked out his story about being an earl and that Simon had been telling the truth. He tore up Simon's 'paper of purchase', introduced him to his son and daugher, then Alyx and allowed them both to sail home to England. They were finally free; Simon, after 13 years, Alyx, after 3.

When Simon arrived at his mother's home after a few months of sailing, she was surprised to see him but didn't seem happy. He told her that Phillip had abducted him but she didn't belive him. All of them then traveled to see Phillip, who was very sick and in bed. He told Phillip that he and his family was going to have to find some place to live, since they were living in Simon's house. Neither one mentioned the kidnapping.

On the way home, a rider came up to the carriage and told Simon that his uncle wanted to see him. Simon returned alone to the house. When Simon went into the bedroom, Phillip asked Simon if he knew what Phillip had done to him and Simon said yes. Phillip said that he wasn't sorry for what he'd done and that he'd do it all over again if he could.

Simon wrote up a statement saying that Phillip was retracting his statement about Alyx stealing his horse then got Phillip to sign it. He was going to use that to have the charges against Alyx dropped. Next, he asked Phillip if he ever wondered about him or regretted what he'd done and Phillip said 'no'. Simon went home, told Alyx she could leave him if she wanted, since they hadn't been getting along much during the whole voyage back home to England. She said she wanted to stay with him; that's how the book ended.

MY THOUGHTS: I absolutely love this book. It's a top favorite of mine. It's not really romance, though some will disagree. What I find very interesting is the author's note at the end of the book about who the character Simon was based on. It says, "In the eighteenth century, the Sixth Earl of Anglesey (uncle Phillip) "is notorious as having procured the kidnapping and bondage in America of his nephew, James Annesley, rightful Lord Altham".

Alyx's character was based on was a 14 year old girl who stole a horse and was 'condemned to transportation' to Australia and ended up married to the ships captain.

If you want to read more about the real Simon, click here.

I read somewhere on the internet years ago (in an obit that I can't find) that Lolah died in 2002. Below is an image from her, taken from the back of the hardcover edition of her book Vice Avenged (see my review). Image came from the internet.

VICE AVENGED by Lolah Burford With Author Image

vice avenged paperback USPUBLISHING INFO: MacMillan, 1971, hardcover
Fawcett Paperback, 1972, pictured here
GENRE: Historical Fiction

FROM PUBLISHER: In 18th-century England young men gathered in private clubs to devise mischievous and exciting schemes to while away their idle hours. So it was with Bysshe, the young Marquis of Gore and his friends. They were bored, very bored. What they wanted was a delicious new game--a shocking, sensational, dangerously different was to spice up their long days. And together they thought up an ingenious idea. One of them would ravish a virgin of good family, an innocent maiden to be chosen by lot. Only a game, they said. And so it was until the plan backfired. Suddenly the game had become a sadistic round of violence and vengeance.

This is the authors first book and is dedicated to author GEORGETTE HEYER. I love how in the 'author's note' before the story begins the author herself says, "Here is an eighteenth-century fairy tale, frankly unserious, frankly unrealistic, for a realistic, serious Age." Love it!

SPOILER SUMMARY: This is a bizarre tale, only 224 pages long but what a tale it is! It takes place in England in the 1700s but no specific year is given. Bysshe, Marquis of Gore, is somewhere around 26 years old. He and three of his friends are bored, bored, bored one night while sitting around in a gaming 'hell'. Viscount Lisle says to them that he'd like to do something that there's "some risk to", and something that ladies wouldn't care to wisper about in their salons. Then he said that he thinks they should 'seduce the quality', an unmarried girl.Each of the four men drew names. Byshee drew the name Cressida "Cressy" Daviot, twenty-two, someone he knew. The next night, May 1st, after leaving his parents home, he went to her home, guessed at which window was hers, climbed up a rope ladder he'd brought, climbed into her room and put a mask on.He went over to her bed, tied a cloth over her mouth and tied her hands and legs together, threatened to hit her with his fist if she made a sound, carried her over his shoulder and out the window, taking the ladder with him to his carriage. They traveled to nearby hills, layed her down on bearskin rugs and said this horrible thing to her:

"You will wonder why I have brought you here", he said in a level voice, "and I will tell you. I intend to rape you. You are miles alway from any house, or any road, or anyone who could hear you, scream you never so loud or long. Do you understand me? There is no one, absolutely no one who can hear you who will come to your aid- and there is nothing, absolutely nothing, that can prevent my doing to you exactly what I fully mean to do. I have brought you here to do it, and never doubt I shall. Put all hopes of that aside."

He took her back home, changed her nightgown, kept the dirty one and cut off a lock of her hair (like a serial killer would do) as proof of what he'd done. Charles, one of Byshee's friends recognized the nightgown (yeah, right!) as belonging to his cousin, who's several times removed from the family. Charles felt bad about what happened so he sent a note to Cressy's father informing him of what happened.

Her father read the note the next day and told her twin brothers about what happened. They came up with a plan.... Cressy's father invited Byshee to a party at their home and had someone bring him into another room. Her father and brothers were waiting with weapons when Byshee came into the room. They gagged him and her father told him they knew what happened, didn't say how they knew, and that he was making Byshee marry her. (WTF?! Who want's their daughter to marry a rapist, I ask you?) Byshee refused then agreed after being threatened with a beating. Byshee was still denying he'd raped her so he wouldn't sign a paper saying he'd done it, but he did sign some other legal papers.

They brought Cressy in to see Byshee, she didn't recognize him, they told her he wanted to marry her but she refused and left the room. Her father told her who Byshee was and what he'd done and that he's making her marry him. Byshee is being held captive there and beaten every day until he signs the paper saying he raped her. But Cressy doesn't know a thing about the beatings. Byshee breaks down one day, tells her he's being held against his will and that they should marry right away. The entire family travel to France. (Why?)

After the wedding, the two of them traveled to Italy, where they spent three months. When they finally got back home, Byshee started using opium, which was 'fashionable' at the time.

One day at the club, Byshee confronted Charles and told him he knew he'd told Cressy's father about what he'd done. Charles denied it, called Byshee a liar, so they dueled and Charles got shot in the chest by Byshee but survived. Charles then told Byshee that Cressy was his cousin and that's why he'd told on him. Charles is about 20 years old.

Cressy's brothers and father kidnapped Byshee, put him on Cressy's brother Kit's yacht and spent six hours traveling to France. Once there, they locked him in a room with a window, chair and table. He cried. He was kept there about a week then was moved to a large one room apartment and was held prisioner there for months. The money for the apartment ran out, he was moved to a small room again and was kept there until about eight months later when he was set free.

He wandered around, came to a home, asked the people if he could bathe and shave and ended up staying there, helping to work the land. About seven months later, he sent Cressy a letter asking her to send his valet to him. Cressy and Byshee's father traveled with the valet to France. He did not tell her that he was there because her father kidnapped him. Cressy just thought he left of his own free will TWO YEARS before.

They left to go back to England. Byshee still didn't tell her about her father kidnapping him. Byshee finally confessed to Cressy that he was the one who raped her, and that it had been part of a bet, "a vile, foolish, brutal, stupid bet. But how I won!" During his two year absence, Cressy gave birth to a baby boy.

And they all lived happily ever after!

I read somewhere on the internet years ago (in an obit that I can't find) that Lolah died in 2002. Below is an image of her, taken from the back of the hardcover edition of her book Vice Avenged.


PUBLISHER: Kensington, 12/2015
GENRE: Historical Mystery
SETTING: England, December 1918
SERIES: A Lady and Lady's Maid Mystery, #1

FROM PUBLISHER: December 1918: As a difficult year draws to a close, there is much to celebrate for nineteen-year-old Phoebe Renshaw and her three siblings at their beloved family estate of Foxwood Hall. The dreadful war is finally over; eldest daughter Julia's engagement to their houseguest, the Marquis of Allerton, appears imminent; and all have gathered to enjoy peace on earth, good will toward men.

But the peace of Foxwood Hall is shattered on the morning of Boxing Day, when the Marquis goes missing. Not entirely missing, however, as macabre evidence of foul play turns up in gift boxes given to lady's maid Eva Huntford and a handful of others. Having overheard her sister and the Marquis in a heated exchange the night before, Lady Phoebe takes a personal interest in solving the mystery.

As the local constable suspects a footman at Foxwood Hall, Phoebe and Eva follow the clues to a different conclusion. But both young women will need to think outside the box to wrap up this case--before a cornered killer lashes out with ill will toward them. . .

MY THOUGHTS: This sounded very interesting and indeed parts were, like the foul 'gift' included in several gift boxes for several of the employees of Foxwood Hall. The whole story was very ordinary, slow-paced, and not a whole lot went on. It certainly isn't action-packed. This was a very mild mystery that seemed like it was for young adults.

There were entirely too many characters to keep track of and I have about 1 1/2 pages of names written down in my notes so I could keep up with everyone...and still had trouble remembering who's who. I think some of them were added just to help fill pages.

There's no depth to the story or characters. I like Eva a lot and would have liked to have gotten some background information on her. Julia, Phoebe's older sister, is very unfriendly, even to Phoebe, and I didn't get to find out why, or much else about her.

I'm not happy with who the culprit was, his reasons for doing what he did and passing out the 'gifts' he did though I loved what the author chose for him to do. Not original but imaginative. I'm sick and tired of authors' having the culprit confess to at least one person, usually his next potential victim, right at the end of the story, then he/they're captured and the story is wrapped up with a pretty bow. That doesn't happen in real life.

Though my review is mostly critical I still enjoyed the story. It was slightly boring because of the pace and I did wish it would move along faster throughout most of it but it still held my interest. I liked both lead characters, Phoebe and Eva. Not quite thirty pages into the story is when the mystery began, and for that I'm happy. I'm impatient so I appreciated not having to get halfway through the story before anything big happened.

I received this from the publisher in exchange for an honest review.

MIDNIGHT WALTZ by Jennifer Blake

PUBLISHER: Sourcebooks Casablanca, 8/2011
SETTING: Louisiana, 1856
HEROINE: Amalie Declouet, 24
HERO: Robert Farnum, 31ish

FROM PUBLISHER: In the aristocratic world of the magnificent plantations of nineteenth-century Louisana, yound Amalie knows how to behave as the new mistress at Belle Grove, but her arranged marriage to Julien Declouet is full of surprises.

Amalie finds her husband perfectly polite, although oddly aloof, by day, but a completely different man when he visits her in her chambers at night, full of white-hot emotions and passion that sweeps her away. As the steamy Louisiana summer swelters onward, and the mystery of her husband's dual personalities intensifies, Amalie finds herself engulfefd in an emotional storm that threatens to wreak destruction on them all...

MY THOUGHTS: I really enjoyed this story. It was definitely different than the rest. Julien and Amalie have a dysfunctional marriage when it comes to sex and we can figure out why. Julien and his cousin Robert, whom I really like, are good friends and Robert is clearly jealous, and envious, of him. They work together, along with Julien's mother, who isn't the sweet old lady she's made out to be, and come up with a terrible plan to fool Amalie. And it works and goes undiscovered...for a time. That's when the unusual plotline comes into play and I enjoyed it. In fact, I've had to seek out more like it.

It was a bit slow moving throughout and there was a lack of background information on the lead characters, which disappointed me. That's why I didn't give it an A+. I was also interested in the murder mystery involving an important character and was surprised to find who was behind it.

Jennifer's complete booklist can be found on her website.

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I received this from the publisher in exchange for an honest review.

NEVER CALL IT LOVE by Veronica Jason

PUBLISHING INFO: Signet, 12/1978
GENRE: Historical Romance
SETTING: England/Ireland/W. Indies/America, 1778
TIMESPAN: 5-6 years

FROM PUBLISHER: When beautiful young Elizabeth Montlow lost her innocence it was not on a night of romantic dreams. It was in an act of savage violence by a man seeking vengeance.

Yet from this brutal beginning came an all-consuming passion that would take Elizabeth from the sheltered eighteenth-century English countryside to a lonely manor in Ireland, where she was forced to share her man with his ravishing and ruthless mistress... to a nightmare exile on a lush and licentious Caribbean island, where lust and murder went hand in hand... to the depths of the lawless American wilderness, where two men played a monstrous game of heart-wrenching deception with her as the stake...

MY THOUGHTS/SPOILERS: This didn't live up to my expectations at all. I learned of it at least five years ago online from someone who said it reminded her a bit of Stormfire. There were just a couple similarities, like hero and heroine's nationality, rape, hero being a smuggler, ect., but the plotlines/core of the story were dissimilar.

Elizabeth is twenty-three, dark brown hair, gray eyes, and is from England. I found Elizabeth to be very bland and passive. Patrick is from Ireland but lives in England, is tall and thin, has a 'dark' complexion, brown hair, brown eyes, and is thirty-two. He's been smuggling arms, cannons, and muskets for ten years. The story begins and ends in England, 1778-1783.

The first 100 pages of the story were the best of all and were mostly about Elizabeth's eighteen-year old disturbed brother, Christopher, the blond Golden Child. Christopher and his friends were wearing masks when they kidnapped and raped Anne Reardon, Patrick's seventeen-year old ward, in Christopher's unoccupied family home. They fooled her into thinking they'd let her go. They let her run away from them, they chased her, and she jumped out the window and died later from her injuries. He fooled Elizabeth and their mother into believing he was innocent but Elizabeth always had doubts. I find Christopher to be one interesting character, the most interesting of the entire story.

Patrick, who'd met Anne briefly at a ball or something the previous year, was very angry at her for covering for her brother, whom he believed responsible for Anne's death. He broke into her bedroom one night, demanding to know where her brother fled after the trial. She wouldn't give him any information so he raped her (p. 89), after slapping her for struggling. That's his only violence toward her in the story.

For me, the story went downhill from there and became very boring. They got married because she was in a desperate situation. Patrick had been considering marrying Miora Ashley, a wealthy twenty-seven year old widow back in Ireland. I'm not sure why he wanted to marry Elizabeth. He didn't really feel any affection toward her and though she brought a dowry to the marriage, he had much more to gain by marring Miora. Miora became his mistress only after realizing she could no longer marry him, since he was married to Elizabeth. She disappeared from the story for awhile and was brought back to give the readers a suspect for an event that caused Patrick, Elizabeth, and Colin to flee to the West Indies.

The most boring part of all was when Patrick, Elizabeth, and his half-brother Colin were forced to flee the West Indies (after already having to flee England because Patrick was caught planning an uprising against England) and settled in America (Pennsylvania). There they had to live off the land and it made for dull reading. Not much happened the entire few years they lived there until Elizabeth got bad news about Patrick that lead me to believe they wouldn't have a happy ending.

Something eventful, a few confessions, happened near the end involving a secondary character that I didn't see coming. This person had lied about several important things and were involved in murder because they were angry and jealous of another person. I felt a little sad for them at the end.

It was mentioned very early on that Patrick and Colin were responsible for Anne's father Tim's death in a boating accident but the reason for that was never given. We weren't told if the death was intentional or not.

I don't think Patrick ever told Elizabeth that he loved her though she did overhear him once talking out loud about loving her. He never showed affection toward her or gave the impression that he was interested in her at all.

Overall, this wasn't an interesting love story and dammit, I'm disappointed.

THE PORTRAIT by Megan Chance

PUB. INFO: Dell, October 1995
SETTING: New York, October 1855
HEROINE: Imogene Carter
HERO: Jonas Whitaker

FROM PUBLISHER: The reigning master of the New York art world, Jonas Whitaker was brilliant and compelling, a man of dark passions and uncontrollable emotions. Terrified of his own dangerous nature and scarred by the horror of his emptiness — until Imogene Carter pushed her way into his life.

He discounted her on sight, seeing her as a colorless, fragile woman with no spirit and less talent. He could send her running with a word — and he intended to do just that. But Imogene was not so easily frightened. She came to Jonas to learn from a master, and learn she would — everything he could teach her. She wanted his artist’s secrets and his brilliant passion. She wanted to be swept up in his seductive, forbidden world.

Until she saw the terrible price he paid for his talent.
And realized it was impossible to catch a shooting star without being burned….


Jonas: He has long dark hair and green eyes. I don’t think his age was given. He’s manic-depressive (bipolar). He lost his right hand due to a suicide attempt four years previous. He’s attempted suicide several times. After he lost his hand, he was admitted to an insane asylum and was there for four months. He’s also bisexual. He’s also estranged from his family.

Imogene: She’s twenty-six, short with light brown hair and brown eyes. She’s been living in her older sister, Chloe’s, shadow her entire life. Her sister died a few years previous from cholera. She was a gifted artist but Imogene could never live up to her, in their father’s eyes. Imogene was secretly in love with Chloe’s boyfriend, Nicholas, and even had sex with him at some point after Chloe’s death. But that’s all Nicholas wanted her for.

Frederic ‘Rico’ Childs: He’s got long blond hair and blue eyes. He’s Jonas’s best friend and fellow artist. They smoke opium together sometimes and, I believe, have sex with each other. Rico is the only one who truly cares about Jonas.

I love this story. This is the second time I’ve read it and I love it more now than I did the first time. I sent my book to the author to be autographed after reading it the first time. I’ve never read about someone like Jonas before in a romance book. What an original story this was and how great that the author even thought of creating a hero like Jonas. In no way, shape or form is he your cookie cutter hero.

I wasn’t impressed with the heroine at all. She was pretty basic and too passive. And the way she let her father talk to her? I don’t know why she let him get away with it. She could have told her father off, let him know what she really thought of him, but she never did. Twenty-six is too old to be talked to like that from a parent, someone who’s supposed to love you, no matter what.


recklessPUBLISHING INFO: Mira, 12/2001
GENRE: Historical Romance
SETTING: England, 1819
TIMESPAN: about 4-5 months

FROM PUBLISHER: Celia St. Remy Sinclair has harbored a dark obsession since the tender age of twelve: to bring about the downfall of Lord Northington, the man responsible for her mother's death. Now an elegant and self-possessed beauty of twenty-two, she leaves America for London, determined to avenge the act of violence that shattered her life.

Celia is stunned when she comes face-to-face with her nemesis -- for this rakishly charming gentleman called Colter is not what she expected. When she discovers he is the new Lord Northington, son of the man she's vowed to destroy, she embarks upon a daring plot to take revenge on the father through the son. But even the best-laid plans can be thwarted by the powerful forces of the human heart...

MY THOUGHTS: This reminded me a lot of an older historical romance for a few reasons. Celia hated Colter because of what his father did to her mother. Colter knew nothing about his father's past sins and didn't know or care why she was so hostel towards him. She was kidnapped towards the end by the villain, which happens a whole lot in older historicals. For a lot of the book Celia hated Colter but he wasn't deterred by it and he never let it stop him from trying to bed her. So there was a love/hate relationship between them for awhile, which is very common amongst older historicals. There was a nine year age gap between them and I liked that too. I hate when the hero is just a couple of years older than the heroine, which is very common with newer romances.

I liked Celia. She's a green-eyed blond. She's a bit of a spitfire when it comes to Colter and I really like heroines to be like that. I rarely find one like that in newer historicals, which is a shame. She was born in Virginia to a French-born mother and was living in Georgetown, D.C. when she left for England to get revenge on Colter's father, who is a rapist and murderer. She stayed with her aunt Jacqueline, who is also her Godmother.

I liked Colter a whole lot too. He's thirty-one, has dark hair and blue eyes though the stepback (the page directly behind the front cover of a book showing hero and heroine) has him with blond hair. His dialogue towards her when she's being bitchy to him made me smile constantly. Unfortunately there wasn't any background information given on him.

There was also some drama involving something Celia unknowingly had in her possession, stuffed inside a directory that a ship passenger, James Carlisle, let her borrow, that she was unaware people were after. I got confused along the way with that whole mess. It's still unclear to me about what happened with the item and who has it now.

I enjoyed the friction between Celia and Colter and I did feel their attraction for each other. They make a good pair.


STUDIO: Digital Playground
RUN TIME: 138 min.
UPC: 787633007346

FROM DVD: The "Hard Candy" series is Robby D's tribute to gorgeous, young girls and their insatiable and deliciously naughty sex drive. From candy to cum, from pantyhose to jewelry, Robby captures the wholesome transition of fresh, youthful sluts experiencing the thrill of off limits sex, like anals and cum drenching facials and DPs. Volume two showcases innocent but naughty Charlotte Stokely disciplined by a big cock till cum explodes all her sweet face. Red-headed Riley Shy with her bright blue eyes makes an excellent "head" cheerleader. Anal queen Hillary Scott trades in her licorice for Erik Everhard's man candy. Both Kinzie Kenner and Jessi Summers anal scenes are so hot that Jerry had to unload TWICE in both scenes. This second edition also features Claire Robbins in a train wreck double penetration like we've never seen!

No condoms were used at all. All girls had bald labia and a little patch of pubes on the mound.

SCENE 1: Charlotte (the girl on box cover) is dressed like a little girl. She's sitting on the floor in her room, playing with a toy. In walks Scott, who stumbles over her dildo. As punishment for having one, he lays her over his lap and spanks her with a hair brush then makes her stand in the corner and strip while he jerks off. He has her come over to him and blow him. Next, she's laying on her back on the bed. He's standing by the bed, leaning over her, getting blown. I hate seeing that position. She's in doggie position on the floor, getting fucked by Scott, who's squatting down behind her. He comes around and comes on her face.

SCENE 2: Riley, dressed in her cheerleading uniform, is on the phone with her friend, telling her that her parents won't pay to send her to nationals (a cheerleading competition) but she could come up with a way to make some money. She's dressed, kneeling on the floor with her hands cuffed behind her back and blindfolded. In walks Erik (from Canada). He gets behind her, rubs her breasts and pulls her shirt up. He pushes her forward onto her hands and eats her from behind. She kneels on the sofa and he continues to eat her briefly, then she kneels on the floor so he can uncuff her hands. He fucks her from behind while he's fully clothed for a minute. She blows him then he sits on the sofa. She gets on top, still wearing her cheerleading skirt. He lays her back on the sofa, eats her quickly, then fucks her some more. He sits down, she's on top, facing away, legs straddling his. He's rubbing the hell out of her clit. She blows him then doggie style sex with her kneeling on the floor and leaning her upper body on the sofa. She blows him and he comes on her face.

SCENE 3: Claire, from the first dvd in this series, is once again straddling a chair with her ass stuck out, just being filmed for a minute. She sits on the sofa, takes her shirt and underwear off and masturbates for the camera for a few seconds, then gets on her knees on the sofa and fingers her asshole. Luckily her fake nail didn't come off inside. She's kneeling down, blowing Scott and Tony. The sex is all anal and double penetration and there's a whole lot of switching around and ATM (ass to mouth) oral. They finish off on her face.

SCENE 4: Hillary is wearing jeans and a t-shirt. She's on the sofa drinking soda through a Twizzler (I used to do that as a teenager) and chatting on the phone. Erik, from a previous scene, sits on the sofa with a bag of chips and they start bickering about stupid stuff. She tells him he's rude and couldn't believe they grew up in the same house and were raised by the same people. Guess that was the producers way of telling us they're brother and sister.

She leans over and blows him, then blows him on the floor. They're kneeling on the floor facing each other, fully clothed. She pulls her pants down and fucks her like that. I've never, ever seen that before in porn. It's not a good porn position because it's hard to see what's going on. She blows him, then, still kneeling, she leans forward on the sofa while getting fucked from behind. He puts a glass dildo in her ass, using spit as lube. What a guy. The dildo is pretty much left in place while he fucks her vaginally. A couple of times he takes it out and has her suck it. Gag. He lays her back on the sofa and fucks her anally, then comes on her face.

SCENE 5: Jessi. Boy, is she annoying as hell. She's got awful, big, round, hard-looking implants but a real nice body. She's there with Jerry, who's from the Czech Republic (pictured below in all his glory). She's supposed to be getting back at her exboyfriend by having anal sex on camera. She keeps looking at the camera during sex and I can't stand it. Jerry sits on the sofa and she kneels between his legs and blows him. She kneels on the sofa and Jerry puts one finger in her pussy and one in her ass and has her suck them. Doggie style vaginal sex on sofa, then with her on her back. Anal in doggie position. Vaginal reverse cowgirl on sofa. He comes, then she starts riding him again until he comes on her tongue...and she swallows it. Whenever his treasure trail was in view it was all I could look at.

SCENE 6: Jerry again (pictured below) and Kinzie. She's in the car, talking on the phone about being on her way to her first job interview. Jerry lets her in and takes her into a room with a big table. She talking about why he should hire her. He doesn't speak much but it was enough to hear he had a foreign accent. He leans her over the table, pulls her skirt up and smacks her ass a million times. He rips her panty hose in half and eats her from behind. She sits on the table and he continues to eat her. He lays her back and fucks her for a while, then she stands up and leans forward on table, left knee up on it, getting fucked from behind. She blows him, then reverse cowgirl vaginal then anal sex on sofa. Like in the previous scene with him, he pulls out and comes then sticks it back in her ass until he comes on her face. Again, I was distracted by his treasure trail. I might have a slight crush on him. His hair is darker than it appears in the photo at iafd.

A short preview of three other dvds, Control, Hard Candy 1, Pulse POV, about seven minutes total.

A slide show of each girl, still photos from this dvd with some disturbing lullaby music playing.

MY THOUGHTS: I was disappointed in this one. Two of the girls were annoying, Hillary and Jessi. The only one I really liked was scene two. I'm sick to death of seeing Scott. Only three of the six girls had natural breasts, Charlotte, Claire and Riley.


STUDIO: Wicked Pictures
LENGTH: 2 hr. 12 min
UPC: 713079285536

FROM DVD: When these naughty girls are sent away to be reformed, everyone learns a lesson in lust! From nasty girl/girl to penetrating anal, these girls really know how to please!

Condoms were used throughout the entire film.

SCENE 1: Lorelei and Randy. Lorelei has no pubes at all and has perfect natural breasts. She's supposed to be eighteen and is in the priciple's office, being reprimanded for saying the word 'cock' in science class. He asks what she thinks her punishment should be and she says should should be taught to use her mouth for good things, not bad.

Next thing you know she's on her knees, blowing Randy, the principle. He says, "Can you put that dick in your throat?" Next, she's laying back on his desk, legs spread while he eats her and fingers her with two fingers. She appears to have an orgasm and he continues to rub her clit and finger her. She leans on the desk and puts her left leg up while Randy fucks her from behind. Now for the best view of all- reverse cowgirl on the desk. They alternated between rubbing her clit. She had one or two orgasms. She's on her back on the desk asking for anal sex. He's standing between her legs, pounding away. Looks like she had a vaginal orgasm strickly from anal, with no clitorial or vaginal stimulation. I've seen that before in porn. She gets on her knees and he comes on her face.

SCENE 2: Hershel and Penny. Penny has no pubes except for a silly little landing strip and perfect breasts. Hershel has no pubes. He's 29 years older than her, lol. Penny is sitting in Hershel's classroom. She's in trouble for telling someone that she wants to have sex with him. He tells her he's flattered and has her blow him. She thenlays back on his desk and he eats her and fingers her with two fingers. He stands in front and fucks her, then she gets up, leans on the desk with her left leg up on it and he's behind her. Reverse cowgirl on the desk. She appears to have had three vaginal orgasms in that position. She gets on her knees and he comes on her face.

SCENE 3: Tory and Anthony. Tory has awful brest implants and I can't remember if she's totally bald or not. Anthony is from Hungary and is uncircumcised. He's overly muscular and gross. Tory is in the locker room when Anthony, the P.E. teacher, comes in and starts mouthing off to her, about what, I can't remember. She blows him, reverse cowgirl on bench, her on her back with him standing between her legs, doggie style, anal in reverse cowgirl position with him laying on his back on bench. She kneels down and he comes on her face. A few times they'd spit in each others mouths.

SCENE 4: Lindsey and Lisa. Lindsey is pretty and has tiny A cup breasts. Lisa is cute and has implants. Linsdey is in her dormroom, sitting on the bed, when Lisa comes in. She's her new roommate. Lindsey is smoking and drinking and trying to get, and succeeds in doing so, Lisa to do the same. They take each others shirts off and lick each other's breasts. They eat each other out. Lisa gets on all fours and Lindsey uses a vibrator on her then they switch positions and Lisa uses a different vibrator on Lindsey. No orgasms, no nothing.

SCENE 5: Steven and Roxy. Roxy is cute with small breasts. No way is she a C cup like the info states unless she's gotten implants since then. She's bald except for a tiny landing strip. Stephen is the school's psychologist and he's having a 'session' with Roxy in his office. She lays back in the big chair and she blows him. His penis is curved like a G spot dildo. She lays back on the sofa and he eats her. He lubes up two fingers with his saliva and says, "back door or front" and she says, "front." He fingers her like crazy with two, then four, fingers, while she rubs her pierced clit. Reverse cowgirl on sofa. Spoon position on sofa with them on their right sides, her left leg up. Awkward position time! I can't really describe it though I've seen it a lot in porn. She's on her back on the floor in front of the sofa, legs spread. He's kneeling on the soft in front of her, looking down at her with his hands on her legs, fucking her that way. Later, she's laying on her back and he comes on her face.

SCENE 6: Daisy and Marcos. That photo of Daisy doesn't do her justice at all. In this dvd she's very cute. She's tiny with tiny breasts. The info says she went from a C cup to D but she couldn't have been bigger than a 32B before the implants. Her back is covered in a ridiculous cherub tattoo. She quite the squirter too.

Marcos is the Spanish teacher and he's uncircumcised. He's behind his desk and Daisy's sitting in front, telling him that she needs to pass her Spanish exam in order to graduate (from high school). He comes around, drops his pants and she blows him while he lays on his desk. She lays on the desk and he eats her 'latin pussy', as she calls it, then fingers her at her request. Then fucks her while she's laying there, then doggie style. Now for my favorite position of all-time- reverse cowgirl on desk. She ejaculates once. This is a really good scene that lasted a while. Sounds silly but it was funny when, during that scene, she kept calling him Mr. Español. Like in the previous scenes, she kneels down and he comes on her face.


Bonus scene with Daisy, from the previous scene and Chris Cannon. This scene was twenty-three minutes long and was taken from the dvd Hook-Ups 12. ( I just happen to have Hook-ups 10)

Daisy is outside on a balcony, stripping down for the camera. Chris comes out, turns her toward the railing and eats her ass, then pussy while fingering her. She lays back in a chair as he continues to eat her. She blows him, reverse cowgirl in chair, then her knealing in the fchair, him behind her. She ejaculated four different times. She's standing up, he's behind her hoklding her right leg up while fucking her. She kneels down and he comes on her face.

She was annoying as hell in this scene! She cussed like crazy and it just seemed like she was trying to impress the viewers with her foul mouth or something. During one of the scenes when Chris was behind her, sometimes when his penis would come out of her, he'd use his left hand and smack the left side of his dick as hard as he could. I mean hard, like if you were to smack someone in the face with all your might.

BEHIND THE SCENES- There was a bit of behind-the-scenes stuff that wasn't worth watching, surprise, surprise. It was twenty-two minutes long.

MY THOUGHTS: My favorite scene was 2, with Penny Flame and Hershel Savage. I know of Penny, real name Jennifer Ketcham, from the VH1 reality show Sex Rehab With Dr. Drew.

It was clear that she was having vaginal orgasms during the reverse cowgirl scene and that made the scene all the more enjoyable to watch. Her minimal dialog was funny too during that scene when she said she'd just 'take the tip' inside her and that that was a 'game' she'd play with 'all the boys'.

Second favorite scene was with Daisy and Marcos, specifically the reverse cowgirl scene.

My least favorite, hands down, is scene three, in the locker room. It was so fast and frantic, chaotic and gross. I did not like seeing them spit into each other's mouths and chose to fast forward through most of it. The only problem is that when you fast forward through a dvd you can still see what's going on. I liked the behind-the-scenes part where they showed the filming of this scene. It was actually very funny, especially Tory.

My second least favorite scene was the lesbian scene. Very boring, to say the least.

I didn't like two of the six scenes so I guess I'll have to give this a B. Same review here.

This came from my personal collection.