LENGTH: 135 minutes

FROM DVD: Four years ago Car Wash Angels shot out of the cannon as the definitive Jim Holliday movie. It has since become one of the largest sellers of the decade. Now it's time to return to the wacky Burton Allen Institute for the sequel and find that Dr. Elvis T. Melble and his trading card collection are missing. His long lost sons (Elvis Jr. and Montgomery C. Melble) join in on the search, while the Car Wash division goes mobile. What viewers will care more about are the 33 girls and the 12 high impact sex scenes, guaranteed to give you double your money's worth…. Will Bobbi Bliss and Anita Cannibal both be able to deep throat the monstrous Julian?? Watch the always hot Renee LaRue in her first on-screen anal. To top it all off, only the second and last all-three-holes-filled scene Jill Kelly will ever appear in - with Evan Stone, Julian and a surprise 3rd party. The sequel to the classic will not disappoint true porn fans.

SCENE 1: Chloe's on her hands and knees on the bed blowing Evan, who's standing by the bed. He eats her ass as she fingers herself. He fucks her in the ass while she lays on her back, right leg over his shoulder. She has an orgasm with zero vaginal/clitorial stimulation. She gets on top, reverse cowgirl anal, and has another orgasm. Anal from behind and she comes again. He comes on her back.

SCENE 2: This was a boring outdoor lesbian scene between Bobbi and Syndee that I quickly skimmed through.

SCENE 3: Devin, who's supposed to be a handyman at the institute, walks into Shayla's room. She's sleeping on the bed. She wakes up, he asks her some personal questions then she lays back and he eats her pussy. She gets on all fours and he eats her asshole from behind. Devin stands by the bed, she sits on it in front of him, pulls his denim overalls down and blows him. She gets on all fours on the bed, he spits on her asshole and rubs his dickhead over it and fucks her ass crack. She gets on top of him, facing him for awhile, then turns around without breaking contact for reverse cowgirl. She rubs her clit and comes. She lays on her stomach while he fucks her, the puts it in her ass. He comes on her disgusting right foot and she licks some of it off.

SCENE 4: Jill and Julian are sitting on a mattress in a truck bed, chatting. She blows him, they 69, then her fucks her on her back. They stand up, she leans against the back window and he fucks her from behind. Reverse cowgirl, then she kneels and he comes on her face, chest, and hair.

SCENE 5: Renee and Evan are chatting in his office. She sits on his desk, she kneels in front of her, pushes her dress up, and eats her pussy. She lays back more and he eats her asshole. She kneels in front of him as he leans back against the desk and blows him. Reverse cowgirl, her rubbing her clit, then anal reverse cowgirl on sofa, her still rubbing her clit until she comes. She lays back against the sofa while sitting on the floor, he stands beside her and comes on her chest.

SCENE 6: Bobbi and Anita are wearing bikinis when the go over to Julian's stand at the car wash. They take turns blowing him.

SCENE 7: Barett and Devin are talking in some room. She sits on the desk, he kneels and eats her pussy. She leans forward on the desk. left leg up on it, he's licking her asshole, the fucks her pussy, then ass. Anal reverse cowgirl on desk. She squirted a little but it just dribbled out. Or maybe she just pissed herself a little, who knows.

SCENE 8: Julie walks into the room and goes over to both Barett and Devin in scene 7. Devin's sitting on the desk and they both blow him. Barett leaves the room and Julie continues to blow him. She's naked from the waist down, leaning over the desk, left leg up on it, Devin fucking her from behind. Anal in same position. He picks her up without breaking contact with her ass, sits himself down in a chair and she continues to fuck him anally in reverse cowgirl position.

SCENE 9: Jill tells Shayla about a dream she had involving an all-girl orgy starring:  Allysin Chaynes, Anita Cannibal, Brooke Hunter, Charmane Star, Chaz Vincent, CleoNichole, Daisy Chain, Gina Ryder, Inari Vachs, Kimberly Jade, Salina del Ray, Temptress, Tracy Love, Victoria Evans, Violet Love.

SCENE 10: Ron Jeremy and Bobbi are talking in his office, him behind the desk. She leans across his desk, he gets behind her and eats her pussy. He sits on the floor, she kneels between his legs and blows him for awhile. He sits on the desk and she continues to blow him. Cowgirl position vaginal sex on black sofa, then she turns around, back facing him, without breaking contact and continues to ride him for a long time. Doggie position next. He comes on her right foot, she sits on the back of the sofa and licks it off.

SCENE 11: Angela, Jill, and Felecia are outside on a blanket wearing bikinis. At one point Angela used a dildo in Jill's ass while using a vibrator in Felecia's ass at the same time.

SCENE 12: Jill and Tabitha are naked on the bed eating each other out. Evan stands on the bed and they both blow him. Tabitha rides him then turns around, reverse cowgirl, rubbing her clit a lot. Both blow Julian, then he fucks Jill on her back. He lays back and she gets on top. Jill blows him while Evan fucks her ass from behind and Tabitha uses a dildo in Jill's pussy at the same time. Jill gets on top of Julian, Tabitha standing over his face, facing Jill, Jill eating her pussy. Evan gets behind Jill while she's still on Julian and fucks her ass. Tabitha puts her ass in Jill's face and Jill eats it. Jill lays on her back and both guys come on her.

MY THOUGHTS: This wasn't anything special. It was the sequal to Car Wash Angels 1. It was filmed in August 1999 and you could definitely tell it was the late 90's because of the clothes and hairstyles...and awful breast implants, which most of these women had. I didn't even try to follow along with the plot and couldn't begin to tell you what it was.

I don't think the sex scenes were long enough. The only one I can say I really liked was the one with Ron and Bobbi, specifically reverse cowgirl on the sofa.

This came from my personal collection.