Jack's Playground 33 Porn DVDSTUDIO: Digital Playground
LENGTH: 106 Minutes

From DVD: Jack's Playground 33 features Digital Playground's one and only insatiable and sexy Devon. She's eager to make the music video cut and demonstrates her distinct talents on Scott Nails' throbbing cock. She has mastered the corkscrew and just about every other blowjob technique ever invented; Scott gives her his vote as he fucks her beautiful face. Jerry, on the other hand, is pushing for Devaun and Renee Richards, who get together and tag team him in a delectable sex-travaganza. Tantalizing Bree and sensual Celeste Star don't want to share the camera. They let everyone get off watching them get off. Sara Stone delivers a dynamic tryst with a sloppy wet titty fuck, more than proving her worth. Before lucky number 33 wraps, Riley Mason makes herself a prime candidate by throwing some heavy lovin' into the mix. Jack's Playground 33 is a sure-fire, sensational, cum-fest.

No condoms were used

SCENE 1: Renee and Devaun are sitting on the sofa and the cameraman, Jack, is talking to them. Jerry walks over to them. They all strip, Jerry sits down and they take turns blowing him. Renee straddles his face, facing the wall, and Devaun blows him. Renee gets on his dick. Davaun gets between his legs and licks his balls. He pulls out of Renee, Devaun blows him, and he puts his dick back in Renee. Devaun sucks him again then gets on him, reverse cowgirl, while Renee straddles his face while facing the wall. Renee gets between their legs, licks his balls and rubs Devaun's clit, then sucks him off a bit.

Both girls kneel on the sofa, facing the back. Jerry fucks Devaun for a minute then Renee. He pulls out and has Devaun suck him for a minute then continues to fuck Renee. Devaun lays back and rubs her clit hard and fast then Jerry has her suck his dick now and then when he pulls out of Renee. Jerry fucks Devaun from behind while she's facing the back of sofa. Renee lays back across the back of the sofa and Devaun eats her pussy while getting pounded from behind. They sit and lay back against the sofa, Jerry fucking Renee and Devaun rubbing her own clit furiously. He pulls out and fucks Devaun, then Renee. Devaun's laying back against the sofa arm, rubbing her clit. He comes in Devaun's mouth, she lets it drip into Renee's mouth then Renee lets it drip back into Devaun's mouth.

Renee's British. She's cute with small natural breasts. Devaun's real cute in the video and has very small breasts and a tiny strip of pubic hair, bald labia

SCENE 2: Juliana's talking to cameraman Jack about what she'd have to do to be in one of his videos, asks him what he likes. She strips down, lays back, legs spread, and fingers herself with two fingers and rubs her clit. She gets on her knees and elbows and fingers herself. She gets into various positions, ass up. I got bored and didn't finish her scene. She has breast implants and a little strip of public hair and bald labia.

SCENE 3: Riley is asking Tommy and cameraman Jack what she has to do to be in their music video. They persuade her to take off her clothes, Jack snapping photos of her as she takes off each piece. She blows Tommy as he's sitting on the sofa. Reverse cowgirl on sofa for awhile. She's naked except for white knee socks and black schoolgirl shoes. Cowgirl position until he comes on her face and in her mouth. She swallows it then wipes some come off her leg and licks it off her finger.

Riley has small breasts and no pubes at all.

SCENE 4: My man Jerry (be still my heart) is sitting on yet another sofa asking Jack about being in his music video. Down the stairs walks his 'girlfriend' Sara. Jerry unbuttons her shirt and she asks what that has to do with being in a music video. Jerry sucks her left nipple and Jack squeezes her right breast. Jerry tells her to suck his dick, so she does for awhile then he titty fucks her. He lays back on sofa and she blows him then titty fucks her some more. She lays back on sofa, he fucks her while holding her right leg up. She blows him then more titty fucking. Reverse cowgirl, then she blows him. Doggie position, more titty fucking. He comes on her face. His mouth was gaped open pretty much the whole time and he was sweating like crazy.

Sara's thin with huge natural breasts and bald labia.

SCENE 5: Celeste is playing pool and Jack asks her to strip so he can see how she is in front of the camera. She leans back against the table and rubs her clit. She leans over the pool table, reaches between her legs and fingers herself.

SCENE 6: Devon's laying on the bed. Jack asks her what she's been up to lately. She tells him she's horny, takes off her shorts, spreads her legs, rubs her pussy, then Scott goes over to her. They 69 on the bed, reverse cowgirl, then she turns sideways, the cowgirl. Spoon next, then she jerks him with both hands at once until he comes between her breasts. Devon's pussy was completely bald.

MY THOUGHTS: This was alright. Too much time was wasted by talking to Jack at the beginning of each scene. Two scenes were wasted on solo masturbation.

My favorite was the scene with Riley, second favorite was the Jerry/Sara scene. Devon was the only one with implants, thankfully. The two masturbation scenes were my least favorite.

This came from my personal collection.