PRIVATE PARTS- A creepy gem from 1972 with Trailer

Boy, this is strange and unique. I've never seen a clear water-filled blow-up doll nor have I seen the vaginal region of one get filled with the contents of a blood-filled syringe. Have you? Of course you haven't. That was truly a WTF?! moment.

There are some unexplained things that keep this from getting high a 4/5 stars from me. I'm rating this a low 4. We find out George (John Ventantonio) is really a woman but are we to assume George is Martha's daughter, which makes him Cheryl's cousin? That's what I'm believing. If she's Martha's daughter is she her biological daughter? Earlier Martha told her niece Cheryl (Ayn Ruymen) that her late husband wasn't the father, that he was too old, (I guess she's saying he was impotent) and that there were other ways of getting pregnant or getting a baby (something to that effect).

George told Martha once that she ruined his childhood. What's that about? That seems to be more evidence that Martha is George's mother.

I wish George had had more dialogue (I like his mildly creepy voice) and there'd been less comedy toward the end with the cops' dialogue. Ayn, as Cheryl, overacted a bit. I think Lucille Benson, as aunt Martha, is a fine actress.

Best line of the film is near the end at the hotel when the cops are going to George's room and the old lady says, 'Oh, I wouldn't disturb George at this hour. He's probably still jerkin' off'. I almost died at hearing an old woman say that.

You can see a photo of a topless scene with Cheryl here.

Watch it here like I did in in October 2013 before it gets taken down.

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