Pornochic 10: OksanaSTUDIO: Marc Dorcel
LENGTH: 94 min.

From DVD: Oksana is your delightful captain in the exquisite sex tour of the French Riviera. She's brought her husband along, but don't worry he's not a jealous man. Besides, she's also brought plenty of gorgeous sex-starved friends along for the ride.

No condoms were used except for in scene 4 and all the men are uncircumcised.

SCENE 1: Jennifer's (Czech) in a bed in a hotel in France. Her vulva is completely bald. A man, J.P.(French), is laying beside her. She calls room service to order something. She kisses JP, pulls the covers off him and jerks him off for a short while, then blows him. Oksana (French) brings in the food then leaves. She goes back into the room, stands at the foot of the bed, takes her outer clothes off and bra, kneels on the bed and blows him. Both girls blow him, one on either side.

Jennifer's on her hands and knees, JP behind her, fucking her vaginally, while Oksana's underneath her, licking her clit. He pulls out so Oksana can suck him, then puts it back in Jennifer. He does that several times. Jen and JP in spoon position, Oksana rubbing Jen's clit. Oksana's vulva is totally bald. She gets on JP, reverse cowgirl, Jen to her right, rubbing Oksana's clit. Oksana's leaning back with her hands on each side of JP's shoulders. He's pumping into her really fast and does that nonstop for awhile. She gets on all fours, he's behind her fucking her ass. He pulls out and Jen sucks him then he puts it back in and is pretty rough with her. He pulls out and comes on her asshole with most of it running down onto her pussy. He puts his dick back in for a few more pumps.

SCENE 2: Jennifer, from scene 1, gets on a yacht in France. She goes into a bedroom, strips out of her dress and puts on a bikini. She sunbathes on the yacht. JP goes over to her and they kiss. Lauro (Hungary) goes over to them, pulls her top down and licks her nipples and rubs her clit. JP goes and leans back against the rail and watches, then leaves. Jen leans over Lauro and blows him. She gets on him, reverse cowgirl, and rides him hard and fast. She turns around, facing him for awhile. Next, she's on hands and knees, he's behind her, fucking her in the ass, her rubbing her clit. He stops, eats her ass, then puts it back in her ass. Spoon position anal for awhile. JP goes back over, stands behind her and rubs her breasts. Still on her side, she reaches back and jerks Lauro until he comes on her right ass cheek.

SCENE 3: A bunch of girls and a few guys are on the yacht, eating. Lucy (Czech) goes over to JP and they walk over to two huge cushions that are on the floor of the yacht. Thomas (Hungary) goes over to them, kneels down and takes her bikini top off and licks her nipples. JP stands beside her, dick out, she kneels and blows him. Her ass is in the air so Thomas kneels behind her, takes her bottoms off and fingers her, then fucks her. She's now laying on her right side, JP fucking her from behind while Thomas is standing beside her, getting blown. Her vulva is bald and she's petite.

Reverse cowgirl anal with Thomas, while JP's standing to her left, getting blown. It's DP time! She gets on top of Thomas while JP's behind her, fucking her ass. She kneels between them and JP jerks off onto her face. She turns to Thomas and she jerks him off into her mouth.

SCENE 4: They're supposedly in Poland now. Honey (Hungary) is blowing Totti outside some warehouse-type place. Oksana and a man are in a car that's parked in front of them. They park then go over to Honey and Totti and watch until the guy comes on her face, then they go inside. They watch Misty (Hungary) blow a guy while Frank stands there, watching. Oksana takes the guys dick out and jerks it. JP's standing nearby, watching, dick in hand, jerking it. Frank, who was watching, walks over to Oksana and the man she's with, Bob. He takes her coat off and that's on the cover of the dvd. She's nude underneath except of underwear, garter, and hose. She walks off with Frank.

They go deeper into the warehouse. She kneels down and he spits into her mouth (gag!), then she blows him. He's got her long hair fisted in both hands behind her head. He's fucking her mouth really hard and fast. He has her suck his balls. JP goes over to them and Oksana blows him and jerks Frank.

Misty is standing in just her underwear with Bob and Alex. She's on fours. Alex fucks her pussy, then she blow him. Oksana's in another part of the warehouse, on top of Frank, reverse cowgirl, blowing JP, who's standing beside her. Misty is elsewhere getting fucked from behind by Alex, while Bob watches. Bob, jerking off, walks over to Oksana, who's still on Frank. He's wearing a condom. Franks put his dick in her ass. Bob walks over, kneels down and rubs her clit. You can see her own cream inside the opening of her pussy. He fingers her with two fingers from his right hand really hard and fast.

She's on top of Bob vaginally, JP in her ass, wearing a condom, while Frank's standing in front, getting blown. She jerks Frank until he comes. She kneels and blows the two others. Meanwhile, Alex is off fucking Misty from behind. They lay on their left sides for spoon position. Reverse cowgirl next for awhile. She lays to his right and jerks him until he comes on his stomach. They kiss while she's doing it.

SCENE 5: Nikki (Czech) arrives at a house in Poland, supposedly, where JP, Lauro, and Phil are. They're at the pool table and she sits on the sofa, takes her shoes off and rubs her feet. Phil stands behind her, rubs her back then unbuttons her shirt and pulls her bra down. The two others sit on either side of her. She jerks JP off then blows other guy. Reverse cowgirl with JP. She leans over to her right and blows Lauro, then Phil. She gets up and sits her pussy on Lauro and blows Phil, who's standing behind the sofa, in front of her. She leans over and blows JP. JP lays back, right leg up on back of sofa, she leans towards him more to blow him, and Phil fucks her in the ass while she's still on Lauro, him in her ass too now. You can see a snippit of that near the end of the trailer below. She doesn't look like she enjoys it. Lauro pulls out, comes on her pussy, and JP comes on her chest, then she sucks his dickhead a few times. Phil comes on her face.

MY THOUGHTS: I've noticed with Marc Dorcel productions that there isn't really any dialogue. This one had none and low music played throughout. His productions also have too many group scenes. It's hard to pay attention to what's going on when there's a lot to see. His productions never look cheap.

All the girls have natural breasts and bald labia with little to no hair on pubic mound. I prefer them totally bald in porn, and they usually are. The men are all hung like horses and are uncircumcised. JP is very unattractive (I feel bad for thinking it) and I wish he had been in less scenes and I wish there had been more of Frank.

My favorite positions to watch are spoon and reverse cowgirl and thankfully there was plenty of it. I'm grading this a B because of the lack of one-on-one scenes.

This came from my personal collection.

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