LENGTH: 140 min.

From DVD: Shot in real time. Real hot time ... Vivid presents the first adult video shot in real time ... Documenting one of the hottest stars of all time, Lanny Barby, as she prepares for work ... which in her case means taking on a entrie set filled with veterans and newcomers doing everything from missionary to four facials before sundown. See the drama behind the scenes. Because there's nothing more open than open set ...

Condoms were used in every scene. Click on their names to see photos.

SCENE 1: Chi Chi is directing Lanny (She's French-Canadian) on the set. He tells her to walk over to Jack, who's fully clothed and leaning back on his elbows on the bed. She's wearing a blue dress. She straddles his face and he eats her bald pussy. They 69 for awhile. He stands by the bed, she's kneeling on it in front of him, blowing him. They kiss while he's jerkin' it. She lays on her back, he's standing, leaning over, eating her pussy and fingering her with two fingers. He lays on the bed and she blows him while leaning over him. They 69 again. She gets on, reverse cowgirl, but he's not inside her. She's going up and down, rubbing his dick on her pussy. More 69. A guy hands her a condom and she puts it on him and gets on facing him. Spoon position on their left sides. Lanny kneels on bed and Jack's behind her, fucking her. Lanny scoots down and her ass is slightly hanging off the bed. Jack's standing their fucking her. Jack lays on bed and Lanny blows him. She gets on his dick, facing him, and he's rubbing her clit most of the time. Reverse cowgirl briefly then spoon position on left sides. He comes on her mouth while she's rubbing her pussy. His face and upper chest are bright red the whole time.

SCENE 2: TJ walks in wearing a black teddy. She sits on a huge nearby chaise lounge and watches Lanny and Jack. Jean walks over to her and they kiss. She's naked now. She leans down and blows him. He titty fucks her for a few seconds then she continues to blow him. She lays back and he pushes the crotch of her thongs aside and eats her pussy. He takes them off and continues to eat her. She's kneeling now and blowing him while he stands. They 69 and a cameraman walks behind her to film it. Jean is fucking her from behind while standing, she's kneeling on chaise. Reverse cowgirl now then they spoon on their left sides. Doggie position now. She gets on her back, legs straight back while he's standing in front of her, fucking her. She gets on top, facing him. She takes the condom off and blows him, then he jerks off on her face.

Jean is from France and is uncircumcised.

SCENE 3: Talon walks over and sits on a blue sofa. Vivian walks over and sits on a huge round ottoman that's in front of him, facing away from him. She puts her hand down her underwear and rubs her clit. She walks over an blows him. He stands up, pulls his pants down, and she continues to kneel and blow him, then they kiss. She lays back on sofa, takes her thongs off and Talon eats her. She blows him as he kneels of sofa. He's fingering her with two fingers. She blows him while kneeling on floor. She's on her back now on the sofa with Talon standing up, left knee on sofa, fucking her. He lifts her up and lays her on the ottoman, pushes her legs back and fucks her. They're on the sofa now, him fucking her from behind. She looks like she's had enough. She hangs her head off the sofa and he comes in her mouth. You can see a long scar on the underside of each of her breasts from where her implants were put in.

SCENE 4: Jenaveve, or Jen for short, walks in and watches Vivian and Talon. She's rubbing her pussy. She sits on an orange sofa. Eric walks up behind her and rubs her pussy through her underwear then moves the crotch aside and fingers her with two fingers then puts them in her mouth. He jumps over the sofa and eats and fingers her. Jen blows Eric while he's standing and she's laying on her side, fingering herself. Eric lays back on sofa and she straddles his face so he can eat her. She gets on his dick, facing him. She gets on all fours on sofa so Eric can fuck her from behind. Next is reverse cowgirl, then spoon position. She kneels on floor and blows Eric, then he comes on her face.

Here's a funny title for ya. Eric's first film was North Pole 3: The Loadman Cummeth- The Loadman Drenches Florida.

SCENE 5: Lanny's back for round two. She's wearing a white bra and white underwear. She's kissing Marcos. She kneels on the bed and Marcos (who's uncircumcised) stand behind her with his hands down the front of her underwear. She blows him. She kneels on the chaise from scene two and he eats her from behind. Lanny blows him, then he eats her. She gets on him, reverse cowgirl, then facing him. Spoon position on orange sofa, her rubbing her clit. He comes on her breasts, then she finishes jerking him into her mouth.


Behind the scenes that consists of Chi Chi telling her how the first scene is going to go down and leading her into the first scene and showing Lanny laying around, bored. Not very interesting.

Previews of other Vivid titles: Emperor, Monique on the Sly, Fade to Black II, Invasion of the Porno Shooters.

MY THOUGHTS: This was sort of interesting. There were no cuts or stopping during a scene and there was no dialogue, which was the best part. This was the first of it's kind and I'm sure there have been several since. This was filmed in a huge warehouse with fake walls made to look like the inside of a house, like most porn shoots. The different sofas/chaise lounger were set up everywhere, several yards away from each other. I'd have preferred this to have been like a regular porn with five different scenes put together instead of one live shoot but that's alright- I've got plenty of those!

What I didn't like was two scenes going on at any given time beginning halfway through scene one. That's when the second scene would start. Then halfway through that one, the third scene would start, and so on. Though I've divided the scenes into separate ones what was really happening was the cameraman would switch back and forth between two scenes, which was slightly annoying and made typing out the different scenes a bit difficult. Aside from that all but one of the scenes were good. There was something about scene two I didn't like. The others were pretty good. Unfortunately every damn one of 'em has breast implants and Lanny was way too tan, almost orange. She's pretty and she doesn't do porn anymore. Here she is in all her glory. She has blue eyes but info says they're green.

This came from my personal collection.

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