Nikita's Extreme IdolsSTUDIO: Club Jenna, distributed by Vivid

FROM DVD: Nikita's Extreme Idols redefines the typical game show. You'll be on the edge of your seat as Sandra Romain sets off hardcore by having her way with Sascha and Tyler Knight. Next we see the beautiful Barbara Summers send a heat wave thru the city as she screws the great Randy Spears. Then we see our last contestants, Talon and Brittney Skye as they sex each other up for an attempt to win. What will the judge say? Who will Nikita pick? Watch how Nikita congratulates and rewards the lucky winners with her nasty self, in an intense and very aggressive sexual finale.

No condoms were used except for scene 5, which was all anal.

SCENE 1: Brittney and Talon are standing in front of the panel of judges (Nikita Denise, Hershel, Big Delicious). The host asks them their names, ages, and where they're from. She said she was 23 when she was really 28. Brittney kneels down and blows the naked Talon. She's naked and laying back on a huge round black cushion that's a few feet high. He's standing between her, fucking her, her left leg over his right shoulder. She's rubbing her clit. Her vulva is totally bald. She squats over her face so she can blow him. Doggie position, reverse cowgirl, her rubbing her clit some more. She kneels and he comes in her mouth. The stand in front of the judges and get critiqued.

SCENE 2: Barbara (from the Czech Republic) and Tommy are standing in front of the judges and give their names, ages, and where they're from. Tommy's laying back on a huge black chair. Barbara's blowing him. Nikita goes over to them and tells her to 'suck that fat fuckin' cock.' Barbara stands up to the left of the chair, puts her right leg up on it and Tommy's sitting in it eating her. She gets on top of him and fucks him. She kneels on the chair, he fucks her from behind. Reverse cowgirl anal. He rubs her clit some and so does she. He comes in a clear glass mug that's filled halfway with water that she's holding and she drinks it. *gag/vomit/puke* They stand in front of the judges and get critiqued. I think she has implants but I just couldn't tell.

SCENE 3: Eva and Randy stand in front of the judges and give their names and where they're from but he didn't give his age (he was 44 at the time). She blows him while he's standing. She's wearing eye glasses, a green shirt and black thongs. She spits on her chest and he titty fucks her. They're naked in the chair, reverse cowgirl. She said she came. Now she's facing him and she said she came again. She blows him then he fucks her from behind while they're standing, her leaning forward on chair. She comes again. He comes on her glasses and on her mouth while she's kneeling. She licks the lenses clean and lays them on the judges' table. They stand there while the judges critique them.

SCENE 4: Sandra (from Romania with small natural breasts) blows Tyler and Sascha (from Germany) as she kneels between them. Reverse cowgirl anal with Sascha in black chair. She's rubbing her clit a lot. She's on her back and Tyler fucks her ass and she fingers herself with two fingers. Tyler lays back in chair, she's on him, reverse cowgirl anal, and Sascha stands in front of her and is in her pussy. They come on a table and she licks it all off.

SCENE 5: The judges discussed the contest and crowned Tommy the male winner and Sandra the female winner. Their prize is to have sex with Nikita. Nikita has small natural breasts but appears to have gotten implants, and a million more tattoos, since. They blow Tommy as he stands and they kneel on either side of him. Tommy lays back in the same huge black chair and Sandra gets on for reverse cowgirl anal. He's wearing a condom. She rubs her clit and Nikita takes his dick out, sucks it, then puts it back in Sandra's ass. The girls kiss and Nikita fingers her, then eats her pussy. Sandra lays in the chair upside down, legs back. Tommy's sitting in front of her on the back of the chair fucking her anally. Nikita leans down, licks Sandra's pussy. She takes Tommy's dick out, sucks it and puts it back in Sandra's ass. She fingers Sandra with two fingers.

Nikita's on him for reverse cowgirl anal. Sandra takes his dick out of her, sucks it then puts it back in. Sandra smacks Nikita's left breast hard while standing next to her. She slaps and rubs Nikita's pierced pussy. Nikita has an orgasm. Tommy and Nikita stand up, he fucks her from behind while she leans forward on chair then puts her left leg up on it. He comes on their faces. The spit it into each others mouth.


Twenty minutes of behind the scenes that consists of no sound other than low music playing while the women's on-set photo shoots were happening.

A three minute commercial starring Jenna Jameson with no sound, just music, for Club Jenna, Jenna Jameson's production company at the time (that she later sold to Playboy).

Club Jenna dvd trailers for: Krystal Therapy, McKenzie Made, Jenna Loves Pain, Bella Loves Jenna, The Masseuse, Krystal Method, I Dream of Jenna.

MY GRADE: I'd be lying if I said I wasn't disappointed in this. The scenes weren't long enough and two of them were threesomes, which aren't that interesting to me. The last of those was all anal, which isn't as visually stimulating to me as vaginal. I didn't like that all scenes took place on the same set.

Nikita's from the Czech Republic. She has brown eyes but in most promotional photos of her, and in some of her films, she's wearing blue contacts. She's got a really deep voice that you can hear here.

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