STUDIO: Digital Playground
RUN TIME: 2 1/2 hr.

FROM DVD: Insatiable Stoya gives fans an overdose of wild fucking with her first ever double penetration scene! Bad Girls 5 explodes with hard pounding lust as Stoya, Tori Black, Rebeca Linares, Jenny Hendrix and Angelina Armani reveal their naughty nympho obsessions. They go where good girls fear to tread, ready to take on the big cock boys, lapping up every thick drop of their nasty, orgasmic fantasies!

No condoms were used at all. Click on names to see their photo.

SCENE 1: Tori is standing outside her boyfriend's house. She calls him, he tells her he's not home and to let herself in. His roommate, Manuel, is sitting in his bed, naked with the covers over his crotch. She goes in the room, surprised to find him there, sits on the bed and asks to see his dick. He shows it to her. She rubs it through the sheet, they kiss, then she blows him for a few seconds, him saying, 'Oh, shit!' a few times. She pulls her top down, leans over the bed, he pulls her pants and thong down and licks her asshole. She lays on her back and he eats her pussy. Spoon position vaginal sex on their left sides, him holding her right leg up and rubbing her clit. He lays back, she blows him, then cowgirl position. Reverse cowgirl, him rubbing her clit. She blows him then they 69 for a minute. She get on her knees and elbows, ass facing out, him standing up fucking her. He stops to eat her ass. Back to spoon position on their left sides, her right leg up, him rubbing her clit. I think she comes. She kneels down on the floor and he comes in her mouth and she swallows it.

Manuel is from France and is uncircumcised. She's got small natural breasts and bald labia.

SCENE 2: Stoya is wearing a bra and underwear. She walks into a room and James and Steve are sitting on a sofa, fully clothed. She sits in between them and lays back. James rubs her clit (as shown in the trailer) while Steve fingers her. Steve fingers her asshole while James fingers her pussy with two fingers. Steve gets between her legs and eats her while James stands beside her and gets blown by her. She sits up and blows them at the same time, one on each side of her. She stands up, leans over and blows James while Steve fucks her from behind, then eats her.

Spoon position anal with Steve on sofa on their right sides, him rubbing her clit. James walks over to her and she blows him, then gets on James, facing him. Steve gets blown by her. James is laying back, her still on top, and Steve fucks her in her ass for her first on-screen double penetration. I wish you could have seen Steve's balls slapping against James'. They switch positions- Steve lays back, pulling her back against him, still in her ass, and James is now in her pussy. Both guys take turns rubbing her clit.

She gets up, blows Steve while James is behind her fucking her ass. She's now licking Steve's asshole and balls. She tells him he hasn't been in her 'pussy' so she get on his dick, facing him. James gets in front of her and she blows him. She looks up and him and he lets spit drip down into her mouth. He gets behind her and fucks her ass. Her poor asshole was bright pink. She turns around and gets on Steve reverse cowgirl anal, then she blows him a bit. James gets behind her and fucks her ass. She kneels on the floor, Steve is in front of her and James is squatting slightly behind her. She bends back and licks his balls while he's jerking off. Steve's in front of her, jerking off while she licks his balls. He comes in her mouth. She swallows some of it. She turns around and James comes in her mouth. She lets some of it drip out.

Steve is Romanian and is uncircumcised. Stoya has very small natural breasts with pierced nipples and bald labia.

SCENE 3: Rebeca is in the bathroom pulling her shorts up while Scott is laying on the bed, bored, waiting for her. She goes in the bedroom, straddles Scott, pulls his shirt up and kisses his stomach, then blows him and jerks him with both hands. She takes her shirt off and continues to blow him. She takes her shorts off, lays back and he quickly gets between her legs and eats her 100% bald pussy. She blows him, then gets on top, facing him, and they fuck for a minute. She gets off him and goes into another bedroom. Tommy's laying on the bed, fully clothed. She straddles him and blows him briefly then gets on top and fucks him briefly with the camera showing it up close from behind. Love it.

She gets off him and goes into the living room and kneels on the sofa, facing the back of it. Scott and Tommy stand behind it and she blows both of them. Scott gets behind her and fucks her while she continues to blow Tommy. Scott gets up and stands behind the sofa and Tommy sits in his place. She gets on him, facing him, while blowing Scott. Scott walks over and stands to her right so she can blow him better. She lifts her pelvis up and leans back with her hands on Tommy's thighs so he can eat her pussy for a few seconds. She kneels beside Tommy on the sofa, leans forward and blows him while Scott is standing up, fucking her from behind. Scott sits on sofa and she gets on, reverse cowgirl, and Tommy stands beside her and she blows him. She kneels on the sofa, leans over to blow Scott while Tommy is standing up behind her, beside the sofa arm, fucking her anally from behind. Spoon position anal with Scott on their left sides on sofa. She's blowing Tommy, who's standing in front of her. Tommy sits on sofa and she gets on for reverse cowgirl anal. Scott is standing to her right, getting blown.

He walks across the room and sits in a chair. She gets on him for vaginal, then anal sex. She walks over to Tommy, who's sitting several feet away in an identical chair. She sits on his dick sideways for anal sex. She kneels and they both come in her mouth, Tommy first, and she swallows it.

Rebeca is from Spain and has a really nice body with nice, natural breasts. The following year she got breast implants.

SCENE 4: Jenny walks into the bedroom holding a camera. Her boyfriend, Manuel, from scene 1, is sitting on the bed, fully clothed. She tells him she wants him to film them having sex. She lays back on the bed, he's standing up beside the bed, leans forward and pulls her shorts off and eats her pussy. They kiss, he sucks on her nasty implants. He lays back and she blows him while he's filming it. Spoon position vaginal sex on their left sides, him rubbing her clit. She gets on top facing him, then they 69. She lays on her back and he's standing up beside the bed, fucking her and rubbing her clit. She stands up, puts her right knee up on the bed and he fucks her from behind. He kneels down, eats her asshole then she gets on top of him on the bed, reverse cowgirl, him rubbing her clit a lot. She gets on him, facing him. Next she kneels on the bed and he's standing behind her, fucking her. He comes on her mouth and she lets it run down.

Manuel is from France and is uncircumcised.

SCENE 5: Angelina is wearing a black dress. She kneels on the bed, ass exposed. She lays back on bed and rubs her pussy and breasts while staring at the camera. Mick and Tommy kneel on either side of her and she blows them. Tommy fingers her. Mick fucks her, spoon position, on their right sides and she continues to blow Tommy. She switches to laying on her other side, Tommy gets behind her and fucks her, spoon position, while she's blowing Mick, who's laying beside her. She gets on top of Mick and blows Tommy, who's standing on bed to her left. Tommy lays on the bed beside her an she leans over and blows him. She gets on Tommy, reverse cowgirl while blowing Mick. She kneels beside Tommy on bed and blows him while Mick fucks her from behind while standing beside the bed. She lays across the bed, leaning over on her left side blowing Mick while Tommy's kneeling between her legs, fucking her. She lays in opposite direction, Mick fucking her while she blows Tommy, who's beside her. He stops and eats her pussy, then continues to fuck her. Mick lays on the bed. She's leaning over, blowing him while Tommy fucks her from behind. She kneels and they come on her face. She doesn't swallow.

Mick is from Austria and is uncircumcised. Angelina is totally bald below and has natural breasts.


Behind the Scenes- This is an interview with Stoya, filmed the morning of her sex scene. She says she's excited to film her first double penetration. Steve sits next to her on the bed, kisses her and tells her she's hot while rubbing her clit through her underwear. James walks in, drops his pants and she blows him for a minute, then blows Steve briefly.

Trailers- Eight different Digital Playground trailers are shown totaling about 15 minutes. Title are: Pirates, Pirates II, Island Fever 4, Nurses, Body Heat, Teenlicious, Family Matters, and one I can't remember.

MY THOUGHS: I liked this but three of the scenes were threesomes. Too much switching around goes on during threesomes and they're not as fun to watch. Of those three my favorite would be the one with Rebeca, Tommy, and Scott. I know of her from her scene in Sunny Loves Matt.

My favorite one-on-one scene is the one with Jenny and Manuel because it's got a longer reverse cowgirl scene, which I like to see.

This was nominated for three AVN awards.

This came from my personal collection.

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