Nikita's Extreme IdolsSTUDIO: Club Jenna, distributed by Vivid

FROM DVD: Nikita's Extreme Idols redefines the typical game show. You'll be on the edge of your seat as Sandra Romain sets off hardcore by having her way with Sascha and Tyler Knight. Next we see the beautiful Barbara Summers send a heat wave thru the city as she screws the great Randy Spears. Then we see our last contestants, Talon and Brittney Skye as they sex each other up for an attempt to win. What will the judge say? Who will Nikita pick? Watch how Nikita congratulates and rewards the lucky winners with her nasty self, in an intense and very aggressive sexual finale.

No condoms were used except for scene 5, which was all anal.

SCENE 1: Brittney and Talon are standing in front of the panel of judges (Nikita Denise, Hershel, Big Delicious). The host asks them their names, ages, and where they're from. She said she was 23 when she was really 28. Brittney kneels down and blows the naked Talon. She's naked and laying back on a huge round black cushion that's a few feet high. He's standing between her, fucking her, her left leg over his right shoulder. She's rubbing her clit. Her vulva is totally bald. She squats over her face so she can blow him. Doggie position, reverse cowgirl, her rubbing her clit some more. She kneels and he comes in her mouth. The stand in front of the judges and get critiqued.

SCENE 2: Barbara (from the Czech Republic) and Tommy are standing in front of the judges and give their names, ages, and where they're from. Tommy's laying back on a huge black chair. Barbara's blowing him. Nikita goes over to them and tells her to 'suck that fat fuckin' cock.' Barbara stands up to the left of the chair, puts her right leg up on it and Tommy's sitting in it eating her. She gets on top of him and fucks him. She kneels on the chair, he fucks her from behind. Reverse cowgirl anal. He rubs her clit some and so does she. He comes in a clear glass mug that's filled halfway with water that she's holding and she drinks it. *gag/vomit/puke* They stand in front of the judges and get critiqued. I think she has implants but I just couldn't tell.

SCENE 3: Eva and Randy stand in front of the judges and give their names and where they're from but he didn't give his age (he was 44 at the time). She blows him while he's standing. She's wearing eye glasses, a green shirt and black thongs. She spits on her chest and he titty fucks her. They're naked in the chair, reverse cowgirl. She said she came. Now she's facing him and she said she came again. She blows him then he fucks her from behind while they're standing, her leaning forward on chair. She comes again. He comes on her glasses and on her mouth while she's kneeling. She licks the lenses clean and lays them on the judges' table. They stand there while the judges critique them.

SCENE 4: Sandra (from Romania with small natural breasts) blows Tyler and Sascha (from Germany) as she kneels between them. Reverse cowgirl anal with Sascha in black chair. She's rubbing her clit a lot. She's on her back and Tyler fucks her ass and she fingers herself with two fingers. Tyler lays back in chair, she's on him, reverse cowgirl anal, and Sascha stands in front of her and is in her pussy. They come on a table and she licks it all off.

SCENE 5: The judges discussed the contest and crowned Tommy the male winner and Sandra the female winner. Their prize is to have sex with Nikita. Nikita has small natural breasts but appears to have gotten implants, and a million more tattoos, since. They blow Tommy as he stands and they kneel on either side of him. Tommy lays back in the same huge black chair and Sandra gets on for reverse cowgirl anal. He's wearing a condom. She rubs her clit and Nikita takes his dick out, sucks it, then puts it back in Sandra's ass. The girls kiss and Nikita fingers her, then eats her pussy. Sandra lays in the chair upside down, legs back. Tommy's sitting in front of her on the back of the chair fucking her anally. Nikita leans down, licks Sandra's pussy. She takes Tommy's dick out, sucks it and puts it back in Sandra's ass. She fingers Sandra with two fingers.

Nikita's on him for reverse cowgirl anal. Sandra takes his dick out of her, sucks it then puts it back in. Sandra smacks Nikita's left breast hard while standing next to her. She slaps and rubs Nikita's pierced pussy. Nikita has an orgasm. Tommy and Nikita stand up, he fucks her from behind while she leans forward on chair then puts her left leg up on it. He comes on their faces. The spit it into each others mouth.


Twenty minutes of behind the scenes that consists of no sound other than low music playing while the women's on-set photo shoots were happening.

A three minute commercial starring Jenna Jameson with no sound, just music, for Club Jenna, Jenna Jameson's production company at the time (that she later sold to Playboy).

Club Jenna dvd trailers for: Krystal Therapy, McKenzie Made, Jenna Loves Pain, Bella Loves Jenna, The Masseuse, Krystal Method, I Dream of Jenna.

MY GRADE: I'd be lying if I said I wasn't disappointed in this. The scenes weren't long enough and two of them were threesomes, which aren't that interesting to me. The last of those was all anal, which isn't as visually stimulating to me as vaginal. I didn't like that all scenes took place on the same set.

Nikita's from the Czech Republic. She has brown eyes but in most promotional photos of her, and in some of her films, she's wearing blue contacts. She's got a really deep voice that you can hear here.


GENRE: Contemporary Erotica
SERIES: Struck by Lightening, book 1

From Publisher: He pushes her sexual boundaries . . .
From the moment waitress Karina meets him in a New York bar, she knows James is different. Daring. Dominating. Though he hides his true identity from her, the mysterious, wealthy businessman anticipates her every desire and fulfills her secret fantasies. Awakened by his touch, Karina discovers a wild side she hadn't known existed and nothing is off limits.

She aches for more . . .

What begins as an erotic game soon escalates to a power play that blurs the line between pleasure and pain. Even as she capitulates to James's sensual demands, Karina craves more. She wants his heart, his soul. She wants his love . . . and she'll break all the rules to get it.

MY THOUGHTS: Awful. Truly Awful. I honestly forced myself to finish this. There's not one part of this story that I liked. James is a mysterious stranger who is instantly attracted to 26 year old grad student Karina Casper. They meet at a bar, where she's filling in for a friend. At first she thought he was 40ish, then 34, but his age wasn't given. He's got blond hair and green eyes. They begin a sexual affair that night that consists mostly of dildos and him preforming oral sex on her, often in the back of a limo. There's only one scene of actual penile/vaginal penetration.

James tells her who he really is, James Byron LeStrange, a famous reclusive artist who goes by the name J.B. Lester, and the real BS comes at the end when Karina finds out he's also another famous person, a singer who her roommate Becky just happens to have a crush on. I'd guessed that before Karina did. Could a story get anymore absurd than this?! Though there's this mystique surrounding James I just found him to be bland. He ran off crying at the end and it was the biggest WTF moment of the book.

Karina and her 26 year old roommate are both annoying and seem immature to me. Becky calls her Rina and Karina calls her Becks. Both are always saying, 'Oh, jeez' and the Asian-American Becky is always eating rice (she was two out of three times.) Karina is the type of woman I can't stand- one who blabs all of her personal sexual business to her friends and she told Becky everything at the end. Another thing that bugged the crap out of me about Karina is this- Stefan is a foreign man who drives her around everywhere in a limo or some other type of car, at James' request. She becomes friends with him, wonders about his accent yet never once asks the man where he's from. I just can't understand that. Karina has a horrible habit of ending some of her answers with a question mark. Example: James asks her why she wants to take the dildo home with her. She replies, 'Um, because I miss you when we're apart and it'll make me feel like I have a piece of you with me?'.

I don't understand why this is called Slow Surrender. No one was slow to surrender anything. The story spanned three or four weeks.

I didn't care a thing for either James or Karina. Though the sex was graphic it did nothing for me, this coming from someone who loves filth and porn. There's not one interesting sex scene. Because I strongly dislike Karina I couldn't like this book and I won't be reading the sequel nor will I read anything from this author again.

I received this from the publisher in exchange for an honest review.


LENGTH: 140 min.

From DVD: Shot in real time. Real hot time ... Vivid presents the first adult video shot in real time ... Documenting one of the hottest stars of all time, Lanny Barby, as she prepares for work ... which in her case means taking on a entrie set filled with veterans and newcomers doing everything from missionary to four facials before sundown. See the drama behind the scenes. Because there's nothing more open than open set ...

Condoms were used in every scene. Click on their names to see photos.

SCENE 1: Chi Chi is directing Lanny (She's French-Canadian) on the set. He tells her to walk over to Jack, who's fully clothed and leaning back on his elbows on the bed. She's wearing a blue dress. She straddles his face and he eats her bald pussy. They 69 for awhile. He stands by the bed, she's kneeling on it in front of him, blowing him. They kiss while he's jerkin' it. She lays on her back, he's standing, leaning over, eating her pussy and fingering her with two fingers. He lays on the bed and she blows him while leaning over him. They 69 again. She gets on, reverse cowgirl, but he's not inside her. She's going up and down, rubbing his dick on her pussy. More 69. A guy hands her a condom and she puts it on him and gets on facing him. Spoon position on their left sides. Lanny kneels on bed and Jack's behind her, fucking her. Lanny scoots down and her ass is slightly hanging off the bed. Jack's standing their fucking her. Jack lays on bed and Lanny blows him. She gets on his dick, facing him, and he's rubbing her clit most of the time. Reverse cowgirl briefly then spoon position on left sides. He comes on her mouth while she's rubbing her pussy. His face and upper chest are bright red the whole time.

SCENE 2: TJ walks in wearing a black teddy. She sits on a huge nearby chaise lounge and watches Lanny and Jack. Jean walks over to her and they kiss. She's naked now. She leans down and blows him. He titty fucks her for a few seconds then she continues to blow him. She lays back and he pushes the crotch of her thongs aside and eats her pussy. He takes them off and continues to eat her. She's kneeling now and blowing him while he stands. They 69 and a cameraman walks behind her to film it. Jean is fucking her from behind while standing, she's kneeling on chaise. Reverse cowgirl now then they spoon on their left sides. Doggie position now. She gets on her back, legs straight back while he's standing in front of her, fucking her. She gets on top, facing him. She takes the condom off and blows him, then he jerks off on her face.

Jean is from France and is uncircumcised.

SCENE 3: Talon walks over and sits on a blue sofa. Vivian walks over and sits on a huge round ottoman that's in front of him, facing away from him. She puts her hand down her underwear and rubs her clit. She walks over an blows him. He stands up, pulls his pants down, and she continues to kneel and blow him, then they kiss. She lays back on sofa, takes her thongs off and Talon eats her. She blows him as he kneels of sofa. He's fingering her with two fingers. She blows him while kneeling on floor. She's on her back now on the sofa with Talon standing up, left knee on sofa, fucking her. He lifts her up and lays her on the ottoman, pushes her legs back and fucks her. They're on the sofa now, him fucking her from behind. She looks like she's had enough. She hangs her head off the sofa and he comes in her mouth. You can see a long scar on the underside of each of her breasts from where her implants were put in.

SCENE 4: Jenaveve, or Jen for short, walks in and watches Vivian and Talon. She's rubbing her pussy. She sits on an orange sofa. Eric walks up behind her and rubs her pussy through her underwear then moves the crotch aside and fingers her with two fingers then puts them in her mouth. He jumps over the sofa and eats and fingers her. Jen blows Eric while he's standing and she's laying on her side, fingering herself. Eric lays back on sofa and she straddles his face so he can eat her. She gets on his dick, facing him. She gets on all fours on sofa so Eric can fuck her from behind. Next is reverse cowgirl, then spoon position. She kneels on floor and blows Eric, then he comes on her face.

Here's a funny title for ya. Eric's first film was North Pole 3: The Loadman Cummeth- The Loadman Drenches Florida.

SCENE 5: Lanny's back for round two. She's wearing a white bra and white underwear. She's kissing Marcos. She kneels on the bed and Marcos (who's uncircumcised) stand behind her with his hands down the front of her underwear. She blows him. She kneels on the chaise from scene two and he eats her from behind. Lanny blows him, then he eats her. She gets on him, reverse cowgirl, then facing him. Spoon position on orange sofa, her rubbing her clit. He comes on her breasts, then she finishes jerking him into her mouth.


Behind the scenes that consists of Chi Chi telling her how the first scene is going to go down and leading her into the first scene and showing Lanny laying around, bored. Not very interesting.

Previews of other Vivid titles: Emperor, Monique on the Sly, Fade to Black II, Invasion of the Porno Shooters.

MY THOUGHTS: This was sort of interesting. There were no cuts or stopping during a scene and there was no dialogue, which was the best part. This was the first of it's kind and I'm sure there have been several since. This was filmed in a huge warehouse with fake walls made to look like the inside of a house, like most porn shoots. The different sofas/chaise lounger were set up everywhere, several yards away from each other. I'd have preferred this to have been like a regular porn with five different scenes put together instead of one live shoot but that's alright- I've got plenty of those!

What I didn't like was two scenes going on at any given time beginning halfway through scene one. That's when the second scene would start. Then halfway through that one, the third scene would start, and so on. Though I've divided the scenes into separate ones what was really happening was the cameraman would switch back and forth between two scenes, which was slightly annoying and made typing out the different scenes a bit difficult. Aside from that all but one of the scenes were good. There was something about scene two I didn't like. The others were pretty good. Unfortunately every damn one of 'em has breast implants and Lanny was way too tan, almost orange. She's pretty and she doesn't do porn anymore. Here she is in all her glory. She has blue eyes but info says they're green.

This came from my personal collection.


never trustPUB. INFO: Montlake Romance, 12/2013
GENRE: Historical Romance
SETTING: England, 1869
SERIES: Scandal at the House of Russell, book 2

From Publisher: Madeleine Russell, the beautiful daughter of a shipping magnate, counted on marrying a wealthy husband. Then her father’s disgrace and death left her with no dowry and no suitor. But Maddy and her sisters fully intend to restore their good name. Their first step: find the villain who framed their family. One of her father’s captains, a notorious former pirate, becomes a prime suspect. When Maddy joins the captain’s household disguised as his newest servant, her dark-eyed, charismatic employer soon develops his own agenda: seduction…

Captain Thomas Morgan spent most of his life amassing vast riches and respectability…and keeping his gypsy roots a secret. Now, he just needs to marry his prim, polished fiancée…and resist his intriguing new housemaid. A pirate never falls in love, he reminds himself. As mutual deception leads Maddy and the captain into uncharted territory, the truth could anchor them to terrible heartache…or to passion beyond their wildest dreams.

MY THOUGHTS: This review contains spoilers. I was disappointed in this. It's too similar to the first in the series. Heroine gets a job in the home of the hero, whom she suspects of being her father's murderer, hero discovers who she really is but doesn't let her know, hero makes advances toward heroine which she rebuffs over and over again, ect. Same premise as book one.

Maddy is a twenty-two year old nonvirgin and the hero, Luca, aka Thomas Morgan, is half Romany, half English and is twenty-nine. I didn't like their unlikely first meeting on the street. I didn't like that Maddy was being abused a bit by the housekeeper and never told Luca. There was no reason for her not to have told him. I don't like that he has a huge tattoo down his left side, beginning on his shoulder. Yes, I know people had tattoos back then but please leave them out of historicals.

There's another bad character in this story too. They're out to kill Maddy. They sneak aboard the ship that she and Luca are on and almost succeeds in throwing her overboard but Luca comes on the rescue just in time...of course. Him sneaking aboard ship is something I'm pretty sure he wouldn't have done himself. Like previously, he'd have hired someone to do the murder for him. Him throwing her over his shoulder and walking toward the side of the ship where he could be seen by multiple people makes no sense. He brought a bag to put her body in it, should he need to do it, so he should have killed her in the ship's cabin first, put her body in the bag then thrown the bag overboard. Another problem I have is with Maddy coming to the conclusion after her murder attempt that that person is also the one who murdered her father. Where'd that revelation come from?

The thing that bothers me most is Luca basically grew up on the streets. To make money he and his friend were pickpockets who also prostituted themselves. I wanted to know more about that. I wanted to know what Luca thought of having to do it and how it may have effected him as an adult. It was mentioned and that was it. I feel his character was underdeveloped. Him living on the street and prostituting himself is very interesting to me and I want to know more.

This story only spans about a month or so. I don't believe their love is genuine. They hardly know each other yet are in love and get married within a really short time? I don't think so.

I like both Maddy and Luca but the bad outweigh the good in this story. There's to be one more in this series and hopefully it'll be better than this one.

I received this from the publisher in exchange for an honest review. Same review here.

THE BUGHOUSE AFFAIR by Marcia Muller and Bill Pronzini

bughousePUB. INFO: Forge, January/November 2013
FORMAT: Hardcover, Paperback, E-book
GENRE: Historical Mystery
SETTING: California, USA, 1894
SERIES: A Carpenter and Quincannon Mystery, book 1

From Publisher: In The Bughouse Affair, the first of a new series of lighthearted historical mysteries set in 1890s San Francisco, former Pinkerton operative Sabina Carpenter and her detective partner, ex-Secret Service agent John Quincannon, undertake what initially appear to be two unrelated investigations. Sabina's case involves the hunt for a ruthless lady "dip" who uses fiendish means to relieve her victims of their valuables at Chutes Amusement Park and other crowded places.

Quincannon, meanwhile, is after a slippery housebreaker who targets the homes of wealthy residents, following a trail that leads him from the infamous Barbary Coast to an oyster pirate's lair to a Tenderloin parlor house known as the Fiddle Dee Dee. The two cases eventually connect in surprising fashion, but not before two murders and assorted other felonies complicate matters even further. And not before the two sleuths are hindered, assisted, and exasperated by the bughouse Sherlock Holmes.

MY THOUGHTS: This was a quick, decent read. I like that there were two mysteries going on that turned out to be connected and John and Sabina each got to work on one and came together at the end to compare notes. Both mysteries were interesting to me and it was a surprise to me who the real killer(s) was/were.

John's a bit arrogant and normally I like that in the male lead but I didn't like it in him. He was clearly jealous of Mr. Holmes' superior detective skills. I'm not sure how I feel about Sabina. With no backstory on them I feel as if I don't 'know' them and feel like I accidentally skipped the first few chapters of the book or something. Hardly any backstory was given on them other than they've known each other for three years and that she's a widow. I need to know all about lead characters. I like that both of them weren't above illegal activities by breaking into homes to look for clues. It seemed a bit out of character for Sabina to do that.

As for the Sherlock Holmes impostor, I don't like that the authors added a famous fictional character to their own story. I do like the idea of a meddling detective sticking his nose in their business but they should have created their own original character. Seems like he was in a race with John to solve the murders. John met him at someone's home. He doesn't know him at all yet proceeds to tell him all about his findings as an investigator, tells him what he's learned about the burglar. That's unprofessional and doesn't make sense to me. The impostor could have been the culprit for all John knew. That's like a police detective telling strangers about a case he's working on or other nondetectives involved in the same case.

I look forward to reading the next in the series, The Spook Lights Affair, and seeing if Sabina ever gives in to John's advances toward her. It would be nice if this series turns into historical romantic suspense.

I received this from the publisher in exchange for an honest review.


STUDIO: Digital Playground
RUN TIME: 2 1/2 hr.

FROM DVD: Insatiable Stoya gives fans an overdose of wild fucking with her first ever double penetration scene! Bad Girls 5 explodes with hard pounding lust as Stoya, Tori Black, Rebeca Linares, Jenny Hendrix and Angelina Armani reveal their naughty nympho obsessions. They go where good girls fear to tread, ready to take on the big cock boys, lapping up every thick drop of their nasty, orgasmic fantasies!

No condoms were used at all. Click on names to see their photo.

SCENE 1: Tori is standing outside her boyfriend's house. She calls him, he tells her he's not home and to let herself in. His roommate, Manuel, is sitting in his bed, naked with the covers over his crotch. She goes in the room, surprised to find him there, sits on the bed and asks to see his dick. He shows it to her. She rubs it through the sheet, they kiss, then she blows him for a few seconds, him saying, 'Oh, shit!' a few times. She pulls her top down, leans over the bed, he pulls her pants and thong down and licks her asshole. She lays on her back and he eats her pussy. Spoon position vaginal sex on their left sides, him holding her right leg up and rubbing her clit. He lays back, she blows him, then cowgirl position. Reverse cowgirl, him rubbing her clit. She blows him then they 69 for a minute. She get on her knees and elbows, ass facing out, him standing up fucking her. He stops to eat her ass. Back to spoon position on their left sides, her right leg up, him rubbing her clit. I think she comes. She kneels down on the floor and he comes in her mouth and she swallows it.

Manuel is from France and is uncircumcised. She's got small natural breasts and bald labia.

SCENE 2: Stoya is wearing a bra and underwear. She walks into a room and James and Steve are sitting on a sofa, fully clothed. She sits in between them and lays back. James rubs her clit (as shown in the trailer) while Steve fingers her. Steve fingers her asshole while James fingers her pussy with two fingers. Steve gets between her legs and eats her while James stands beside her and gets blown by her. She sits up and blows them at the same time, one on each side of her. She stands up, leans over and blows James while Steve fucks her from behind, then eats her.

Spoon position anal with Steve on sofa on their right sides, him rubbing her clit. James walks over to her and she blows him, then gets on James, facing him. Steve gets blown by her. James is laying back, her still on top, and Steve fucks her in her ass for her first on-screen double penetration. I wish you could have seen Steve's balls slapping against James'. They switch positions- Steve lays back, pulling her back against him, still in her ass, and James is now in her pussy. Both guys take turns rubbing her clit.

She gets up, blows Steve while James is behind her fucking her ass. She's now licking Steve's asshole and balls. She tells him he hasn't been in her 'pussy' so she get on his dick, facing him. James gets in front of her and she blows him. She looks up and him and he lets spit drip down into her mouth. He gets behind her and fucks her ass. Her poor asshole was bright pink. She turns around and gets on Steve reverse cowgirl anal, then she blows him a bit. James gets behind her and fucks her ass. She kneels on the floor, Steve is in front of her and James is squatting slightly behind her. She bends back and licks his balls while he's jerking off. Steve's in front of her, jerking off while she licks his balls. He comes in her mouth. She swallows some of it. She turns around and James comes in her mouth. She lets some of it drip out.

Steve is Romanian and is uncircumcised. Stoya has very small natural breasts with pierced nipples and bald labia.

SCENE 3: Rebeca is in the bathroom pulling her shorts up while Scott is laying on the bed, bored, waiting for her. She goes in the bedroom, straddles Scott, pulls his shirt up and kisses his stomach, then blows him and jerks him with both hands. She takes her shirt off and continues to blow him. She takes her shorts off, lays back and he quickly gets between her legs and eats her 100% bald pussy. She blows him, then gets on top, facing him, and they fuck for a minute. She gets off him and goes into another bedroom. Tommy's laying on the bed, fully clothed. She straddles him and blows him briefly then gets on top and fucks him briefly with the camera showing it up close from behind. Love it.

She gets off him and goes into the living room and kneels on the sofa, facing the back of it. Scott and Tommy stand behind it and she blows both of them. Scott gets behind her and fucks her while she continues to blow Tommy. Scott gets up and stands behind the sofa and Tommy sits in his place. She gets on him, facing him, while blowing Scott. Scott walks over and stands to her right so she can blow him better. She lifts her pelvis up and leans back with her hands on Tommy's thighs so he can eat her pussy for a few seconds. She kneels beside Tommy on the sofa, leans forward and blows him while Scott is standing up, fucking her from behind. Scott sits on sofa and she gets on, reverse cowgirl, and Tommy stands beside her and she blows him. She kneels on the sofa, leans over to blow Scott while Tommy is standing up behind her, beside the sofa arm, fucking her anally from behind. Spoon position anal with Scott on their left sides on sofa. She's blowing Tommy, who's standing in front of her. Tommy sits on sofa and she gets on for reverse cowgirl anal. Scott is standing to her right, getting blown.

He walks across the room and sits in a chair. She gets on him for vaginal, then anal sex. She walks over to Tommy, who's sitting several feet away in an identical chair. She sits on his dick sideways for anal sex. She kneels and they both come in her mouth, Tommy first, and she swallows it.

Rebeca is from Spain and has a really nice body with nice, natural breasts. The following year she got breast implants.

SCENE 4: Jenny walks into the bedroom holding a camera. Her boyfriend, Manuel, from scene 1, is sitting on the bed, fully clothed. She tells him she wants him to film them having sex. She lays back on the bed, he's standing up beside the bed, leans forward and pulls her shorts off and eats her pussy. They kiss, he sucks on her nasty implants. He lays back and she blows him while he's filming it. Spoon position vaginal sex on their left sides, him rubbing her clit. She gets on top facing him, then they 69. She lays on her back and he's standing up beside the bed, fucking her and rubbing her clit. She stands up, puts her right knee up on the bed and he fucks her from behind. He kneels down, eats her asshole then she gets on top of him on the bed, reverse cowgirl, him rubbing her clit a lot. She gets on him, facing him. Next she kneels on the bed and he's standing behind her, fucking her. He comes on her mouth and she lets it run down.

Manuel is from France and is uncircumcised.

SCENE 5: Angelina is wearing a black dress. She kneels on the bed, ass exposed. She lays back on bed and rubs her pussy and breasts while staring at the camera. Mick and Tommy kneel on either side of her and she blows them. Tommy fingers her. Mick fucks her, spoon position, on their right sides and she continues to blow Tommy. She switches to laying on her other side, Tommy gets behind her and fucks her, spoon position, while she's blowing Mick, who's laying beside her. She gets on top of Mick and blows Tommy, who's standing on bed to her left. Tommy lays on the bed beside her an she leans over and blows him. She gets on Tommy, reverse cowgirl while blowing Mick. She kneels beside Tommy on bed and blows him while Mick fucks her from behind while standing beside the bed. She lays across the bed, leaning over on her left side blowing Mick while Tommy's kneeling between her legs, fucking her. She lays in opposite direction, Mick fucking her while she blows Tommy, who's beside her. He stops and eats her pussy, then continues to fuck her. Mick lays on the bed. She's leaning over, blowing him while Tommy fucks her from behind. She kneels and they come on her face. She doesn't swallow.

Mick is from Austria and is uncircumcised. Angelina is totally bald below and has natural breasts.


Behind the Scenes- This is an interview with Stoya, filmed the morning of her sex scene. She says she's excited to film her first double penetration. Steve sits next to her on the bed, kisses her and tells her she's hot while rubbing her clit through her underwear. James walks in, drops his pants and she blows him for a minute, then blows Steve briefly.

Trailers- Eight different Digital Playground trailers are shown totaling about 15 minutes. Title are: Pirates, Pirates II, Island Fever 4, Nurses, Body Heat, Teenlicious, Family Matters, and one I can't remember.

MY THOUGHS: I liked this but three of the scenes were threesomes. Too much switching around goes on during threesomes and they're not as fun to watch. Of those three my favorite would be the one with Rebeca, Tommy, and Scott. I know of her from her scene in Sunny Loves Matt.

My favorite one-on-one scene is the one with Jenny and Manuel because it's got a longer reverse cowgirl scene, which I like to see.

This was nominated for three AVN awards.

This came from my personal collection.

AUTUMN RAIN by Anita Mills

autumn rainPUBLISHER: Onyx, 2/1993
GENRE: Historical Romance
SETTING: England, 1807-1814
SERIES: Rakes, #1

FROM PUBLISHER: When Elinor Ashton's debt-ridden father forces her into a loveless marriage with the elderly but enormously wealthy Lord Kingsley, she becomes the unhappiest bride of London society... and the property of a man whose jealousy leads him to concoct an unspeakable scheme.

Lucien de Clare is Regency England's handsomest and most brazen lord, a man whose scandalous behavior had closed the doors of polite society against him, making him the perfect pawn in Kingsley's despicable plot to secure an heir. But the scenario for deceitful seduction yields to true desire, as Lucien is overcome by Elinor's beauty and charm... and as Elinor opened her innocent heart to Lucien's demanding passion, releasing a rush of excitement, terror, and longing. And not even treacherous intrigue and vengeful deeds can temper the power of their hungry kisses... or dampen the fire that makes their love glow...

MY THOUGHTS: This review contains spoilers. Lucien is a hard, unhappy man. He's got black hair and brown eyes. He's ten years older than Elinor. He hated his cheating father and has a bit of hatred for his mother, who killed herself when he was younger. He and Elinor have a brief run-in with each other near the beginning of the story and he's been attracted to her ever since.

Elinor was sold, basically, to Arthur Kingsley when she was 15 by her gambling-addicted father. She's got red hair and golden eyes. Arthur is 61 and very controlling. He beat her with his cane several times. He even dumped their baby out of her crib once, right onto the bedroom floor. He's very jealous of her friendship with his grandson Charles, who's just a few months older than Elinor. Charles ends up falling in love with her and tells her so but she doesn't feel the same for him. She loves him like a brother.

This book is from 1993 but is more like one from the 70's and 80's. I love that about it. It's aggravating that the hero and heroine don't become a couple until the very end. This story could have been so much better had they begun their affair sooner. The story sort of drags on and I wish it had been shorter. One thing that irritated me was once before Elinor and Lucien got together she was thinking to herself that she may be in love with him. Up until that point the reader was given absolutely no indication that she felt that way. She seemed to not be able to stand him and now she's in love with him? I'm not buying it. Later on when they begin a relationship together so that she can get pregnant and give the now 65 year old Arthur his heir, I can see how she's developed feelings for him and has fallen in love with him.

NEVER KISS A RAKE by Anne Stuart

never kiss a rakePUBLISHING INFO: Montlake Romance, 8/2013
GENRE: Historical Romance
SETTING: England, 1869
SERIES: Scandal at the House of Russell, book 1

From Publisher: Bryony Russell and her two sisters are left destitute by the disgrace and unexpected death of their father, a wealthy shipping magnate. He left a cryptic note, and Bryony is determined to find the real villain and clear her father’s name. In disguise as a servant, Bryony infiltrates the home of her father’s business partner to find proof of his guilt…or innocence. It’s not just clues that Bryony finds, but temptation too…

Adrian Bruton, Earl of Kilmartyn, immediately suspects there is something not quite right about his new housekeeper. The brooding, irresistible rake plays along because he has his own guilty secrets, and his venal, scheming wife holds the key to them, trapping him in a hate-filled marriage. But against his will he’s fascinated by Bryony, seeing past the scars on her face to show her the beauty she never knew she had. Bryony must uncover the truth and attempt to preserve her father’s legacy, before things go too far and she falls in love with a man who might very well be her worst enemy.

MY THOUGHTS: This is the first book in a trilogy involving the three Russell sisters. All three books are connected by them trying to find out all the facts about their father's murder and who stole his money. I don't see this as straight up historical romance but more as romantic suspense.

The Irish hero, Adrian, has golden hair and green eyes. Someone's out to frame him for murder and embezzlement. Adrian has been married for almost ten years to Cecily, a woman he despises. He was involved with a bombing that killed people years ago. She knows he's behind it and is using that information against him. Cecily herself is a terrible person, it turns out, and there's a mystery involving her whereabouts. We don't see much of her in the book.

I like Adrian a lot. He's taken a liking to Bryony and let's her know he's interested, even after he discovers who she really is. She wants nothing to do with him in that way since she suspects he's killed her father and has stolen lots of money from his business, Russell Shipping. He tries to seduce her constantly. There are three sex scenes with them. I found the way he kept after her funny and entertaining.

There's a bad male character in this book who's out to murder Bryony for a really stupid reason. He's got a grudge against her because he thinks her father stole his family home, Renwick, when in actuality he won it fair and square. This character's behind a lot of bad happenings. I like him anyway. He's not very bright, lurking around the Bruton home knowing he might be seen by the servants.

I wasn't surprised to find out who was behind the stuff involving her father and the disappearance of Cecily. I wish the author could have been a bit more creative in that regard. I'd have liked to have known more about him and how he met Cecily in the first place.

I don't know Adrian or Bryony's ages and I don't know anything about Adrian's background either. No background information on hero and heroine is a huge no-no!

I enjoyed this book as much as I'd hoped I would and I'm anxious to read the next in the series, Never Trust a Pirate.

I received this from the publisher in exchange for an honest review.

TO CAPTURE A RAKE by Lori Brighton

capture a rakePUBLISHING INFO: Montlake Romance, 6/2013
GENRE: Historical Romance
SETTING: England, 1869
SERIES: Seduction, book 2

From Publisher: In all his time as a prostitute at Lavender Hills, Gideon Drake has never been hired out, never been allowed to leave the gilded cage in which he pleasures the well-heeled wives of London. So when a young widow convinces Lady Lavender to release her prize stud for a week-long seduction at a country estate, Gideon spies his chance for escape. It is the perfect plan -- until his beautiful client reawakens a passion he thought long dead…

After her husband’s death, Elizabeth Ashton knows she must remarry, but not just any man will do. She must find Lord Ashton’s long-lost bastard nephew and convince him to wed, cementing his claim to the family fortune. Of course, rescuing herself from certain ruin means venturing into Lavender Hills and putting her life into the hands of a dark, handsome rogue as notorious for his cold heart as he is for his sexual expertise. Somehow, Elizabeth must convince him to love her, to marry her, and ultimately to save her.

One touch will ignite the flame of their passion. One kiss will prove this liaison unlike the others. Bound by desire and need, only together are they strong enough to face down their enemies -- and to claim the promise of love.

MY THOUGHTS: Red-haired and green-eyed widowed Elizabeth has ulterior motives for seeking Gideon out. He doesn't know it but she knows who he really is and wants to give him things that belong to him, things regarding her estate. I don't know why she didn't just contact Gideon and explain some things to him right from the start.

I really like Gideon. He's about thirty. He's got a proverbial hard shell built all around him. He's so full of anger towards everyone and is very callous. He's an unhappy prostitute to women and has been for almost fourteen years. I like Elizabeth too. She's a really good person. She's raising her dead sister's children while passing them off as her own. Her staff is all or mostly made up of people who were once in bad situations themselves and she'd do anything for any of them.

I'm really irritated that we're told Lady Lavender, the French owner of the brothel he works at, knows his terrible secret, that's what she's blackmailing him with, but we aren't told how on earth it's possible for her to know. There's no possible way she could know his secret. This doesn't sit well with me at all. An incident happened to her years ago involving his father and she seems to be taking her hatred of his father out on him. But that doesn't explain how she knows his secret.

There's also a mystery going on in this story that was interesting. Someone's out to kill Elizabeth. There was no mention of why they let that person go after they'd murdered a member of their staff and attempted to murder Elizabeth.

Even though there are some things in the story that need explaining and to be expanded upon I did find the whole story interesting.

I received this from the publisher in exchange for an honest review.