LENGTH: 1 hr. 33 mins.
RELEASED: 8/3/2006
STUDIO: Marc Dorcel/Wicked Pictures

From DVD: Russia's most elite boarding school is also home to the horniest co-eds. This is Russian Institute- where the midterms are hard and the teachers are even harder.

This is a French production and almost all the actors are from the Czech Republic. The others are from Hungary, France, Russia. No condoms were used and all the men are uncircumcised. Only two of the twelve girls have breast implants.

SCENE 1: Ellen got a call from Lauro, who told her he was outside her college. He snuck into her room. He laid back on her bed, she knelt in front of him and blew him for a few seconds. He had her lay back on the bed, he laid between her legs and ate her pussy. She was totally bald with natural breasts. He fingered her hard and fast with his left index finger while he licked her clit. Spoon position on their right sides. He stopped, ate her asshole, then fingered it with left middle and index fingers, then fucked her in it. Doggie position anal. Reverse cowgirl anal on the bed, her rubbing her clit. She definitely had an orgasm from anal with no vaginal penetration. She got off him and jerked him until he came on his stomach.

SCENE 2: Vanessa's in bed pretending to be sick. The doctor and nurse go in. He uses a stethoscope on her and she pulls her camisole down. The nurse sits beside her and they kiss. She unbuttons the nurses coat and pulls her bra down and licks her nipples. The doctor goes over to them. The nurse takes his cock out, Vanessa sucks him, then the nurse does. Vanessa gets on the bed on all fours. The nurse pours lube out of a small black bottle on Vanessa's asshole, rubs it in and the doctor fucks her vaginally. He pulls out, the nurse sucks him then he puts it back in Vanessa's pussy

She lays on her back, right leg up with the doctor standing between her legs, fucking her vaginally. The nurse rubs Vanessa's clit and breast. The nurse stops him, puts lube on his dick and he fucks Vanessa's asshole. The nurse is rubbing Vanessa's clit. She then sits in a chair, rubbing her clit as she watches the nurse fuck the doctor in reverse cowgirl position on the bed. Vanessa goes over to them, makes them stop, jerks him a few times, puts spit on his dick and guides it to the nurse's asshole for some anal sex. She licks the nurses clit. Vanessa kneels in front and rubs the nurse's clit. I love the slapping sounds they make. Both girls kneel in front of the doctor and blow him. He comes in the nurses mouth and she swallows it.

SCENE 3: Three girls, Jennifer (the brunette on cover with red skirt), Liliane, Nadine, sneak out of their rooms at night. Jennifer goes to distract the night watchman, Thomas, while the other two eat each other in a chair. Jennifer and the night watchman see them. She pushes him against the wall, pulls his pants down and blows him briefly. They walk over to the girls. He stands beside Liliane, the one sitting in the chair. She leans over and blows him. she gets up and Jennifer sits him in the chair Liliane vacated. Simone blindfolds him with her black stocking. Liliane blows him. Jennifer steals a key from his pants pocket, goes into his office and takes something out of his desk drawer. Liliane gets on him, reverse cowgirl, while Simone stands there, topless. Jennifer returns and puts the key back in his pocket without him knowing, since his pants are around his ankles. Anal sex with him and Liliane. Jennifer is sitting in the chair beside them with Simone eating her pussy. He comes on all three girls' faces.

SCENE 4: Two girls, Jamie and Lea, sneak into the room of Tony, Frank and JPX. Jamie blew one guy. Lea got on the bed and blew him too. Jamie went over to another guy, blew him while the third roommate joined in. He ate her from behind. The scene got real annoying after that. Everybody was going everybody else and I couldn't keep up. Lastly, Jamie was on top of one guy while another guy was in her ass.

SCENE 5: The Headmistress, Sandy, goes into Sophie's room. Sandy eats Sophie out on her bed, then uses a thick hot pink-colored vibrator on her. Sandy gets on all fours while Sophie uses a different vibrator on her.

SCENE 6:  Two students, Ellen and Laura, are in the classroom. One goes over to the teacher, James, takes her shirt off and sits on the desk in front of him. He licks her breasts. He pushes his chair back a few feet and she blows him. Laura's sitting at her desk watching. She's rubbing her breasts. She goes over to them and they take turns blowing him. Ellen lays back on the des, he kneels in front and eats her pussy while Laura stands there rubbing her clit. He stands up and fucks Ellen from behind while she leans on the desk. Laura gets on him on the desk, reverse cowgirl. Ellen is fingering herself in a chair as she watches. Anal reverse cowgirl with Laura and teacher. Ellen goes over to them and rubs Laura's clit. They both kneel down and they both blow him.


There was some boring behind-the-scenes stuff and trailers for some of the studio's other dvds.

MY THOUGHTS: This was just OK. Not enough time was spent on the sex scenes and the close-ups were too quick. It was real nice not seeing many breast implants. When watching foreign porn I can see a difference between the men and American men and I definitely like the European men better. The production value seems to be higher too.

Like some of Marc Dorcel's other dvds, this was narrated here and there in voiceover. Marc is French and Wicked Pictures is his American dvd distributor. Despite the 'Russian Institute' title I'm sure this was filmed in France.


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