andreaPUB. INFO: Pink Flamingo, 4/2013
ORIGINAL PUB: Masquerade, 1994
GENRE: Contemporary Erotica
FORMAT: Paperback and E-book

From Publisher: Young and beautiful Andrea is, without warning, whisked away to a secret location, where a mysterious group devotes itself to the pursuit of sexual enlightenment through the use of many sensual techniques. Gradually, she's introduced to the ways of the Center by the people that gladly occupy it. Her sense of self and her understanding of sexuality are profoundly challenged, leading her to a new understanding of herself and the deepest sexual satisfaction.

Andrea at the Center, previously published by Masquerade in the 90's, has been fully revised with titillating updates for our Pink Flamingo readers! J.P. Kansas will thrill you with his stunning tale of straight, lesbian and gay sex, bondage, exhibitionism and all sorts of sex toys and dolls! The excitement does not stop there, however. Andrea's experiences are sure to arouse every fetish; from spanking and collars to threesomes and voyeurism. Andrea at the Center has everything you want in an erotic novel and more!

MY THOUGHTS: I love erotica. The filthier the better. I don't like 'sexy', watered down R-rated sex scenes. I want them XXX. This book had that but that's all it had. I love erotic storylines where the woman is taken, willingly or not, to, and becomes part of, a secret underground sexual society. The goings-on here were a mess and unbelievable. It was just a bunch of sometimes crazy sex scenes put together just to see how many could fit into the book.

Though this book ran the gamut as far as sexual escapades go some were just too strange and were a turn-off. Examples: giving oral sex to someone who's on her period and you receiving it while on it, urinating in someone's mouth and they into yours, oral sex with a life-like bendable mannequin of yourself, ect. The most absurd scene was Andrea's anal penetration with a bar of soap. WTF? That entire bar would have shot right into her rectum and she'd have been at the emergency room. The worst part of all is that the overwhelming majority of sex in this book is lesbian, which bores me to death, and it's so repetitive, as were her countless orgasms, I couldn't wait for the story to end. I love penis and there wasn't nearly enough of 'em in this book which is a real disappointment. This is the kind of story/subject matter that I can read quickly because I'm really interested in it but because of the repetitiveness it felt like I'd been reading it for two weeks with no end in sight. When I was less than halfway though the book I realized that the rest of the book was just going to be more of the exact same things I'd already read about.

This was first published in 1994 but some of the terminology made it seem like it was written twenty years earlier, with the constant use of the word 'terrific' and phrase 'make love'. It isn't 'making love' when you aren't in love with them and especially when the sex is with someone you've just met. No one says that anymore.

With books of all genres you need some background information on main characters. We didn't get any with Andrea. We know nothing about her background except she's engaged to Michael. How she ended up at the Center is not believable and how she returned home isn't either. We were left to decide for ourselves if her three months or so at the Center was all a dream.

The in-print print version, pictured above, seems to be available through the publisher only and has no ISBN.

I received this from the author in exchange for an honest review. Same review here.

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