STUDIO:  Vivid
LENGTH: 1 hr. 43 min.

From DVD: Attention voyeurism! Take a peep! She's watching you watching her! Hidden cameras. Spying eyes. It's voyeurism in Voyeurismvision! Take a peep at the hottest girls from behind closed doors! It's a secret fantasy world and it's for your eye's only! Shh!

Starring: Dayton, Jewell Marceau, Chloe, Tasha Hunter, Renee LaRue, Ian Daniels, Eric Masterson, Pat Myne, TJ Cummings, Tony Tedeschi, and more.

This is a compilation of sex scenes from various Vivid films, with each scene starring Dayton and were made before she got breast implants, as shown on the cover. Condoms are used in all scenes.

Click on red highlighted names to see what they look like. She's either completely bald or has a little strip of hair on mound. Dayton was between 22-24 when these films were made.

SCENE 1: She's in the tub on all fours. Eric walks over to her, naked, and pours champagne on her ass then gets in and sits on the edge of tub. She blows him for a while. She sits on the edge, he gets in the water and eats her. She lays back on a towel and he fucks her, her rubbing her clit some, then doggie style. She gets on her hands and knees and uses a curved glass dildo in her ass while he sits on the edge of tub, watching and jerking off. Cowgirl position briefly then he comes on her chest.

SCENE 2: This scene is terrible. Dayton and Jewell are in a diner, complete with red and white checkered tablecloths. Jewell has huge implants, bald labia. Jewel takes her bra off and Dayton licks her nipples. Jewell lays on the table, Dayton takes her underwear off and eats her briefly and fingers her with two fingers. Dayton rubs her thumb over Jewell's clit and we get a good close-up of the clit. Dayton lays on the counter and Jewell eats her.

SCENE 3: Dayton's in the tub and hears something. She pulls back the shower curtain and TJ and Pat are standing there naked, hard and facing each other with helmet's on their dickheads. Pat lays on the bed. She blows him while laying on her right side while TJ eats her. She's on her back, Pat eating her pussy while TJ rubs her breasts and stomach. Pat fingers her, TJ rubs her clit. She's still on her back, Pat fucking her, TJ to her left side holding her left leg back then jerking off while watching. She leans over and blows him.

Reverse cowgirl on bed with TJ, Pat standing up to her left, her sucking him off. TJ's on his back, she's on all fours between his legs, blowing him while Pat fucks her from behind. She kneels on bed, blowing both while they're standing on the bed. She leans back on her elbows, legs spread wide and they both come on her pussy.

SCENE 4: Dayton's on the bed wearing black top and black skirt. Tony comes over wearing a white tank top and boxers. He puts his hand up her skirt and rubs her pussy through her underwear. He pulls down her strapless top and licks her nipples. He takes her clothes off, she lays back and he eats her. He lays back, she takes his boxers off and blows him while on her knees and elbows between his legs, periodically jerking him while sucking his balls.

She's in doggie position on bed, he's standing up fucking her. She gets on her back, legs pushed way back he gets between her legs and fucks her. She lays over on her right side a little, he holds her left leg up and continues to fuck her. He comes on her thigh.

SCENE 5: This scene if from Hansel and Gretel so her and Dale are dressed the part and her hair is in two French braids. They're in the woods laying on a blanket. She blows him while he's standing. She lays back, he kneels down and pushes her skirt up, then her top, and licks her nipples then eats her. Cowgirl position for quite a while, then on her back. He comes on her chest.

SCENE 6: Ian is sitting on a table in a diner. Dayton is dressed like a waitress and is leaning over, blowing him. Cowgirl position on counter and she's naked except for socks and shoes. Doggie position on counter, him standing behind her. Next she's on her back on the counter, him standing between her legs. He comes on her stomach.

SCENE 7: This scene is from a series that features petite women and men with huge dicks. Dayton's blowing Joel while kneeling on the floor, then sitting on sofa, then him laying back on the sofa. She climbs on him, cowgirl position. Next she kneels on sofa, facing the back and he's fucking her from behind. She's on her back and he comes on her chest.

SCENE 8: Dayton's supposed to be Repunzel. She and Eric are outside. She blows him then he eats her while she's laying on a long cushion near a stone wall. He fucks her in that position, then reverse cowgirl then her leaning on a chair, him behind her. He comes on her right ass cheek.

SCENE 9: Tasha and Dayton are in an office wearing short dresses. Tasha pushes Dayton back onto a desk. They kiss then Tasha takes Dayton's underwear off, eats and fingers her. Dayton lays back on the desk while Tasha uses a double-ended clear glass dildo on her. Tasha lays on the table and Dayton eats and fingers her roughly with two fingers, then three. Tasha's on all fours on the desk. Dayton's using a vibrator in her pussy. Tasha rubs her clit a lot.

SCENE 10: Dayton's on a bed in some dark room that has lots of windows in it. She's laying back holding her right leg up so Renee can eat her. Chloe is sitting on a stool, watching through the window. She's got her hands down her pants, rubbing her clit. Dayton and Renee walk over to the window, Renee puts her right foot up on the sill and Dayton eats her. Renee lays on the bed and Dayton uses a while dildo on her that has a handle like a pistol. She takes it out and rubs the tip on Renee's clit. She puts it back in and Renee rubs her clit.. Dayton gets on all fours and Renee uses a hot pink double-ended jelly dildo on her.


1: Renee is leaning over the side of the sofa arm, blowing Julian while Tony eats her pussy from behind. He fingers her pussy then her asshole with three fingers. He fucks her in that position. Reverse cowgirl with Julian on the sofa. Tony's standing on the soft, to her right and she's blowing him. She lays back on the sofa and Tony's fucking her while holding her right leg up. Julian's sitting behind her on the arm, jerking off. Tony comes on her awful fake breasts, then Julian does.

2: Eric is sitting on a huge sofa that's covered with a purple blanket, leaning back against the arm. Tasha blows him. She takes his place and lays on her back, him in front fucking her. Reverse cowgirl next, then anal doggie position.


Behind the scenes of the Paul Thomas porn Hansel and Gretel. As with most behind the scenes this wasn't really worth watching.

Previews of four Vivid titles and the above bonus scenes.

MY THOUGHTS: I love compilations best. You don't have to sit through lame dialogue and plots. Some of these scenes were a little too short. I could have done without the three lesbian scenes.

Favorite scenes would be scene 4, with Tony and seven, with Joel. Scene three wasn't too bad either. Those scenes didn't seem as rushed and took place on a bed or sofa.

This came from my personal collection.