STUDIO: Digital Sin
LENGTH: 1 hr. 40 min.

From DVD: Jonni Darkko once again brings his brand of anal madness to the screen. Euro chicks get plowed in this ass stretching sexcapade. The master of the ass unleashes yet another volume of anal lust destined for your collection.


SCENE 1: Daniella is wearing a dress and is standing in front of a wall indoors. She gets on all fours and fingers her ass. Over walks Dillon, naked. She blows him for a short while. Reverse cowgirl vaginal sex on floor briefly. She gets off and blows him, then gets back on. Blows him then gets on once again. Next, anal reverse cowgirl with her rubbing her clit. She blows him, gets back on for more anal. Anal doggie position. She blows him then he puts it back in her ass. Cowgirl position anal now, then she blows him. Spoon position anal on their right sides, her rubbing her clit a lot. She's kneeling beside him while he comes on her face.

Daniella's from the Czech Republic. She's got really nice natural breasts and bald labia. She's got blue eyes and is freckly with freckles on her ass cheeks. I don't think I've ever seen that before.

SCENE 2: Michelle is on the bed in black lingerie. She takes her thong off and gets on all fours. Trent comes over, naked, and eats her pussy and asshole from behind since they were on offer. He pours lube on her asshole and puts a double-ended rubber dildo in it and fucks her with it. He moves in front of her so she can blow him. He fucks her ass a little with the dildo as she blow him. He moves behind her and fucks her pussy while the dildo is in her ass. He takes it out and puts his dick in in its place. Cowgirl position anal briefly. She gets in reverse cowgirl position to continue the anal. She's rubbing her clit. She lays back against him and he rubs her clit. Spoon position anal on their right sides. I wish you could hear her wailing in misery the whole time. She's now on her back, him kneeling in front, pushing her legs back toward her, for more anal. He comes on her face while she's kneeling beside him and what noise he was making. He was also breathing heavy the entire time and I like hearing it.

Michelle's from England and has blue eyes. She too has really nice natural breasts but has since gotten huge implants. Her labia is bald. She's on Twitter.

SCENE 3: Jessica's in red stockings and  black thong. She's topless and rubbing her nipples, then pussy. She's on all fours on the bed when Dillon goes over and fingers her pussy, then asshole. He has her lick his finger. He fucks her vaginally from behind. He stands up and she blows him. Reverse cowgirl vaginal, then anal, with his balls jerking up and down the whole time, in rhythm to his thrusts. She's rubbing and smacking her clit. She gets off him, blows him then gets back on three times. Doggie position anal, she blows him, then resumes anal, then more blowing. Anal on her back with him kneeling between her legs. She clearly has an orgasm from anal sex. She's sweating like you wouldn't believe. He kneels over her face so she can suck him once again then he puts it back in her ass. Anal from behind. She's standing up and leaning on the footboard with her left leg up. He comes on her face.

She's cute with small natural breasts and bald labia. She's from the Czech Republic.

SCENE 4: Lena's kneeling on the sofa blowing Mark (he's Canadian) while he's standing. Vaginal sex on her back on the sofa, him standing. She blows him, then doggie position on sofa, him standing behind her. Anal in same position. Anal reverse cowgirl. She blows him, more anal in same position, more blowing, more anal. He comes on her face.

Lena's from Columbia and was only eighteen at the time. She's got nice small natural breasts. Her aureolas and nipples are the darkest brown. Her whole vulva was bald but you can see the hair growing back.

SCENE 5: Sabina is kneeling in a chair blowing Dillon, who's standing to the right of it. Brett is fingering her with two fingers, then fucks her from behind. She kneels and blows them at the same time for awhile. Brett's in a chair, she's on top facing him and blowing Dillon, who's standing to her left. Anal in reverse cowgirl with Dillon while blowing Brett. His massive dick curves downward. Anal from behind with Brett while leaning forward in chair blowing Dillon who is, as usual, standing in front of her. Anal in spoon position with Dillon on sofa on their left sides. She's blowing Brett, who's in front of her. Reverse cowgirl anal with Dillon, then Brett, who's sitting right next to them on a love seat, then she gets back on Dillon for more anal. She's rubbing the hell out of her clit. Brett come on her face, then Dillon.

Sabina's the girl on the DVD cover. She's from the Czech Republic. She cute with blue eyes and tiny natural breasts. Her aureola's are tiny and her nipples are huge.


There was a bonus sex scene from Double Play 1 but I fast forwarded through part of it.

There was seven minutes of behind the scenes. Michelle, from scene 2, said, when asked, that she was from Sheffield, England and has only been in the business eleven days. When they were about to film her scene with Trent the director told him that her vagina was sore (from something previous) and that he could do all anal if he wanted and that there's to be no ATM (ass-to-mouth) scenes.

MY THOUGHTS: The cover says there's double penetration but there's not, unless you count the anal dildo in scene 2. This was just an alright DVD. No scene was great. Far too much switching between oral and penetration going on in each scene. It's annoying and sorta ruins the scene.

Most scenes were the same. I'm not a fan of Dillon's. He's one of those assholes who's always calling the girl a slut or whore.

Every scene except one had lots of ATM (ass to mouth) which I don't really care to see. In case you don't know what that is it's when a dick's been in your ass then you put it in your mouth for a blow job.

Trent Tesoro, from scene 2, was dating porn actor Ashley Blue during this time. They were both drug addicts but Ashley said in her book that he's gotten off them and no longer does porn (I think).

Surprise, surprise, there's next to no female oral sex.

This came from my personal collection. Same review here.

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