SUN BURN ADULT DVD, featuring my new obesssion, Jerry


FROM DVD: Sun Burn: Hot, hotter, hottest!!! Cassidey squirts!!!

When it's hot, sunny day in California the first order of business is to go to the pool and get some sun. As best friends Cassidey and Mikayla lay poolside, the talk of sex comes up and the girls decide it's time for some nude sunbathing...and, of course a little girl on girl action ensues. And when the pool cleaners show up, the REAL party starts.

SUNBURN, a Vivid high definition video from director Will Bice. You can't beat the heat, but remember...some like it hot.

No condoms were used except for the last scene. Jerry and his real life father are in this.

SCENE 1: Mikayla goes to Cassidey's house. Cassidey lets her in, Mikayla goes into the bedroom and Cassidey looks at the camera and says something like, 'this is where the hot girl shows up'. She goes into the bedroom. Cassidey lays on the bed and Mikayla staddles her face, then she eats Cassidey. They use dildos on each other, Mikayla using a strap-on on her and she squirts, then later squirts again. Mikayla has breast implants and Cassidey's are small and natural but she's since gotten implants.

SCENE 2: They're lounging around the pool in their bikinis. Cass says her friend is 'fucking some dude' at home so she couldn't come over. Cut to the friend, Eva, and Jay. Luckily, Jay looks nothing like that photo anymore. His hair is brown and he's a whole lot older, almost 50 when this was filmed in 2006. Here he is.

They're on a bed with a huge headboard. They 69 for a long time. She's on top, facing him. Doggie position, spoon on their right sides, then her on her back. He pulls out, she blows him, then he puts it back in. They did that several times. They go at it for the longest time. She gets on top, reverse cowgirl. She did this several times in that position- she'd raise up off him, walk backwards, squat a bit to straddle his face so he could eat her while she leans against the wall, then she'd get back on and ride him.

I don't know what this position is called but I see it a lot- Mikayla laid on her back, legs spread, and Jay sat in front of her, leaned back on both hands, and thrust into her. He pulls out to come on her and it shoots all the way up to her neck. I kid you not, they put on the screeen 'Let's see that again folks!" and replayed it in slow motion. He crawls over to her, kisses her and she sucks his head briefly.

This scene was pretty long, almost 30 minutes. He's got one massive dick. He's overly muscular and I don't find that attractive. He seemed to love giving oral. Eva was so into the sex. She was energetic and clearly enjoyed it. She has a nice body and implants.

SCENE 3: It's Jay again. Him and Holly, who has a nice body with small natural breasts that she's since ruined with implants, according to online measurements, are outside, at night, on concrete stairs. She's blowing him then turns around and he fucks her from behind. Jay is sitting on a couch that's against the stairs. Holly's on top, reverse cowgirl, her feet on his thighs, then anal in same position with Jay putting two fingers in her pussy now and then.

Vaginal sex with her on her back, him kneeling on the ground (it's a really low couch), thrusting into her, then anal in same position. She kneels down and he comes in her mouth. She sucks his head a little afterward.

SCENE 4: Cassidey and Mikayla are still sunbathing and Cassidey says the pool needs to be cleaned. Music plays and out walks Scott and Jerry, wearing shorts, shoes, and sunglasses. This was supposed to be a funny scene. When the camera goes to the guys, their sunglasses sparkle and there's a ding! sound. They walk over to the girls, lay in the chairs while the girls blow them. Cassidey blows Scott and lucky Mikayla gets Jerry. Cassidey takes her bikini bottoms off and they 69. Mikayla takes hers off, turn around in the chair on all fours while Jerry eats her from behind. He tells her to turn around so she lays back and he continues to feast.

Jerry and Mikayla walk off together so this becomes a Cassidey/Scott scene. She rides Scott and gets off briefly so we can see her come (squirt), then gets back on. She raises off him so we can see her squirt again. She leans forward on the other lounge chair and Scott fucks her from behind. She squirts twice more. Reverse cowgirl and she squirts again. She's on her back, and right as Scott is pulling out to come on her, she squirts and it ricochets off his dick and sprays up onto her chest.

SCENE 5: The moment I've been waiting for. Jerry. Jerry and Mikayla go inside the house. She sits on the back of the sofa and Jerry, who's kneeling on the floor, leans forward and eats her. He lays on sofa and they 69. He sits up and she blows him. Off camera, someone hands him a condom and he puts it on, most likely at Mikayla's insistence. She gets on top and rides him a while, then gets on her back, him kneeling between her legs. She kneels and leans against the back of the sofa and he eats her ass from behind, then fucks her vaginally in that position. He leans forward, kisses her face then they kiss. Spoon position on their right sides, him reaching around to rub her clit a few times. Reverse cowgirl. She lays back against him but is leaning more against the back of the sofa when he pulls the condom off and comes on her stomach.


Behind the scenes- Nineteen minutes, most of which is showing Cassidey posing for photos between scenes. They show her after her last scene with Scott. A piece of his come is on her left arm and she's 'scared' to taste it and says she's 25 and has only swallowed once. She's trying to work up the nerve to taste it with the tip of her tongue and finally does. Scott says he doesn't know how come got on his flip flop and they put on the screen, 'We do!' and they show in slow motion how it got there- Cassidey wiped the piece of come off her arm, the one she was scared to taste, and flung it down beside her...and it landed on his shoe.

In Cassidey's scene with Scott, when she was blowing him, her hair was down then it was pulled back, though they didn't show her pull it back. In the behind the scenes stuff, they showed her pull it back into a ponytail. Scott was laying there on the chair and while she was pulling her hair back, she said, 'I'm gonna fuck this boy up' then pretended that she was boxing.

They didn't bother to show Jerry but they did show his father after his last scene, the one on the couch outside. Jay was sitting there, Holly was a few feet away, and someone was mocking his accent, pretending they were him talking about running for governor of California. He laughed and said he loved California. Before that, someone was pretending to be him talking about being proud of his son. He laughed at that too. Wouldn't you have thought they'd have asked him something about filming a porn that his son was in too? Or asked Cassidey about being able to squirt?

Vivid Girl Extras- Five full-length sex scenes, the first two of which star Jerry. Oh, be still my heart. Man, he is all kinds of handsome. I think he's got the most attractive face I've ever seen. Don't even get me started on the cleft in his chin.

$2 Bill- 12 min. Jerry and Lanny Barbie. They're on a huge purple couch, possibly at some resturant/club. He leans back, she blows him, he fingers her while licking her clit. She's on top, riding him, doggie style, on her back then he comes in her face. Screenshots, scene 5.

Industry- 14.5 min. Jerry and Mercedez. Jerry's sitting down. She blows him, he titty fucks her, she lays back and he eats her pussy and ass. She blows him, reverse cowgirl, doggie style, titty fucks her until he comes on her face. Screenshots, scene 5.

Rawhide- 18.5 min. Eric Masterson and Stefani Morgan. Sex in a barn.

Stunner- 14 min. Briana Banks and Marco Banderas. Sex in a bathroom

Where the Boys Aren't 17- 13 min. Jenna Jameson and Savanna Samson. Sex in the bathroom on a plane.

Previews- About six minutes worth of previews of the films It's Not You, Served ( I have that one), Tarot, Where The Boys Aren't 17.

MY THOUGHTS: This was good. My two favorite scenes were two and five. Here and there throughout the film, Cassidey would look into the camera and say something. I've seen this done in mainstream films but can't think of any examples offhand. It's funny and I like that kind of humor.

During the last scene at the pool, right after she mentioned the pool needed to be cleaned and Jerry and Scott showed up, they walked over to the girls. She looked into the camera and said something like, 'I get it. This shit's supposed to be funny'.

The girls are all brunette! Imagine that. Two of the four had implants. How's this for a coincidence- after looking over Jerry's film list I discovered that I have ten or eleven of his and two of those also include his father! I also already have five of his father's.

Sunburn is one word but the title is spelled as two words and that bugs me. It's spelled as one word during the credits though.

On the back cover, Jerry's on the right, third photo down, eating Mikayla, and see screenshots of them here during scene 5. Here's a photo gallery of screenshots featuring him from all his films.

INTERESTING TIDBIT: Jerry (pictured below) and his father have a scene together in the porn Milf and Honey 2. Watch it here. They did a double penetration scene in Ass Tripping. You can watch it here.