THE DEADLIEST SIN by Caroline Richards

SETTING: England, 1800s
HEROINE: Julia Woolcott
HERO: Alexander Strathmore

FROM PUBLISHER: They had haunted Julia Woolcott all her life, but the strangest of all began with an invitation to a scandalous house party and a game more dangerously arousing than any she'd ever imagined.

Driven by his ruthless ambition, Alexander Strathmore would do anything to come face to face with the mystery man who'd challenged him to first debauch Julia, then destroy her.

A wild shot...a frantic carriage ride through the night...a forbidden seduction. Rakehell adventurer and sheltered spinster, Alexander and Julia will break every rule of propriety to chase down their nemesis and consummate their unlikely passion.

MY THOUGHTS: I was a bit confused when I started reading this and stayed a bit confused throughout. It seemed like part of the beginning was missing, like a chunk was accidentally left out when it came time to publish it. I didn't learn anything about the hero and heroine's past, which is always disappointing. I found both characters to be likeable even though the hero was originally supposed to do something terrible to the heroine. There was chemistry between them but I never wanted them to become a couple, for some reason. This being what I consider to be a non romance, more like romantic suspense, I was OK with a hero like that. I don't need a sweet beta hero at all, nor do I want one. I also don't understand the relationship between Julia's aunt Meredith and Faron. I could have and would have enjoyed the mysterious plot more if I'd understood it better. I as just left awfully confused by the whole thing.

I received this book from the author in exchange for an honest review.

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