SEA OF DESIRE by Christine Dorsey

PUB. INFO: Zebra, 4/1993
GENRE: Historical Romance
SETTING: England & US, 1777
SERIES? Book 2


The daughter of a debt-ridden English gambler, Lady Merideth Banistar was shocked to discover her father had been selling information to the American revolutionaries. But now he was dead, and his murderer--the notorious colonial privateer Jared Blackstone--dared to accuse her of harboring treasonous secrets! Worse, the seductive scoundrel had managed to escape his prison cell and spirit her aboard his France-bound ship--there to awaken her passion with his smoldering sea-green eyes...and caress her until she cried out for more of his arousing, consuming touch!


Hailing from a long line of lusty, seafaring men, Captain Jared Blackstone had spent most of his life roaming the storm-tossed waters of the world's vast oceans. But now a false murder charge hung over him--and only one woman could help the rugged patriot clear his name. With kisses of pure molten fire, he'd coax the name of the American traitor from her honeyed lips And, as his ship pitched and rolled beneath them, he'd freely roam Lady Merry's lush, captivating curves until she surrendered--over and over again--to the raging passion that ruled them both body and soul!

MY THOUGHTS: In a nutshell, the story is all about the hero, Jared, trying to find out who killed her father, Alfred, and who was after Meredith. That was the only interesting part and it's what kept me reading this. The murderer wasn't a surprise at all, as I'd suspected them since soon after they were introduced.

I've been on a bad reading streak lately. Most that I've read weren't very good. This one falls into that category. Boring best describes it. Both hero and heroine were alright characters. I don't believe their ages were given, which annoys me. They began a sexual relationship with each other even though they were suspicious of one another for most of the book. What doesn't make sense is Meredith having sex with Jared when she thinks he's responsible for her father's murder.