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Studio: Vivid, 2006
Rating: XXX
My Grade: C

From DVD: Paint the town yellow. Anything can happen when the meters off... Doug is a man with a problem. He can't sleep. His job sucks. And his wife is sleeping around. Then suddenly things start to look up... in the form of Samantha, a beautiful naked girl who jumps into his cab late one night. After an incredible tour through the erotic underbelly of the city, with hookers, strippers, mobsters and drunks, Doug realizes that in Samantha's world a problem isn't a problem unless you see it as one. And life is what happens when you shut the meter off. Condoms used throughout.

SCENE 1: Chris is sitting on the sofa and Barbara, who's got breast implants and bald labia, is dancing in front of him wearing lingerie. She straddles him then leans back onto the floor, almost doing a flip. Her ass is up in the air. Chris pulls aside the crotch of her thong and licks her asshole. Tommy, her husband, walks in behind them and sees them, then leaves. She blows Chris while he's still sitting down. Reverse cowgirl anal on sofa. He pulls out and rubs her clit then puts it back in her ass and continues to rub her clit. Doggie position anal, vaginal spoon on sofa. I'm not sure if it was a new condom or not since they didn't show him pull out of her ass and put it in her pussy. He pulls out, eats her and fingers her with two right fingers then continues to fuck her. Doggie position vaginal until he pulls out and comes on her left ass cheek.

SCENE 2: Tommy's walking down the street in his suit and hails a cab. Before he can close the door Monique, wearing red lingerie, comes running out of a place called Midnight and jumps in the cab. They go to a strip club and Tommy sits down while Monique goes in the dressing room where a coworker, Emilianna, is. Emilianna has huge natural breasts, which she thanks her Italian mother for in the bonus material. They have sex and use dildos on each other. Monique is the one on the DVD cover.

SCENE 3: Tommy and Monique leave that club and go to another one. Jerry is naked and he and Eva are kissing while standing up. She's wearing a bra and short skirt. Tommy's standing nearby, watching them. Eva blows him. He eats her as she's standing. She gets on her back on a bed or something and he stands between her legs and fucks her while holding up her right leg. She rubs her clit a bit. He kneels between her legs and continues to fuck her. She gets on top. Doggie, spoon until he comes on her face. For more on Jerry, see the end of my post for Sun Burn.

SCENE 4: Tommy and Monique go to some dungeon-type place. Lexi is a dominatrix. She's in a threesome with Jack and Roxxxy. I wasn't the least bit interested in this scene.

SCENE 5: Monique and Tommy are in a bed, naked. He eats her, they 69, he fucks her on her back, spoon, doggie until he comes on her ass.


Behind the scenes which is quick interviews with Monique, Emilianna, Roxxxy.

Five bonus scenes from the films Savanna's Love Letters (Savanna Sampson/Marcos Banderas), Bellisima (Mercedez/Randy Spears), Deep Inside Malezia (Melezia/Chris Cannon), Deviant (Taylor Hayes/Tony Tedeschi), The Look (Marc Wallice/Tia Bella). All scenes are very short except for Savanna's Love Letters, which is 15 minutes long.

Vivid previews for Industry, Out of Place, Rawhide, Time for Briana.

MY THOUGHTS: This dvd was average but aren't they all? It's called After Midnight because all but one scene takes place after Monique leaves the club called Midnight. It's not that good and I'm only keeping it because Jerry's in it. I only liked scenes 1, 3, 5. Scene 4 was terrible. Three of the women have breast implants and a few years after this Monique got them too, unfortunately. She's a cute girl with nice small B cup breast pre-implants. Here's some nude photos of her. Same review here.

This came from my personal collection.

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