A DANGEROUS MAN by Rosemary Rogers

PUB. INFO: Avon, 11/1996
GENRE: Historial Romance
SETTING: California, 1848

From Publisher: Victoria Ryan tasted sweet freedom -- and love -- in Boston, far from the cast-iron code of behavior that shackles women in Alta, California. Now she has come home to find nothing has changed -- that she is to be married against her wishes by her father's decree. And she will share a hidden fortune with anyone who helps her escape.

Rugged and rough, Nick Kincade carefully guards his secrets as he lives by his own law. Yet the cold-as-steel ex-Texas Ranger is willing to escort the bewitching, headstrong lady back East. For the past has already linked Victoria's destiny with his. And anything can happen on the hard, twisting trail -- especially for two strong courageous hearts who are irresistibly drawn to adventure ... and to the searing, white-hot flame of perilous desire.

MY THOUGHTS: I was so uninterested in this story. Though it was released in 1996 it does read like one written at least ten years earlier and I mean that as a compliment. The story was even divided into five parts which was a common thing back then the 70s and 80s). I think the story spans about a year and most of the story takes place in California. At the beginning the story takes place in Boston, Massachusetts and Mexico. The majority of the story is Nick trying to hunt down the two men who raped and murdered Gisela Perez, a woman he had a sexual relationship with when he was in Mexico. I didn't care for any part of the story. Too much stuff was going on; Nick trying to find the murderers, her father, then uncle, wanting/forcing her to marry a man named Rafael, the government trying to find where her father hid money he'd earned by selling guns to 'foreign powers' and so on.

Tory was engaged to Peter Gideon in Boston, months before meeting Nick. We never met Peter. She's from California but has been living with her aunt and uncle in Boston for years. I feel a bit bad for her because when she wouldn't marry Rafael she felt she had to flee...and it was downhill for her from there. She and her maid were being chased by her brother and uncle Sebastian and then she met up with Nick, who helped her get away from them.

There's one part near the end where Tory is kidnapped and almost raped by two men. What annoys me about that is if they'd wanted to rape her they'd have done it when she was first kidnapped. Nick came along and saved the day.

Tory confesses her love for Nick at the end but I'm not buying it. They weren't together much throughout the entire novel and she couldn't stand him and all of a sudden she's in love? This is certainly no love match. They get married in the epilogue but I just don't see why they're married. They only spent a lot of time together while he was helping her escape. Their relationship is severely underdeveloped. I don't see Nick as a 'dangerous man' as the title says.

This was a huge disappointment and I can't recommend it to anyone. This isn't part of a series and the author has no website.

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Screenshots: link
Back cover: link
Studio: Vivid, 2006
Rating: XXX
My Grade: C

From DVD: Paint the town yellow. Anything can happen when the meters off... Doug is a man with a problem. He can't sleep. His job sucks. And his wife is sleeping around. Then suddenly things start to look up... in the form of Samantha, a beautiful naked girl who jumps into his cab late one night. After an incredible tour through the erotic underbelly of the city, with hookers, strippers, mobsters and drunks, Doug realizes that in Samantha's world a problem isn't a problem unless you see it as one. And life is what happens when you shut the meter off. Condoms used throughout.

SCENE 1: Chris is sitting on the sofa and Barbara, who's got breast implants and bald labia, is dancing in front of him wearing lingerie. She straddles him then leans back onto the floor, almost doing a flip. Her ass is up in the air. Chris pulls aside the crotch of her thong and licks her asshole. Tommy, her husband, walks in behind them and sees them, then leaves. She blows Chris while he's still sitting down. Reverse cowgirl anal on sofa. He pulls out and rubs her clit then puts it back in her ass and continues to rub her clit. Doggie position anal, vaginal spoon on sofa. I'm not sure if it was a new condom or not since they didn't show him pull out of her ass and put it in her pussy. He pulls out, eats her and fingers her with two right fingers then continues to fuck her. Doggie position vaginal until he pulls out and comes on her left ass cheek.

SCENE 2: Tommy's walking down the street in his suit and hails a cab. Before he can close the door Monique, wearing red lingerie, comes running out of a place called Midnight and jumps in the cab. They go to a strip club and Tommy sits down while Monique goes in the dressing room where a coworker, Emilianna, is. Emilianna has huge natural breasts, which she thanks her Italian mother for in the bonus material. They have sex and use dildos on each other. Monique is the one on the DVD cover.

SCENE 3: Tommy and Monique leave that club and go to another one. Jerry is naked and he and Eva are kissing while standing up. She's wearing a bra and short skirt. Tommy's standing nearby, watching them. Eva blows him. He eats her as she's standing. She gets on her back on a bed or something and he stands between her legs and fucks her while holding up her right leg. She rubs her clit a bit. He kneels between her legs and continues to fuck her. She gets on top. Doggie, spoon until he comes on her face. For more on Jerry, see the end of my post for Sun Burn.

SCENE 4: Tommy and Monique go to some dungeon-type place. Lexi is a dominatrix. She's in a threesome with Jack and Roxxxy. I wasn't the least bit interested in this scene.

SCENE 5: Monique and Tommy are in a bed, naked. He eats her, they 69, he fucks her on her back, spoon, doggie until he comes on her ass.


Behind the scenes which is quick interviews with Monique, Emilianna, Roxxxy.

Five bonus scenes from the films Savanna's Love Letters (Savanna Sampson/Marcos Banderas), Bellisima (Mercedez/Randy Spears), Deep Inside Malezia (Melezia/Chris Cannon), Deviant (Taylor Hayes/Tony Tedeschi), The Look (Marc Wallice/Tia Bella). All scenes are very short except for Savanna's Love Letters, which is 15 minutes long.

Vivid previews for Industry, Out of Place, Rawhide, Time for Briana.

MY THOUGHTS: This dvd was average but aren't they all? It's called After Midnight because all but one scene takes place after Monique leaves the club called Midnight. It's not that good and I'm only keeping it because Jerry's in it. I only liked scenes 1, 3, 5. Scene 4 was terrible. Three of the women have breast implants and a few years after this Monique got them too, unfortunately. She's a cute girl with nice small B cup breast pre-implants. Here's some nude photos of her. Same review here.

This came from my personal collection.


PUBLISHER: Kensington, 6/2013
GENRE: Historical Mystery
SETTING: England, early 1800s

FROM PUBLISHER: Since the age of sixteen, Arabella Beaumont has been happily employed as a highly paid woman of pleasure. True, respectable ladies of the ton would never deign to call at Lustings, her delightful home. Then again, Arabella has no desire to make dreary small talk and sip tea when she could be enjoying the company of amusing, intelligent, and extremely generous gentlemen.

But while Arabella’s admirers are legion, she also has enemies. A paper knife stolen during one of her salons was discovered near the body of a former rival. Arabella was entertaining her wealthy benefactor on the night of the murder, but the engaged duke can’t provide the alibi she desperately needs. It falls to Arabella and her resourceful sister, Belinda, to clear her good—or at least innocent—name. Utilizing all the talents in her arsenal, the irrepressible Miss Beaumont will endeavor to catch the real culprit, before the hangman catches up to her…

MY THOUGHTS: Arabella is in her mid-twenties. We got no backstory on her at all which is a big mistake for an author to omit that information. I learned nothing about how she came to be a courtesan. Why someone set her up to be accused of murder is a mystery too. The story was silly and dull, PG-13 rated and just too plain and simple. I felt Arabella didn't take the murder accusation too seriously. Yes, she, with the help of a few people, tried to solve the mystery on her own and did solve it. That part was just not believable. How the real murderer came to be arrested was not believable either.

This seems like a short story that was written by a thirteen year old and I can't recommend it to anyone.

I received this from the publisher in exchange for an honest review.


Studio: Digital Sin
Release: 1/2006
Length: 2 hr. 23 min
Info: link
My Grade: A

From DVD: Get ready and hold on tight, because we're not in Kansas anymore. Highly acclaimed director, Tyrone Shuz, takes you to a world where the tits are plentiful and the ass is bounce-able. Come watch Riley Mason and Mark Ashley form the beast with two backs. And check out Erik Everhard put in some overtime as he cocks it up with young and horny babes Tia Tanaka and Sunny Lane. Katja Kassin and Sara Stone also get some loving as their tacos get stuffed by some massive meat. So close your eyes and click your heels, because there's no place like erotica.


SCENE 1: Sunny is wearing a black dress and black underwear. She's sitting on the back of the sofa, dress pushed up around her waist and Erik's eating her pussy. She's got bald labia. After a while, he fingers her then they kiss. He stands up and continues to rub her clit. He takes his pants off and she leans forward and blows him. She gets off the sofa, leans over the arm, right leg up, and he fucks her from behind for a while. She blows him. She lays on the sofa, legs back, he kneels in front of her and fucks her. He pushes her legs way back, squats over her and fucks her. Next, she lays on her back, he squats above her face and she blows him. He lays on his back and she gets on top. That goes on for several minutes. She lays on her right side and he kneels behind her and fucks her, then spoon position. He rubs her clit until she has an orgasm (I think). Reverse cowgirl on bed. He rubs her clit and she seems to come again. She's on her back and slides off onto the floor, doggie position next. She blows him. She's back on her back on the sofa, him kneeling between her legs, fucking her. He leans over her, comes in her mouth then rubs her clit a little.

SCENE 2: Sara is sitting down rubbing her huge natural breasts. She pulls the crotch of her black underwear aside and rubs her clit. Her labia is bald. Mr. Pete, or Pete for short, walks over to her, naked, and she blows him. He's uncircumcised. He fingers her hard and fast with his left middle finger. Doggie position on floor. She blows him. She sits on the edge of an ottoman and he fingers her while she rubs her clit. She kneels on the ottoman, leans forward with hands on the floor, and he fucks her from behind. He has her finger her ass four or five times and sucks her fingers each time. He lays on the floor, she's on top for a while, then reverse cowgirl. Spoon position on floor for a long time. She gets up, leans on the bed and he eats her from behind. She lays back on bed, he fucks her while standing up, holding her right leg back. She kneels down, leans against the bed and he titty fucks her using her own saliva. She lays back on bed and he continues to fuck her as before. He comes in her mouth and she lets it drip out.

SCENE 3: Tia is a cute petite eighteen year old Asian girl with tiny breast and is completely bald down below. She's wearing ugly pink and white lingerie. She lays back on the bed, pulls the crotch of her underwear aside and rubs herself. Erik, from scene one, comes over to her, lays between her legs and eats her then rubs her clit as they kiss. She blows him. She lays back, he pushes her legs way back and eats her, then fucks her, spoon position on their right sides. It took a minute or two for his dick to go in all the way. It would only go in about three inches and she looked like it hurt but eventually it went in most of the way. Reverse cowgirl next, him rubbing her clit some. Spoon again, then she blows him, doggie position and spoon once again with him rubbing her clit. He kneels on the bed, holding her on top of him. Cowgirl position, him fingering her ass, then on her back. He comes in her mouth and she lets it drip out.

SCENE 4: Riley (website) is a cute nineteen year old with really nice natural B cup breasts. She's the one on the DVD cover. She's completely bald below. She's sitting on the floor wearing a short dark blue and white plaid skirt, white knee socks and a tie that matches her skirt. Her white shirt is unbuttoned. Her legs are spread and she moves the crotch of her underwear aside and rubs herself. She gets on her knees, leans forward on the sofa, back to the camera, skirt up exposing her ass, reaches between her legs and rubs her clit. Mark walks over to her and she turns around and blows him. His dick is really thick with a slight upward curve. She lays on the sofa, head against the arm and he eats her. She lays back against the back of the sofa and Mark fucks her while standing, holding her right leg up. He stops, eats her, then puts his right foot up on the sofa, pushes her legs all the way back and fucks her. Doggie position for a while, she blows him, cowgirl, reverse cowgirl until he comes in her mouth and on her face.

SCENE 5: Katja is naked, sitting in a leopard print chair, legs spread, rubbing her clit. Her labia is bald. She has nice, firm natural B cup breasts that were later upgraded to a D cup. She stands up and puts on black mesh stockings. She leans against the wall, sticking her ass out and Chris walks over to her and smacks her ass. He fingers her asshole. He kneels down, licks her asshole and fingers it with two fingers. She blows him. Cowgirl position on floor for a while, spoon on the floor on their left sides, then anal in same position, then anal reverse cowgirl, her rubbing her clit a lot. Anal standing doggie, anal with her laid back on a stool, him standing. He pulls out and she puts her four fingers in her ass while he fucks her pussy...after he just pulled out of her ass. He comes in her mouth and she swallows it.


Behind the scenes- Thirty-three minutes of the cameraman interviewing all five girls separately.

Sunny- She said she's a 36 C, can squirt sometimes, hasn't done anal on camera yet (as of late 2005).

Tia- She's eighteen, lives in L.A., has been doing porn only 1 1/2 months, a friend talked her into doing it and friend said the money was good, before porn had 'only' been with four or five guys, first had sex when she was fourteen or fifteen, had first orgasm with third boyfriend, has been masturbating since she was a preteen and prefers to give oral than receive it...and likes to swallow.

Katja- said when she came here from Germany she was really insecure and was scared no one in the porn business would like her because she's not the Pamela Anderson type. Really likes anal sex and does it in her personal life and has since before doing porn.

Riley- said she was nineteen, said when asked that she last had a full 'bush' when she was fifteen and doesn't like pubic hair. Has been masturbating since she was eight, only likes anal sex sometimes and like to pee on people.

Sara- Said she's a 32 DD, has been in the business only seven months, the easiest way for her to orgasm is when she's on top of a guy and grinds her clit down on him. Can have an orgasm through anal sex but can barely tolerate anal and prefers anal with a smaller penis.

BONUS SCENE- Twenty-six minute bonus sex scene from a foreign porn.

MY THOUGHTS: It's been a while since I've seen a porn that I actually liked. This one was pretty good and I liked every scene. There was no dialogue. The girls were cute but every guy was unattractive and two were homely (Chris and Mark) and I now know why their faces were barely shown. Erik clearly loves to give oral sex and I liked watching his scenes. Coincidentally his two were my favorite.

This came from my personal collection.