Screenshots: link
Studio: Wicked Pictures
Release: 2005
Length: 2 1/2 hrs.
Rating: XXX
My Grade: B

From DVD: This is an erotic comedy revolving around a sexy executive vying for a big promotion.
Aimee (Stormy) is a beautiful secretary who's looking to get ahead at her job, where she is the only female. Once she hears about an upcoming promotion within the company, Aimee becomes determined to prove to her boss that she is the right person for the job. But will her boss take her seriously? Aimee decides to throw a dinner party with her boss as the guest of honor in hopes of impressing him enough so that he gives her the promotion. What Aimee soon discovers though is that climbing your way to the top is not as easy as it seems, but in the end the payoff is worth the effort.

SCENE 1: Rita is in an art studio painting. Rita is petite with large natural breasts and a little strip of pubes. Kelli is an art dealer. Kelli has small natural breasts, no pubes and longer inner labia. She's smoking and walks over to Rita and watches her. Rita pulls her shirt down and starts to paint her breasts. Kelli helps her. Rita strips down, kneels down and eats Kelli's pussy. Rita kneels in a chair, facing the back, and Kelli eats her from behind. Rita straddles her face on the floor.

SCENE 2: Steven is sitting on a sofa in his office. Stormy, fully clothed, straddles him. She's on the DVD cover. She's got awful huge breast implants. They take each other's clothes off. She lays back and he eats her. He sucks her toes (gag!). He sits on the sofa arm and she blows him. Doggie position on sofa. Reverse cowgirl next. Her clit looked really swollen. She got off and blew him through the condom (and gagged a few times) then got back on. She leans back against him and he rubs her clit. She's laying on the back of the sofa and he's standing up, fucking her. He comes on her stomach then leans over and kisses her.

SCENE 3: Evan is sitting on a huge love seat. Stormy comes over to him wearing a bra and hose. She sits down, he gets up and stands behind her and rubs her breasts and between her legs. He goes over to her right side, leans over the arm and they both lick her right nipple. Her right leg is up over the arm and Evan is rubbing her pussy. She lays back and he gets between her legs and eats her. He rubs her clit with his right thumb while rubbing her opening with two of his left fingers, then fingers her with his left middle finger. While he's fingering her, she rubs her clit really fast, then Evan takes over and eats her again and fingers her with two fingers.

Evan lays back on the love seat while they kiss, him still fingering her. She blows him. He gets up, she lays back, he straddles her face and she blows him. I hate that position. She lays sideways, right leg up over his left shoulder, and he fucks her. Cowgirl position, then she kneels down and he comes on her breasts. He rubs his dickhead in the come and she sucks him some more.

SCENE 4: Stormy and Nicole are at their place when Voodoo (Nicole's real-life husband) rings the doorbell. He's her boyfriend and has come to visit. They go into the bathroom to have sex. They kiss and get naked. She kneels and blows him then he titty fucks her (hate that). She lays on her side on the edge of the tub. He eats her for a few seconds then fucks her. Doggie position, then reverse cowgirl on the rug.

SCENE 5: Stormy's having a dinner party. Her boss Randy is there. He goes into her bedroom with the two girls, Rita and Kelli, from scene 1. They take turns blowing him. Rita straddles his chest and he fingers her while Kelli blows him. One of the girls straddles his face and he eats her while the other girl blows him. Kelli fucks him, cowgirl style, wile Rita is standing above him, leaning against the headboard, masturbating. Rita gets on him, reverse cowgirl, and rubs her clit most of the time. Randy fucks Kelli on her back, him standing up by the side of the bed. He fucks Rita doggie style on the bed while Kelli masturbates on the bed. He comes on their faces.

SCENE 6: Eric's sitting on his bed. He's one of Stormy's coworkers and Alexis is her friend. Alexis
and Eric just met at Stormy's party. Alexis blows him. She's got really small breasts and no pubes. He eats and fingers her then she blows him some more. She lays back, he eats her and fingers her with two fingers while she rubs her clit. Reverse cowgirl, her rubbing her clit a lot. She blows him, then gets back on. Doggie on bed, spoon on their right sides. He comes in her mouth.


A bonus sex scene with Stormy and Cheyene Collins from Secrets of the Velvet Ring.

Thrity minutes of 'the making of'.

Eleven minutes of bloopers.

MY THOUGHTS: This was alright, nothing special. Condoms were used throughout. The lesbian scene was my least favorite. Second least favorite is with Voodoo and Nicole. I hate bathroom sex scenes. I could watch him all day though.

I like watching Randy but too much was going on in his scene. Three's a crowd. Both Rita and Kelli are really cute but this scene was a little hard to enjoy. Too much switching around. I like watching Evan too but his long hair annoys me. Like with a girl's long hair, his gets in the way sometimes. I'm not sure how I feel about him having no leg hair. His scene with Stormy was good. Pretty long too. I too like watching Steven but I didn't really care for his scene. Not sure why.

This came from my personal collection.

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