RELEASED: 1996 (filmed 10/95)

From DVD: Imagine: You've died and gone to heaven and there are all these gorgeous babes in tiny cut-offs and wet halter-tops washing cars and getting it on with the lucky patrons. Now, imagine CAR WASH ANGLES, because Jim Holliday has gone through hell-and-high-water to bring you the aforementioned sex-spectacle-without the hassle of dying! Hot wax and Hand-buffed take on new meaning as a cast of 18 carwash-crazed-cuties soap-up and get-down with a bevy of lucky customers. Shot on location at a real car wash, this is one time you won't have to worry about taking a rain check. Ever.

SCENE 1: Emily is on her knees blowing both Peter and Jake. She gets on her back and Jake is fucking her while she blows Peter. Doggie style anal from behind on bed with Jake. Peter slides under her and fucks her vaginally at the same time. The guys switch positions. They come on her face at the same time.

SCENE 2: Jordan and TT are in a convertible. She blows him, he fucks her from behind anally, then comes on her ass.

SCENE 3: Micki is being eaten out on sofa by Bobby. In the same house at the same time Juli is blowing Jake on the bed then gets on top. Micki sits back on the sofa and Bobby fucks her while he's standing up. Juli's on her back on the bed and Jake fucks her. She fingers her asshole with two fingers. Both couples are together now. Juli's on top of Bobby, blowing Jake too. Micki puts a black dildo in Juli's ass. Bobby pulls out and Micki jerks him off until he comes on Juli's face. Jake comes on Juli's face.

SCENE 4: Shayla masturbates on a bed and Kylie and Juli walk in, get on the bed and they all kiss and eat each other. Boring!

SCENE 5: This scene is a not so hot mess. In a room with lots of twin beds, there are many girls and just one guy, TT Boy. Everyone has sex with each other.

SCENE 6: Missy blows Jake outside.

SCENE 7: TT eats Jill in a convertible. She blows him. She gets on top then on her back.

SCENE 8: All the 'car wash angels' are outside in bikini's. They're told to take their bikini bottoms off. Joey and another woman eat all the girls from behind.

SCENE 9: All the girls go at it again with dildos.

SCENE 10: Kylie and Sydney are on a bed having sex. Joey's in a chair, jerking off, while watching them. He joins in and comes on Sydney's ass, then immediately fucks Kylie. He fingers Sydney's asshole. They blow him until he comes.

SCENE 11: There's a threesome on a desk with Careena, TT and Tom Byron. She squirts a few times. Anal sex with Tom Byron, who's wearing a condom. Tom is sitting down, she's in reverse cowgirl anal. TT comes over to take Tom's place. I can't remember if TT's wearing a condom. During anal, BLOOD is coming out of her ass! It's mixed in with the lube. TT just wipes it off with a shirt or something then fucks her vaginally. He comes on her face. Tom comes back over and fucks her anally, wearing a condom, then comes on her face.

SCENE 12: Lesbian foursome in a truck bed that's got a mattress in it.

SCENE 13: Shayla's sitting in a chair being eating by TT. She blows him, he fucks her on her back on sofa, then from behind while standing, then on her back again. He picks her up and fucks her, then anal from behind. He's wearing a condom for the anal. He comes on her face.


Previews of three Jim Holliday porn dvds.

MY THOUGHTS: This was awful. Severely outdated hairstyles and clothes (bleached denim jeans!), especially the bikini's. There wasn't one scene that I liked. Way too many girls in some of the scenes. That makes it unenjoyable to watch because I just can't keep up with all that's going on. With scenes like scene 5, so much is going on and hardly any time is spent on each 'couple'.

There's a sequal to this. I have it but dread watching it.

This came from by personal collection. Same review posted here.

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