Screenshots: link
Studio: Wicked Pictures
Released: 2002
Length: 95 min.
Rating: XXX
My Grade: C

FROM DVD: Meet Reggie (Devinn Lane), a timid, yet stunningly beautiful concierge stuck working alone on New Years Eve. How much mischief can one hotel clerk get into? Plenty. This hotel definitely has a lot more going on inside than meets the eye. Foursomes, Girl on Girl, Boy on Girl you name it, you'll find it in every room in this hotel. Join Reggie as she brings in the New Year, in a way that people only dream of with sex, sex and more sex! 5 Rooms check in and get off.


SCENE 1: BACHELORETTE PARTY- Devinn (on the cover) is working at the front desk of a hotel. Three girls, Breena, Sandy, Sabrina, are in one of the rooms, kissing, when Devinn goes into it to bring them something they'd ordered. Breena offers her money to strip for them, so she does. All four get on the bed and have sex. There's at least one strap-on dildo involved.

SCENE 2: SECOND HONEYMOON- Randy and Dee are sitting on the bed in another of the rooms, kissing. He licks her nipples, takes her clothes off and she blows him. She lays back and he eats her pussy. He lays on his back, she blows him, then gets on top and rides him. She gets on her back, him in front kneeling between her legs, fucking her. He comes on her face.

SCENE 3: THE EXPERIMENTORS- Kelsey, who had black hair in this, and Kristal are sitting on the bed, talking about I don't remember what. Lee and Steven come in the room. Lee sits on the sofa and Kelsey blows him. Kristal is sitting beside him, Steven between her legs eating her pussy. Kelsey lays on the bed and Lee eats then fucks her. Steven is sitting on the sofa and Kristal is blowing him, then she gets on top and rides him for a while. Steven goes over to Kelsey and fucks her. Lee sits back on the sofa and Kristal fucks him in reverse cowgirl. Steven comes on Kelsey's face then Lee comes on Kristal's mouth.

SCENE 4: THE YOUNG LOVERS- Gauge and Joel are supposed to have been dating a year and are virgins. He lays back on the bed, Gauge blows him then gets fucked on her back, then spoon position, then reverse cowgirl, doggie, until he comes on her face.

SCENE 5: NEARING MIDNIGHT- It's almost midnight. Devinn eats a drunk girl out on the bed and fingers the hell out of her with two fingers. Devinn's on all fours getting fingered from behind. She squirts, then they 69.


-Almost twenty minutes of behind-the-scenes during filming of the dvd, photo shoot with Devinn, photo shoot before filming each of the other women.

-Trailers for the dvds Heart & Soul, Covergirls, Knockout, Sweet Dreams.

MY THOUGHTS: This was bad. It was supposed to be funny with Devinn not speaking at all during it, just using facial expressions to get her feelings across. That part I liked. It took almost fifteen minutes for the first sex scene to begin. That I didn't like.

My favorite scene was the second one, with Randy and Dee. It didn't seem porn-like, meaning it wasn't fast and frantic like most. Dee had natural breasts too. Half the girls had fake ones. In the bonus material Randy apologized to Dee for getting come in her eye.

My second favorite was scene four, with Gauge (stupid name) and Joel but the scene was too short.

This was the first time I'd ever seen Devinn and unfortunately for me her two scenes weren't with men. I think she only does lesbian or masturbation scenes. She's got large natural breasts and she said in the bonus stuff that she was 125 pounds.

Lesbian scenes bore me and this had two of them. I wish I had known that before buying this. It also looked really low budget. I wouldn't recommend this to anyone.

This came from my personal collection. Same review posted here.

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