PUB. INFO: Brava, 6/2012
GENRE: Historical Romance
SETTING: England, 1546

From Publisher: A Dangerous Game

As Lady Justina Wincott's brutal guardian, Viscount Biddeford promises any disobedience from her will cost her son dearly. A pawn in his games of court treachery, the beautiful widow is forced to tempt secrets from his enemies and seduce allegiance from his friends. Yet even Biddeford's wrath won't make Justina sully the only man of honor she's ever known…

Sir Synclair has earned his honor in blood and muck. War taught him the way to victory is rarely clean--but the passion Justina sparks in him is not to be ignored. Never mind the predators who crave her beauty, or Biddeford's ruthless wiles; he will have her as his wife. And yet if he is to wed Justina, his fiercest battle may be with the lady herself…

MY THOUGHTS: What a disappointment. Neither main character was very interesting to me nor was the thin plot, which was too tame and boring. Justina is under the thumb of a terrible man, Biddeford. He's the most interesting character in the book. Predictably, bad things come his way.

Synclair is very alpha and I never understood his obsession with wanting to marry Justina. The sex scenes were very explicit and I enjoyed them. Sadly, the sex was the best part of the whole story.

This was my first Mary Wine book and I think it'll be my last.

I received this from the publisher in exchange for an honest review.


Screenshots: link
Studio: Wicked Pictures
Released: 2002
Length: 95 min.
Rating: XXX
My Grade: C

FROM DVD: Meet Reggie (Devinn Lane), a timid, yet stunningly beautiful concierge stuck working alone on New Years Eve. How much mischief can one hotel clerk get into? Plenty. This hotel definitely has a lot more going on inside than meets the eye. Foursomes, Girl on Girl, Boy on Girl you name it, you'll find it in every room in this hotel. Join Reggie as she brings in the New Year, in a way that people only dream of with sex, sex and more sex! 5 Rooms check in and get off.


SCENE 1: BACHELORETTE PARTY- Devinn (on the cover) is working at the front desk of a hotel. Three girls, Breena, Sandy, Sabrina, are in one of the rooms, kissing, when Devinn goes into it to bring them something they'd ordered. Breena offers her money to strip for them, so she does. All four get on the bed and have sex. There's at least one strap-on dildo involved.

SCENE 2: SECOND HONEYMOON- Randy and Dee are sitting on the bed in another of the rooms, kissing. He licks her nipples, takes her clothes off and she blows him. She lays back and he eats her pussy. He lays on his back, she blows him, then gets on top and rides him. She gets on her back, him in front kneeling between her legs, fucking her. He comes on her face.

SCENE 3: THE EXPERIMENTORS- Kelsey, who had black hair in this, and Kristal are sitting on the bed, talking about I don't remember what. Lee and Steven come in the room. Lee sits on the sofa and Kelsey blows him. Kristal is sitting beside him, Steven between her legs eating her pussy. Kelsey lays on the bed and Lee eats then fucks her. Steven is sitting on the sofa and Kristal is blowing him, then she gets on top and rides him for a while. Steven goes over to Kelsey and fucks her. Lee sits back on the sofa and Kristal fucks him in reverse cowgirl. Steven comes on Kelsey's face then Lee comes on Kristal's mouth.

SCENE 4: THE YOUNG LOVERS- Gauge and Joel are supposed to have been dating a year and are virgins. He lays back on the bed, Gauge blows him then gets fucked on her back, then spoon position, then reverse cowgirl, doggie, until he comes on her face.

SCENE 5: NEARING MIDNIGHT- It's almost midnight. Devinn eats a drunk girl out on the bed and fingers the hell out of her with two fingers. Devinn's on all fours getting fingered from behind. She squirts, then they 69.


-Almost twenty minutes of behind-the-scenes during filming of the dvd, photo shoot with Devinn, photo shoot before filming each of the other women.

-Trailers for the dvds Heart & Soul, Covergirls, Knockout, Sweet Dreams.

MY THOUGHTS: This was bad. It was supposed to be funny with Devinn not speaking at all during it, just using facial expressions to get her feelings across. That part I liked. It took almost fifteen minutes for the first sex scene to begin. That I didn't like.

My favorite scene was the second one, with Randy and Dee. It didn't seem porn-like, meaning it wasn't fast and frantic like most. Dee had natural breasts too. Half the girls had fake ones. In the bonus material Randy apologized to Dee for getting come in her eye.

My second favorite was scene four, with Gauge (stupid name) and Joel but the scene was too short.

This was the first time I'd ever seen Devinn and unfortunately for me her two scenes weren't with men. I think she only does lesbian or masturbation scenes. She's got large natural breasts and she said in the bonus stuff that she was 125 pounds.

Lesbian scenes bore me and this had two of them. I wish I had known that before buying this. It also looked really low budget. I wouldn't recommend this to anyone.

This came from my personal collection. Same review posted here.

Day Dreamers™ Love Clitorial Vibrator from EdenFantasys®

This petite waterproof clitorial vibrator came to me via EdenFantasys.com. It's called Day Dreamers™ Love. It's made by California Exotics and is only sold in lavender, model ED-0488-06-3, UPC 716770056047.

MATERIAL: This is made from Velvet-Cote™ plastic. Velvet cote is a soft velvet-like finish that some plastic toys have which gives them a matte finish. Plastic is nonporous and hypoallergenic and is safe for everyone to use.

MEASUREMENTS: This is 5" long. 1.3" in diameter and weighs just 2.5 oz/72g.

MAINTENANCE: To wash this simply use hot soapy water. Since it's plastic you cannot boil it.

PACKAGING: The clear package is 6" L x 2 3/4" W x 1 1/4" D. The package is easy to open and since the package is so small you could store the toy in it if you'd like.

HOW TO USE: This is operated by a turn-dial on the bottom. It requires one AA battery that's not included. Just turn it to increase speed and turn in opposite direction to turn off. All you have to do is turn it on, press firmly against your clit, lay or sit back and enjoy the sensations! The handle should be facing upward toward your stomach.

The little part that sticks out on the back can also be used against your clit. If you're able to orgasm from nipple stimulation, use this on them. You can also try this on the head of a penis, under the crown. Experiment with this.

MY THOUGHTS: This is an awesome vibe and makes a nice addition to my collection. It's a simple yet effective toy that any woman can use. No lube is required but should you choose to use it, any type is safe to use with plastic.

I love the lavender color and like too that the base is a darker shade. It would be nice if this came in a few other colors too. It's well worth the price and I look forward to using this again.

I received this from EdenFantasys in exchange for an honest review.

MILF Squirters 5 Adult DVD

Back Cover: link
Studio: Devil's Films
Released: 2007
Rating: XXX
My Grade: C

From DVD: Let`s face it, MILFS love to squirt! There's nothing like their aging pussies enjoying a long, juicy suck and fuck session before aiming those gaping snatches skyward and launching a huge load of warm girl-goo! And when you hear that moaning, you`ll know that they`re cumming just as good as you do! So if you love watching geysers of warm bodily fluids soaking all the sheets on the bed, these raunchy MILFS are always ready to squirt!

No condoms are used.

SCENE 1: Phylissa Anne is in the bedroom. Some tattooed repairman is in the room. She's asking him to change a lightbulb in the lamp so he does. She blows him on the floor, he eats her ass and fingers it on the bed. He fucks her on her back on the bed and she squirts. He lays on the bed, she blows him then gets on top for a while. She blows him again. He sits on a chair, she gets on top for anal sex, then reverse cowgirl anal. She rubs her clit until she squirts again. She gets off him and blows him. She kneels in the chair, facing the back, he fucks her anally. She turns around, blows him then turns back around for more anal. He comes in her face.

SCENE 2: Jordan Blue is in her kitchen with some bald guy, telling him that her husband's away. She blows him. They go into her bedroom where she continues to blow him on the floor and bed. She gets on top of him on the bed. Reverse cowgirl, she blows him, reverse cowgirl, she squirts, then on her back, she squirts again and he licks her clit right afterward. She squirts several more times, spoon position until he comes in her mouth.

SCENE 3: I can't remember what Nick Manning is doing at Tabitha's house but they get on the sofa and kiss. He takes her clothes off and eats her while kneeling on the floor. She blows him. He sits on sofa, she's on top, then reverse cowgirl, then on her back, doggie, from behind while both are standing up, on her back on sofa and she squirts, well, gushes is more accurate and he comes on her face.

SCENE 4: The same guy from scene 2 and another unnamed guy are at Milan's house. They're supposed to be friends of her son. She sits between them on the sofa and she takes turns kissing and blowing them. One eats her from behind while she's blowing the other. The one she's blowing fucks her from behind while she's blowing the other. The rest is just a boring mess.

SCENE 5: Darryl, the woman on the cover, is in the kitchen mixing up what looks to be chocolate cake batter. Kurt comes in, they kiss and he says he can't believe he's kissing his best friend's mom. She's wearing a dress and lays on the counter. He eats her while fingering her. He's the only one I've ever seen do this; With both thumbs he pushed back her clitorial hood to expose the clit and eats her. She gets down, leans against the counter and he continues to eat her from behind. She blows him, they 69 while standing, then 69 on sofa. Reverse cowgirl, she blows him then gets on top, facing him. He fucks her on her back, she squirts, reverse cowgirl anal, her rubbing her clit, then doggie position anal until he comes on her face. 

EXTRAS: Trailers for four other dvds.

MY THOUGHTS: This wasn't very good. The only scene I really liked was scene three. The guy from scene one was just gross and looks like he just got out of prison.

Scene two was the worst. Jordan looks like she's got an eating disorder and has the flattest ass I've ever seen in my life. During the penetration scenes on her back she was totally tuned out. Looks like she was sleeping and it was pretty disturbing to watch.

Scene four was the second worst. Too much switching around was going on. She looks older than she really is, which isn't a good thing unless you're a teenager. Honestly, she looked like a floosy.

I don't like not knowing the names of the men in this. I just happen to have seen the two I've named in previous films.

I purchased this myself.

Thinnie Minnie Silicone G Spot Dildo From EdenFantasys®

This thin dildo is called Thinnie Minnie and came to me via EdenFantasys.com. It's made by Doc Johnson. It comes in pink and purple. I'm reviewing the purple version, model 0102-46-CD.

MATERIAL: This is solid, premium silicone. Silicone is 100% body-safe in all ways; it's hypoallergenic, nontoxic, phthalate free and nonporous. This is very flexible. This isn't the usual smoothe silicone- this paticular toy has a rubbery, almost sticky feel to it.

MEASUREMENTS: The insertable length is 6". The head has a diameter of 1.3". The diameter of the shaft is just over an inch. The base is flat and 2 1/2" in diameter. The weight is 4.8 oz/136 g.

CARE AND MAINTAINENCE: Silicone can be cleaned in several ways: use soap and the hottest tap water, boil it or put it in the top rack of the dishwash, but I don't recommend the dishwasher. I do recommend you wash all toys, no matter their material, with unscented soap and pat dry.

Silicone will react badly if stored directly against another, from what I've read, so wrap each silicone toy in plastic wrap (which is what I do) or store in a zip-top bag before placing them in a box/container together.

PACKAGING: This comes in easy-open plastic packaging. You simply pull the top apart to open it. It stays attached at the bottom so you can store the toy in the package if you'd prefer to.

LUBE: You cannot use silicone lube with silicone toys because the material will break down. Use water-based lube only.

MY THOUGHTS: This does indeed work as intended, I'm happy to report. The head is a bit flat, which I could feel internally as soon as I inserted it. It would have been better had the head been a bit more round, like the head of a real penis. It would have been a more comfortable that way.

The shaft is very flexible and having a base gives the user something to hold on to. The base will stick very well to a hard, flat surface, such as the toilet lid.

I wasn't quite sure if this would work on the G spot because it didn't look like it was bent enough nor did the head look like it stuck out enough but it did work. Also, this has a thinner shaft but that didn't matter in any way. The head was wide enough to target my G spot, which doctors tell us is the size of a bean, so you should have no problem achieving an orgasm that way.

This is from EdenFantasy's line of G spot dildos. Dildos come in all sorts of materials so please browse around at them all!

I received this from EdenFantasys® in exchange for an honest review.


PUBLISHER: Zebra Heartfire, 11/1987
GENRE: Historical Romance
SETTING: West Indies, unknown date

FROM PUBLISHER: Kathleen O'Connor refused to give in to despair. She'd proven how strong she could be--she'd survived weeks of terror in the dark hold of a pirate ship and had bravely faced the humiliation of the auction block. Now that she'd been sold to Captain Kade Morgan, it was time she planned her escape. The Irish beauty thought of his tall, muscular frame and sparkling ebony eyes and sighed. It would not be easy to flee the handsome pirate, especially when her traitorous body yearned for the rough magic of his embrace. But she'd be no man's slave--not even if her master had already tamed her wild heart!

Kade appraised his raven-haired prize with growing admiration. She had courage, all right. After all she'd been through, her blue-green eyes still gleamed with pride and fury. He had no desire to break her spirit, but he ached to replace that fury with willing passion. She was his to command and he had but one request--that she give herself to him with all the glorious fire in her soul. If she needed some... persuasion, he'd gladly supply it. He'd tease her full, red lips with searing kisses, he'd stroke her ivory skin until she writhed beneath his knowing touch. And in the end he'd possess all the wanton sweetness of his Defiant Captive.

MY THOUGHTS/SPOILER SUMMARY: This story started out good. Seventeen year old Kathleen was kidnapped and held for ransom. It was orchestrated by Quint Cathcart. He wants to buy her Arabian horse, Taran, but her father won't sell it. He and his men go there to steal the horse but can't find it, so they kidnap Kathleen instead and plan to hold her for ransom in exchange for her horse. Right before she's kidnapped, they burn her home to the ground and her mother dies in it. The ransom note they send to her father is accidentaly sent to her neighbor, Silas Pennington.

Her kidnapper, Quint, is angry about something so he sells her at auction. Thirty-five year old Scotsman Captain Kade Morgan buys her with the intention of sending her back to wherever she came from. She's held prisoner on his ship and Kade, in true bodice ripper fashion, treats her badly. The first sex scene is what I'd call forced seduction. All the sex scenes with them are spicy.

The rest of the story is very boring but there's a bit of action right at the end involving Silas.


Studio: Digital Playground
Released: 2007
Trailer: link
Rating: XXX
My Grade: C

From DVD: CONTROL #5 is shot entirely on HD with two amazing girls who lose their video virginity: 19-year-old cover star Cayton Caley takes on Marco Banderas and industry sensation Audrey Bitoni gives it up to Scott Nails. The lovely Jenaveve Jolie teases the camera with her slammin` body throughout the entire movie and FHM magazine`s Jordana James gets seriously busy with Ben English. This title is HOT HOT HOT!!!


SCENE 1: Ryaan says goodbye to her boyfriend, Marcos, at the door. She gets out her glass dildo, sits on the sofa, watches porn and masturbates. Marcos comes back home because he forgot something. He goes over to her, lays on the floor, she staddles his face and he eats her through her underwear. He stands up, she kneels down and blows him. Reverse cowgirl on floor, then facing him, doggie style until he comes in her face.

SCENE 2: Trent is sitting on his bed, rubbing his dick through his pants while watching porn. Paola rings his doorbell. When  he opens it, she tells him she's heard of his ass fetish and they go into his room. She takes her skirt off, sticks her red underwear-clad ass in his face and he licks her cheeks, takes the underwear off and eats her from behind. She lays on the bed, he pushes her legs back and eats her briefly. She takes her bra off, they kiss. He takes his pants off, she kneels on the bed and blows him. She's on her back, he kneels in front of her and fucks her. She's on top now, then doggie until he comes on her face. His dick is realllllllly long.

SCENE 3: Cayton, the girl on the box cover, is in the kitchen wearing Marco's shirt. He's on the bed watching tv. They go in the kitchen and put canned whipped cream on each other and lick it off. They go into the bedroom and she gets on all fours and blows him. She gets on top, then blows him. Reverse cowgirl, her rubbing her clit, then doggie, spoon on their right sides then he comes in her mouth.

SCENE 4: Audrey gets on the bed. Scott eats her. He lays on the bed, she blows him then gets on top. She blows him, they 69, reverse cowgirl, spoon on their left sides, doggie, she blows him yet again. She lays on bed, he stands between her legs and fucks her then comes in her face and eyes. Someone throws her a towel and she wipes the come off her face.

SCENE 5: Jordana gets on the bed with a glass dildo and masturbates. Her boyfriend, Ben, comes in the room. She's on her hand and knees and Ben uses the dildo on her. She blows him. She lays back on the bed, he kneels between her legs and fucks her. She gets on top, then blows him. Reverse cowgirl for a while until him comes in her face.


Trailers for CockAsian, Island Fever 4, Throb, Pirates 1, Ass Addiction, Hard candy 2.

MY THOUGHTS: This was not good at all, total waste of money, and I have no idea why it was called Control. I only liked one scene, scene 4 with Scott and Audrey, specifically the reverse cowgirl scene on the bed. She was so into it. Second favorite was scene 3 though it was nothing special and just a bit better than the rest. The other scenes were terribly boring.

Between each scene was a short strip tease scene with Jenaveve that was a total waste of my time. It was just pointless.