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On a forum a few years ago I heard of an intimate shaving product called Coochy® Rash-Free Shave Créme. It wasn't until this year that I realized sold it. As you can see in the photo collage I made below, it comes in many scents. I prefer unscented products so that's the version I'm reviewing.

It's sold in a smallish 4 oz. pump bottle. It's not actually a cream but more like a facial moisturizer. It's paraben free, sulfate free, not tested on animals and is proudly made in the USA. It's also sugar free. Sugar in intimate care products has been proven to upset the pH balance in women and that can lead to yeast infections.

It comes in seven scents: Oh So Original, Sassy Citrus, Make Me Blush, Slick Chic Pear Berry, Naked Silk Green Tea, Playful Plumeria and the one I own, No So Innocent Fragrance Free. You won't believe all the positive reviews it has!

Though you can use this on any part of your body, most of us probably use it to shave our bikini area, more specifically all of our pubic hair. Please know this before using it- it's best for weekly maintenance work and a couple of pumps is all you'll need. The shorter the hair is, the easier it is to shave off. If you haven't shaved at all or you haven't shaved in a while and a lot of hair has grown back, this product isn't necessary. Just use soap and a good razor, then use this to maintain your pubes weekly. This 'cream' rinses clean off the razor and leaves no residue behind. It doesn't need to be washed off your body with soap after you've used it either. I don't agree that it prevents razor burn. Nothing but waxing can prevent that. If you shave, you will get burn now and then and ingrown hairs occasionally.

I stocked up on this stuff a while back and will always use it, as I prefer to say bare down there. If you shave, you have to use something other than water so you might as well use a body-safe product that has moisturizers in it. has plenty of other shaving products so take a look around.

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