Studio: Teravision
Released: 2006
Trailer: link
Rating: XXX
My Grade: F

From DVD: See Nikki get driven to the brink, and beyond! The hottest stars, the hottest sex, and the hottest back door action!!!

Take Nikki for a test drive today... she is built for speed like no one else!


SCENE 1: Nikki and Tera are sitting on a sofa. Nikki is telling her that she never has sex with her elderly boyfriend. She says her new live-in housekeeper, Lucy, has sex with her boyfriend, Jerry, every night. Cut to a scene of them having sex.

They're on the bed, Jerry's shirtless and she's wearing a white dress. He licks her nipples then gets on all fours and he eats her from behind, then on her back. They 69, spoon on their left sides, reverse cowgirl, her rubbing her clit most of the time, then anal in same position. Nikki's standing outside their window spying on them. Doggie position, then he comes on her face.

SCENE 2: Back to the present with Nikki and Tera on sofa. Tera eats Nikki out, Nikki uses a glass dildo on Tera, then eats her.

SCENE 3: Nikki goes to her boyfriend Jack's car dealership to pick out a new car. Scott and Tommy are mechanics. She has sex with both. She gets on her knees and blows both. Scott fucks her from behind while they're standing. She's leaning over, blowing Tommy. She turns around, gets fucked from behind by Tommy and blows Scott at the same time. She's on a stool, leans back and blows Tommy as Scott continues to fuck her. Reverse cowgirl on floor with Scott briefly. She gets off and gets right on Tommy, reverse cowgirl. He's laying a few feet away from Scott. Doggie with Tommy. He pulls out and Scott takes his place, then Tommy's back in her. They both come on her face.

SCENE 4: Tera and Nikki are in the hot tub and Nikki's telling her what just happened at the dealership. Spyder (Tera's real life husband at the time) and Roxy are at the same dealership, I guess, and have sex. He spit into her mouth and I stopped watching. He's repulsive and I wouldn't have watched this scene anyway.

SCENE 5: Nikki's back at the dealership. She's out on the lot with a salesman, Tony, They go into the garage and she blows him, then he fucks her from behind. She's sitting on the hood, him fucking her, then anal in same position, anal reverse cowgirl, anal spoon position. She kneels down, he comes in her face.


-Nikki masturbating
-Trailers for Appetite for Destruction, Desperate, Test Drive. 3 1/2 minutes total.

MY THOUGHTS: This was awful. Even Jerry couldn't save it. I didn't even like his scene. Most of the cast was unattractive to me too. Of the nine actors, only three were attractive. Nikki's face is attractive but she looked terrible in this but the hair and makeup people are to blame. Unhealthy is the best word to describe her hair and her false eyelashes were extreme. She looked like a strung out street prostitute. I despise Tony. I saw him in another porn and he's too rough, a bit violent and just plain fucking ugly.

There wasn't one good scene in this whole film and I'm only keeping because my crush Jerry's in it.

This came from my personal collection.

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