Studio: Metro
Screenshots: link
Length: 1 hr 50 min
Released: 5/2006
UPC: 051353390386
My Grade: B

From DVD: What would you be willing to sacrifice, to live out your most taboo sexual desires? That's the question one successful businessman asks himself when his stepdaughter brings home her best friend, Lola (Violet Blue), from college for the holiday. Gary (Steven St. Croix) is drawn like a moth to a flame by her incendiary legal teen beauty, unraveling his jealousy drenched marriage to adorable Katie Morgan and destroying is position as alpha male at work for just a taste of her mesmerizing erotic charms. Acclaimed director DCyper masterfully blends poetry with perversion, Shakespeare laced with high intensity sex, in this lauded high definition production. You'll have to see it to understand why Gary closes this incredible story-driven feature by telling us that every minute with her was like living in a Wonderland.

No condoms were used.
SCENE 1: Violet is dressed like a fairie, dancing on a tiny theater stage to medieval music. Steven walks onto the stage behind her and sits on the bed. He's wearing a suit. She goes over to him, sits on the bed and blows him. She gets on top, reverse cowgirl, then facing him, doggie style then her on her back with leg over his shoulder. He comes on her stomach.

SCENE 2: Steven is sitting in front of a piano talking into the camera about some fetish. Charlie is on the bed masturbating with a vibrator while Steven is standing nearby. He's wearing purple lingerie and is writing 'dirty whore' all over the mirror. As you can see this was a very short scene.

SCENE 3: Steven is in his bedroom looking through his drawer of porn. He sits on the bed and jerks off to it. This scene was very short too.

SCENE 4: Steven's stepdaughter, Candi, is sitting on her bed with James. I think she's supposed to be away at college. She lays on her back and James eats her. She's totally bald and has small nice breasts. She blows him then he fucks her on her back, then her on top, doggie style. He comes on her face.

SCENE 5: Steven's wife Katie is on the bed with Evan. Katie is real cute but has horrible breast implants that are spaced far apart. They 69, doggie, spoon, he comes on her face.

SCENE 6: Violet is on her knees blowing Eric.

SCENE 7: Steven briefly eats Violet on the kitchen counter.

SCENE 8: Trina is dancing at a strip club. She walks over to where Kris is sitting on a sofa. She straddles him and grinds on him. She lays back and he eats her, then she blows him while he's sitting down. Reverse cowgirl, doggie, her on her back. He comes in her mouth.

SCENE 9: Herschel and Violet are on the bed. He eats and fingers her. She blows him, reverse cowgirl, her on her back, doggie, he comes on her ass.

BEHIND THE SCENES- 13 boring minutes of some unseen camera man chatting with four of the women and then three minutes of trailers.

MY THOUGHTS: This was just ok. It was supposed to be humorous and was at times like when Steven (Gary) was imagining his wife, Katie, cheating on him with Evan and there was a fan on Evan blowing his long hair back. This was not an 'incredible story-driven feature'. It was a bit odd. I don't understand the beginning with Violet dancing on the stage at all. Reverse cowgirl is my favorite porn position and so I really liked it during that scene and it's my favorite of the film.

Scene 5 went on forever and I felt bad for Katie's vagina. I don't understand scene 8 at the strip club or how they fit into the story but their scene was enjoyable. My second favorite scene is the revers cowgirl scene with Herschel and Violet.

Violet, the lead female character, is a cute girl with a nice body with small natural breasts. There wasn't much dialogue with her but she delivered her lines very well. In the bonus material, she was asked who her blow job scene was going to be with that day and she said she didn't know, that she had blown everyone, nor did she know who her two sex scenes were going to be with the following day. She said there weren't many new men porn actors coming into the business.

This came from my personal collection.

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