Trailer: link
Studio: Vivid
Release: 2005
Rating: XXX
My Grade: C

From DVD: Maria is a girl with a lot of baggage. And Buck is a guy looking for love in all the wrong pieces. Chuck Lords presents a Vivid exploration of a girl who`s wickedly sexy and just plain wicked to match. With today`s hottest blonde star, Sunrise Adams, surrounded by a cast as right as that girl is wrong.

SCENE 1: Tommy opens the door to Sunrise's apartment and sees her being eaten out by Eric. She blows him, he fucks her from behind while she leans against the table, left knee up on it. He comes on her face.

SCENE 2: Evan and Sunrise are at a bar together. He's the best friend of her boyfriend Tommy. They go back to her place. She lays on the bed and masturbates while Evan watches from the table. She sits on the table and Evan eats her. She blows him while kneeling on the table, him standing up beside it. She lays on her back and blows him. He titty fucks her. They get on the bed and fuck in spoon position on their left sides, then her on her back, him on top, doggie style next until he comes on her chest.

SCENE 3: Evan and Trinity, who's got implants, are on the bed. He's on top, then her on top. She sits against the headboard, slouched down and Evan fingers her with two then three fingers. She's rubbing her clit most of the time. Anal with her on her back, Evan to her right, holding her right leg up. He comes on her stomach.

SCENE 4: Sunrise and Tommy are at someone's place on the sofa. She blows him, he eats her, then 69, reverse cowgirl, then she's facing him, doggie, he comes on her chest.

SCENE 5: Tommy and Jennifer are in someone's apartment. They 69 on a sofa, reverse cowgirl, doggie, standing up, her on her back on a pool table.

DVD EXTRAS: There were five bonus sex scenes from five different films, three of which featured Sunrise Adams.

1- Sunrise and Rick Patrick (who has a piereced naval!) What straight man pierces his naval?! from the film The Contestants. 12 minutes.

2- Four-girl lesbian strap-on scene from Debbie Does Dallas: East vs. West. Featuring Sunrise, Ann Marie, Dee, Olivia Saint. 16 minutes.

3- Sunrise and Lezley Zen from the flim Pink Slip. I skipped this scene.

4- Clip from Color Blind 8, with John Decker and Vanity. This was weird. His face was blurred because the premise of that film is that the cameraman gets random men to have sex in the back of a van with a random girl of a different ethnicity than the guy's. This was a really good scene. You could see that Vanity had had a child because of the stretch marks going across her stomach and hips. Her hair was dark in this.

5- A threesome scene from John Friendly's Big & Small 1, starring Voodoo, Byron Long and Illona. I skipped this scene.

MY THOUGHTS: Boy, this was terrible. Slow and boring. I hate when porn tries to be too serious. Sunrise is supposed to be very troubled woman. At the end we find out she'd been in prison for murdering her parents when she was twelve and Eric is blackmailing her with sex. Earlier in the flim she'd tried to kill herself. Evan walked into her apartment, found her passed out and saved her. What nonsense. This was just stupid as hell and pointless. The only sex scene I liked was scene 3. Evan had no leg hair. Not sure how I feel about that. He had the most dialog too. Sunrise didn't have much. I was getting real tired of watching gonzo porn so I dug out a 'plot driven' one and now I can't wait to go back to gonzo.

This came from my personal collection.

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