Studio: Vivid Man
Produced: 1994
Run Time: 68 min.
Rating: XXX
My Grade: A

From DVD: If you aren't one, you need one. It's about men in boarding houses. Men from the great Midwest. Men who discover they are not who they think they are. And a man who discovers a black leather jacket that changes his life.

Condoms were used throughout.

SCENE 1: The guy on box cover is sitting on a rug, getting blown. He fucks the guy doggie style, then on his back while the guy jerks himself off.

SCENE 2: Blonde guy blows a brown haired guy on a bed, then the blonde gets blown. Blonde gets fucked doggie style. They lay beside each other and jerk off until they come.

SCENE 3: Solo scene with the guy on cover jerking off while standing up.

SCENE 4: Guy on cover gets blown by a different blonde guy. He fingers the man's ass for several minutes while jerking off, then fucks him on his back, then doggie style. He comes on his ass. He sits beside the bonde as he jerks himself off.

SCENE 5: A brown haired guy, the main 'character', is at home getting blown by a brunette man on his bed. The guy blowing him uses a dildo in his own ass. Guy using dildo gets fucked in ass while he's on his back on the bed. He's jerking himself off, then the guy does it for him briefly. He guy fucking him leans back against the other guy, who's leaning against the headboard, and uses the dildo on himself while jerking himself off.


Short previews of other Vivid Man titles: The Hotel, The Big Snafu, Hunk-O-Rama, Jock Strap

MY THOUGHTS: I'm not sure what the plot was. The synopsis makes no sense. The main character (NOT the guy on cover) is talking with his gay uncle and his uncle tells him about all the fun he had years ago while wearing a leather jacket. He lets his nephew borrow it and we see five different scenarios, most of which don't involve a leather jacket. There wasn't any dialogue during the sex, which is always great. I liked all the sex scenes except for the solo scene because the lighting was poor.

This came from my personal collection.

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