LENGHT: 130 min.

FROM DVD: Lacie's Life: Where any girl can become a Debbie!!! From fluff and fold to fluff and puff in two short months!!! Two months ago Lacie Heart was a sweet little suburban tart, doing her laundry at the local fluff and fold, hitting the Denny's for a late night Grand Slam, and grabbing tongue kisses under the bleachers after the local college games. Then something got into her. Hollywood. Fame. Lust. Money. She called Vivid... and the rest is history. It's Lacie's Life!!! Starring sweet, cute little Lacie Heart, doing just about the nastiest stuff we've ever seen a newcome do. And visionary director Ace King captured her whole first porn experience with his cockumentary camera crew, from dusk to dawn and ass to mouth. This is the Life. Lacie's Life.

No condoms were used- a rarity for Vivid.

SCENE 1: When the film begins Lacie is in the bathtub talking to the cameraman. I don't know who he is, as I never saw his face. He's going to film her faux day-in-the-life. So she gets out of the tub, gets on her bed and masturbates with a gold colored vibrator.

SCENE 2: She gets dressed and they go spy on her neighbors, Tommy and Sativa, who she says has sex every morning and says she always spies on them. I accidentally shredded page one of my notes so I don't remember all they did in bed. Towards the end of this scene, Tommy spots Lacie spying through their open sliding glass door just as his wife tells him she's got to go to work.

SCENE 3: Tommy gets out of bed and he and Lacie walk towards each other. She gets down and blows him until he comes on her face and in her mouth.

SCENE 4: Lacie and cameraman leave to go to an audition at ex-porn actor turned producer Paul Thomas' house. This part is real silly. Paul is wearing stupid printed pajamas, I think there are wild animals on them, and James is walking around the house naked except for tube socks. Paul is acting like James isn't there. They chit chat and Paul is having her read lines. She goes into the bedroom, gets on the bed and masturbates. James goes in there and they have sex.

SCENE 5: She gets dressed and goes to a faux photo shoot for a magazine. Kurt (he's from my home state) is the photographer. They have sex and again, I don't remember everything they did because I don't have all my notes.

SCENE 6: This is a real clusterfuck that I didn't enjoy at all, well, almost didn't enjoy. Lacie goes home for the night and her female roommates, Jenna and Joey, have two guys there, Jerry and Jean. They all have sex with each other. Too much was going on and the girls sounded like cats mating. It was a mess. I have a crush on Jerry but more on that later.

SCENE 7: Lacie is in the same bathtub washing tons of come off her. She's talking to the cameraman and then blows him until he comes in her mouth. She tells him to leave and that's the end.


BEHIND THE SCENES- This was ten minutes of brief interviews with some of the actors. Lacie said she's nineteen and has been in the business for only four months. She owns a ranch and horses. Porn must pay pretty good these days.

BONUS SCENES- There are five three minute sex scenes from other Vivid films.

1- Good Things starring Sunrise Adams and Slim Shady. He eats her, she blows him, her fucks her on the washer, then doggie and he comes on her face. She has her natural breasts in this. To be perfectly honest, they're pretty bad, some of the worst I've seen, and I have a feeling that's the main reason she got implants.

2- Happily Never After starring Briana Banks and Eric Masterson
3- Picture this with Devon and Evan Stone
4- Sold with Kody and Lee Stone. She's got the weirdest implants that I've ever seen. They're very small (for implants) and up high.
5- Third Date with Cheyenne Silver, Ruby and Chris Cannon.

PREVIEWS- Eight minutes of previews of Monique on the Sly, Fade to Black II, Invasion of the Porno Shooters ( I almost bought that once!)

MY THOUGHTS: Lacie was fun to watch. She was nineteen at the time. I watch a lot of reality television and she's exactly like the ones I see who are the fun, silly, attractive girl-next-door types. The kind of girl you'd want to hang out with whether you're male or female.

I like how this was supposed to be just a regular day for her but it should have been a bit more realistic. The part with her spying on her neighbors all the time was not believable. All the girls had natural breasts at the time so that's always a plus. All had bare labia and little to no hair on the mound.

Ahh, Jerry (birth name Jaroslav Otradovec.) I mentioned him in my review for Hard Candy 2. I could watch him all day and I'm embarassed so say it's official- I have a crush on him. Too much was going on in his scene so I didn't get to focus on him or enjoy him in all his naked glory. Here's a photo of him with a link to an article about porn actors acting with their blood relatives. The photo is really for my own viewing pleasure. Take note of his treasure trail. I have several more of his films and will be posting this same photo with each of them.

This came from my personal collection.

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