Released: 1973
Studio: VCX Ltd.
Run Time: 67 min.
Rating: XXX
My Grade: A-

From DVD: The Devil in Miss Jones opens as Justine Jones, a lonely virgin spinster, is driven to suicide through sheer sexual frustration. The fact that she's taken her own life means that she's forever stranded in limbo. She can't get to heaven, but she hasn't sinned enough to make it to hell. So the powers that be give her a chance to live her life again - this time with permission to indulge her lustful desires. The rest of the film follows Miss Jones on her voyage of erotic discovery. Devil in Miss Jones is a true classic.

SPOILER SYNOPSIS: The character Justine (stage name Georgina Spelvin, real name Michelle Graham) is in her bedroom. She undresses and gets in the bathtub, where she proceeds to slit her wrists and die. Next, she walks into a room where a man is sitting at a table. They talk about how she's dead and he doesn't know if she should go to heaven or hell, so she's in purgatory. She says she'll live out one of the seven deadly sins, lust.

She walks into another room where The Teacher (Harry Reems) is sitting. She stands in front of him and strips. He tells her to turn around and bend over, then puts a small butt plug in her. He lays on the bed, she sits beside him to his left, facing his dick. He has her blow him. This part of the scene is really slow and good. She gets on top, reverse cowgirl. He takes the plug out and fingers her asshole. She takes the plug and sucks on it. She said in her book that she wouldn't put the same one in her mouth so it's a different, clean one. She lays on her right side and he fucks her anally from behind. This is a very short scene.

A woman walks into a room where Justine is laying naked on a plastic-covered bed of some sort. She takes her robe off, sits on the bed and rubs oil on Justine. They kiss, the woman fingers her, eats her out, and fingers her some more. There aren't any close-ups like I was expecting.

Justine is in a disgusting looking bathtub, playing with a water hose. She puts it in her pussy and ass. Stupid, pointless scene.

The Teacher is telling a kneeling Justine how to blow him. She blows him, telling him she wants him to come in her mouth. So he does. Another short scene.

She's naked in bed, feeding herself grapes. She bites an apple, rubs it on her pussy, then licks the apple. She stuffs a few grapes in her pussy, then eats them. Next, she blows a banana. I know, stupid, right? She peels it, rubs it on her pussy then eats that part of the banana. She's laying there holding a snake. She keeps putting the snake's head in her mouth. Can't imagine why and I have no idea where the snake came from or how it fits into the scene.

She and Sue are on the bed, blowing some guy at the same time. He comes in Sue's mouth and it's dripping out. Justine, not wanting to waste it, licks it up with the tip of her tongue and she and Sue kiss. Poor Sue; we only see the right side of her face the whole time. She's got curly hair and appears to be attractive with perfect teeth.

It's double penetration time, boys and girls! Justine is in bed, laying on top of a guy, fucking him while another guy is in her ass. The men pull out but stay in the same position and come on each other's dicks.

Justine is talking with John, the man who's deciding whether to send her to hell or not, and next thing you know, she's apparently in hell. There's a man there (who happens to be the director) rambling on about a fly. He's obviously mentally ill. She's become a nympho or something and is trying to get him to have sex with her. She's straddling a wooden chest, he's sitting on the floor beside it, she's spreading her legs and is fingering herself with two fingers. She tells him to lick her 'cunt' and to bring her his 'prick'. She's murmuring to him that she'll suck his 'prick', 'balls' and 'ass'. He's not having any of it because he's off in his own little world. The End!


Just a seven minute preview of three other VCX films, Debbie Does Dallas, The Blonde, Candy Lips. If you put the disc in your computer you can watch three more full length films.

MY THOUGHTS: Despite the explicit sex this doesn't really seem like porn, especially the beginning of the film. The wrist-slashing scene was a bit disturbing. This film was filled with all brunettes, men and women. Not one blonde in site. How rare. I found it a bit odd that Georgina had harry armpits. She's got a very nice petite body and nice small breasts. The sex scenes were pretty short, which was a disappointment. I'm glad I finally watched this. Two years ago Georgina sent me her self published autobiography (personally autographed to me!) but I hadn't seen any of her films then. I want to reread it soon. It wasn't very good.

I wish I knew more about who Sue Flaken was. Like Georgina and Judith, from the lesbian scene, she probably wasn't even an actress. She may have been doing the catering (like Georgina and Judith) and got talked into doing the scene.

I received this from Babeland in exchange for an honest review.

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