STUDIO: Vivid Entertainment
LENGTH: 2 hr. 55 min.

FROM DVD: And now the moment you've all been waiting for: Sunny does a man. It's true. It's her first boy/girl scene ever, and it's a stunner. Presenting Sunny Loves Matt, an all-sex feature in the critically acclaimed B. Skow style. The theme is how women take care of their every way...with the kind of tease and lingerie footage only B. Skow can deliver. America loves Sunny. AVN loves B. Skow. You'll love Sunny loves Matt...with the boy/girl of the century!

Though Vivid is usually condom-only, none are used in this film. I think this is Sunny's first film after getting breast implants. She's Canadian. There's really no talking except for what's said during sex. Low music is playing the entire time.

SCENE 1: Sunny's cleaning the window and pulls the top of her dress down. Matt calls her into the kitchen, they kiss, he smacks her bare ass a few times then she sits on the island (counter), spreads her legs, dress around her waist, and Matt rubs her clit. She blows him for the longest time then she lays on her back on the sofa, him standing in front of her with this left knee on the sofa, fucking her. Reverse cowgirl next, spoon, doggie, her on her back. He came in her mouth and that was the runniest come I've ever seen. It was like white water. He put it right back into her and kept going. She told him she wanted him to come on her 'pussy' and held it open for him, so he came on it.

SCENE 2: Nick is watching television. Rebeca (from Spain) walks over and stands right in front of him. He's rubbing her ass while trying to see the television behind her. She gets in front of the tv, strips, squats down and masturbates a bit. She lays on the sofa and rubs her clit while he fingers her. He eats her, she blows him, then gets on top, facing him and rides him hard and fast. Reverse cowgirl, sex from behind, she blows him, from behind again. He tells her to 'squeal' twice and she tells him to shut up! I had to rewind that to make sure I'd heard her correctly. Interestingly, he did shut up after that. She blows him again and he tells her to 'turn the fuck over' so she leans forward on the sofa while she pounds away. She gets on her back on the sofa, he's standing between her legs fucking her as she rubs her clit. Guess what comes next? Yep, she blows him again and he comes in her mouth. She lets it drip out. She's got nice B cup breasts but I see in her info online that she's gotten implants since then. Boo!

SCENE 3: It's Sunny and Matt again. Her friend Ann Marie comes over. Matt watches them go at it the whole time. They use two different dildos. Lesbian sex scenes do nothing for me and most of the time I fast forward through them.

SCENE 4: Megan is wearing a bikini outside near a pool while Charles watches her masturbate for the camera. She's got awful huge implants and ridiculous tattoos everywhere but a cute face. She's sitting on some piece of outdoor furniture that looks like a bed or something, legs spread and he rubs her clit. He titty fucks her (I can't stand that), eats her for five seconds then says, 'I gotta get inside that pussy'. Reverse cowgirl, spoon, doggie then he comes on/in her mouth.

SCENE 5: Sunny and Monique get naked and blow Matt. Sunny rides him and Monique rubs her own clit then becomes the third wheel. Monique get on Matt in reverse cowgirl, spoon. Sunny lays on her back, Monique straddles her face and Matt eats Sunny, then fucks her. Matt fucks Monique doggie style for a long time, Sunny's annoying mouth running the whole time. He came in Sunny's mouth. At least that shut her up for a few seconds.


Behind the scenes stuff for twenty minutes. Sunny talking about her implants being brand new and how she's always wanted bigger breasts, Monique talking about her less-than-a-week-old tattoo on her right arm, Rebeca telling us she's from Spain. This wasn't interesting at all and was a waste of film.

VIVID GIRL EXTRAS-  This was five five-minute bonus clips from the following Vivid films: Foreplay, Love Life, Pop Star, Savanna Loves Sex, It's Sunny in Brazil, starring Sunny Leone with natural breasts.

MY THOUGHTS: Sunny's constant, and I do me constant, cussing during sex (put your fuckin' cock in my fuckin' pussy. Are you gonna fuckin' make me fuckin' come again?) and emphasis on the F word every time she spoke it completely ruined this for me. There was a five minute clip of her in the bonus section and she spoke the same way during that scene. Every word out of her mouth is
contrived and she was aware of the camera on her 100% of the time. She's fake, fake, fake. I have one more dvd starring her and I dread watching it. She's a squirter but I never once saw so much as a trickle come out of her. She's pretty with a nice body but that's about the only positive thing I can say about her.

There wasn't enough Matt/Monique sex during the threesome. Monique had nice, small B cup breasts but she too has gotten implants since this was filmed in 8/07.

This came from my personal collection. 

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