LENGTH: 1 hr. 38 min.
RELEASED: Feb. 2007
STUDIO: Marc Dorcel

FROM DVD: Intimate Journal: Just imagine... The country with its meadows, its sheep, its cows, and its gorgeous and beautiful girls! What a pleasant and quiet place to write a diary! Laurence takes the opportunity of renting a house to write all her intimate and exciting stories, including a riveting girl-on-girl episode with her friend, Fiamma. Her friend, Christine, takes advantage of the atmosphere by inviting two young hunks into her tent and, before long, they`re in a hot and extreme double penetration. Even the owner of the farm, Laure, decides to offer herself to the stable boy for a glorious romp in the hay. The countryside offers up extreme orgasms and deep penetrating satisfaction for everyone.

This film is supposedly narrated by Lucy in French so I have not a clue as to what she's saying. After this was over I discovered in the bonus features that I could have listened to this dubbed in English! Lucy's from the Czech Republic so I'm sure that's not really her narrating the film. She rents a farmhouse. She's sitting at the table writing in her journal and in voice-over begins to reminisce about past sexual exploits of hers and others. During the sex scenes there's no talking. I assume this was filmed in France since this is a French production company. Condoms were used throughout but you could hardly see them. The men are European, therefore are uncircumcised.

SCENE 1: Kathy is outside a tent during the day. Along comes Bob and Mick. They go in the tent together. She's wearing a skirt and shirt and is laying on her back being eaten out by Bob while she's blowing Mick, then she kneels and blows both. She's on all fours blowing Bob while Mick eats her from behind then fucks her in that position. She's on top of Bob, reverse cowgirl for a while, then she gets on Mick. Next, she's on her left side, spoon position, with Bob behind her fucking her vaginally. He lubes up (they show it) and fucks her anally, then Mick takes his place in her ass. Double penetration with her on top of Mick, anally, reverse cowgirl, with Bob kneeling in front of her, inside her vagina. She turns around and faces Mick and Bob is behind her, in her ass. They both come in her mouth and she spits it out.

SCENE 2: Kristi (she's got huge natural breasts) and Toni (from Spain) are in the stable. He pulls her shorts down and eats her while fingering her. She's standing up, leaning her right arm against a post. He fucks her in that position, with her left leg up on something. Reverse cowgirl with him sitting in the hay. He comes on her chest.

SCENE 3: Lucy and Suzan are sunbathing by a pool. Suzan get up and walks into an empty stall in the stable. Mick (from scene one) is there cleaning it out with a hose. He sprays her with it, they goof around and she blows him just outside the stall. He kneels down and eats her, then fucks her from behind while she's leaning against the wall, then anal in that position. He comes on her ass. He pushes her back into the stall and cleans her off with the hose, then she sprays him.

SCENE 4: Lucy and Toni and are having sex in the grass, with Lucy on her back. Spoon position, she blows him, he fucks her from behind while they're standing up, her leaning forward against a tree. Reverse cowgirl anal in the grass, anal spoon position, then he comes on her mouth.

SCENE 5: Jessica (from Hungary and the girl on the dvd cover) goes into a camper. Tony (from France) pratically mauls her as soon as she steps foot inside. He sits her on the counter and eats her. He puts her on the bed. Reverse cowgirl, she blows him, anal in spoon position, then anal standing up with her right leg up on the table. He comes on her chest then rubs it in and titty fucks her for a few seconds.

SCENE 6: Black Diamond (from Hungary), who's hair is blonde in this film and has since gotten implants, walks off the tennis court with Kevin. She blows him right near a fence in a field. Spoon position, then reverse cowgirl. Lucy shows up and spies on them. She goes over and licks Black's clit and nipples. Lucy pulls the crotch of her underwear aside and Black licks her a few times while still in reverse cowgirl position. Lucy goes away, Black jerks Kevin off until he comes.

SCENE 7: Lucy and Gabriela (who has since gotten implants) are outside their tent when Tony shows up. He takes Gabriela inside the house, sits her on the table, takes her shorts off and eats her. She's totally bald. Her fingers her fast with his right middle finger, takes it out and licks it, then continues to eat her. He fingers her with two fingers while she rubs her clit. She blows him, then he backs her up to the table, sits her on it and fucks her silly then fucks her anally, stops, eats her ass, then puts it back in, then anal from behind. He comes on her ass and she rubs it in.

SCENE 8: Everyone who's had a sex scene is together outside the house one night, drinking and dancing to music. Suzan and Toni go into the bedroom. He eats and fingers her on the bed, she blows him, she gets on top, then anal reverse cowgirl, spoon position anal. She leaves the room before he comes.

SCENE 9: Lucy, Kevin and Tony go into the bedroom. Toni is still on the bed. Lucy blows him then the other two. A whole lot goes on here including anal, then double penetration. All three come on her face, poor thing.

BONUS FEATURES- Twenty-nine minute making-of/behind-the-scenes that wasn't too interesting, two strip teases from some random girl not in the film and seven movie trailers for other Marc Dorcel porns, and two 45- second commercials for safe sex.

MY THOUGHTS: I enjoyed this but the sex scenes weren't long enough and there was too much position changing going on, which annoyed me. I liked that they showed the guys put condoms on. I really like seeing it but you hardly ever see that in American porn, which is mostly all I have. Natural breasts! Every girl had natural breasts. Two of the girls had huge ones. I like that none of the actors were American. They were all from Austria, France, Spain, Hungary, and the Czech Republic. And there was no dialogue during the sex scenes.

This came from my personal collection.

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