SCREENSHOTS: link (click photos to enlarge)
STUDIO: Wicked Pictures
RELEASED: 2000 (filmed 10/99)
LENGHT: 125 min.

From DVD: She Came To Save Fantasy!

Jenna Jameson is Sara, an average blonde knockout that has had enough of her mundane life. Enter the faerie folk. They pull Jenna into a mystical world of seduction and danger. It's up to her to save "fantasy" from banishment at the hands of the evil Vladimir. Join this all-star cast of beautiful sluts as they tackle Vladimir and his minions - one cock at a time!

This is a time-travel porn. At the beginning, it's modern-day and Jenna and Devin are at the drive in. He takes her home. She's on her bed by herself when two fairies, Felecia and Stephanie arrive. She walks through a wall and ends up in Fantasyland. Condoms were used throughout.

SCENE 1:  Asia eats and fingers Jenna. Asia blows Evan Stone while Jenna is naked and squatting against a tree in the forest, rubbing her pierced clit. Jenna eats Asia from behind and fingers her ass. Asia gets on Evan in reverse cowgirl, then from behind she leans against the tree that Jenna's squatting against.

SCENE 2: Randy's in a castle and gets blown by two women, Johnni and Amber. He fucks them each in the usual positions, then comes on their faces, poor things.

SCENE 3: Hershel, who's been doing porn since before I was born, plays Vladimir, who has stolen 'fantasy'. He gets blown by a blonde who's got small natural breasts and no pubes. She gets on him, reverse cowgirl, then facing him with some really good close-ups. Anal, with her kneeling in a chair, him standing behind her. He comes in her mouth.

SCENE 4: Jenna, who's being lead through the forest by two fairies, Felecia and Stephanie, has a threesome with them. Boring!

SCENE 5: Jenna's still in the forest by herself when two more fairies come along to help her get to Vladimir, Inari and Teri. Along comes Brad on a horse and he doesn't want to let them pass. The fairies offer him favors in exchange for letting Jenna go. They blow him together, he fucks Inari from behind while Teri masturbates. He goes over to Teri and has her blow him while he's still wearing a condom. She fucks him reverse cowgirl and clearly has a vaginal orgasm twice. He fucks Inari anally while Teri masturabates, then comes on their faces.

SCENE 6: This story being a fairy tale during medieval times with weird Grimms characters, Anthony is in costume and looks all weird. He's in the forest getting blown by a brunette Jessica Drake, in one of her earliest films. She looks so much better with dark hair. In the bonus behind-the-scenes stuff, she says that she likes the attention she gets from doing porn and likes when all eyes are on her.

SCENE 7: Jenna found her way to the Ice Warrior Queen place. They go at it with clear glass dildos, including one in Jenna's ass, and including Jenna being penetrated with two at once vaginally (a first for her. She said in the bonus material that she was sore the next morning).

SCENE 8: Jenna makes her way to Vladamir's castle and he imprisions her. She's in a cell and in walks her boyfriend, Devin. Don't judge him by this photo! Anyway, he eats her, she blows him, reverse cowgirl, doggie style, missionary. He comes in her mouth and as usual, she lets it drip out.

The End!

BONUS MATERIAL- behind the scenes, bonus sex scenes, photos, actor bios, deleted scenes, company history.

Two sex scenes were cut from the film and were included in the dvd version. Not sure why they weren't included but they should have been, especially the one with four people.

Bonus Sex Scene 1: Alexa and Evan. This scene appears to have happened sometime around the Alexa (Ice Queen) and Jenna scene. Evan is a statue who comes to life. He's covered in black body paint and is wearing a face mask. He really does looked clothed. Anyway, he and Alexa get into a sword fight and end up having sex. She blows him, doggie style, her on her back with him standing in front, then he comes in her mouth.

Scene 2: Sydnee Steele, TemptressDale Dabone and Brad Armstrong. The four of them are somewhere in the castle, I presume, getting it on. They pair up for a while, then switch partners. There's too much going on to describe. I think there was anal sex with Sydnee.


This was 40 minutes long and I actually enjoyed it. It was the usual stuff with them being filmed between scenes and during. Jenna had on eyeglasses one morning when she arrived to the set. They were the same ones she was wearing during the opening scene of the film so they're obviously really hers. Watching it, I now understand why Jenna became so famous. She's funny, goofy and always smiling. She even said she could never be a comedian because she'd never be able to keep a straight face.

A part that I thought was funny was when Hershel was in full make-up and said, 'Seven hours of makeup and forteen minutes of sex- that's my idea of a good day. There was a part in the film where Randy, dressed like a weird character, was spying on Jenna while she swam nude. When she was drying off he came out of the tree and offered her a key to something if she'd let him feel her breasts. I figured she'd have had trouble not laughing during that scene because of the goofy way he was doing it and I was right- in the behind the scenes stuff they showed the filming of that and Jenna kept cracking up during that scene.

MY THOUGHTS: I liked this. I liked the whole fairy tale part, the costumes and everything. I find lesbian scenes to be boring as hell and there were two of them, unfortunately. My brain tunes out during them. There was only one scene with Jenna and a man. There should have been another one. Brad directed this and I think he did a great job. I've been watching too much gonzo porn lately, was getting sick of them and wanted to see something different. I was plesantly surprised with this one.

This came from my personal collection.

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