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Length: 2 hr 33 min.
Rating: XXX
Released: Jan 21 2010
Studio: Zero Tolerance
My Grade: A

From DVD: These young sluts are doing toe-touches while cheering for you to stick your yardstick in their backfields. You'll love their firm and fresh pom-poms and their cock-swallowing splits will get you out of your seat! Nothing like young whores taking tons of cum into their tight little holes and having it drip out! With Creampied Cheerleaders, you'll be cheering for the finest young whores in XXX - as well as, the ooze out of the cooze!

Creampied means when a man ejaculates inside a woman and the camera shows the semen run out. So obviously no condoms are used in this. All the girls have natural breasts and no pubes and are eighteen and nineteen years old.

SCENE 1: Rebecca knocks on Pat's door. She's wearing her cheerleading outfit. He lets her in and she tries to get him to buy some chocolate bars from her for a school fundraiser. He won't buy them so she offers herself to him in exchange for the $600 that she needs to get to cheerleading camp. She blows him while he's leaning back at the top of the staircase. She's naked from the waist down and is laying on her back at the top of the stairs, being eaten out by Pat, who's fingering her pussy and ass. He fucks her in that position, then she blows him, he eats her, doggie style, reverse cowgirl, then her on her back.

SCENE 2: Breanne is in the car with a guy at a park. They get out so he can film her for her cheer movie. She's dressed like a cheerleader. Mick is far behind her, leaning against a tree. Her friend has her go up to him, so he follows her with the camera. They ask Mick if he wants to go with them back to their place and be in her cheer movie. When they get there, she masturbates for the camera while Mick watches from the sidelines. Mick lays on this huge round cushion thingie on the floor an she straddles his face, facing him. She turns around in the 69 position, then she lays on her back on the cushion while Mick eats her, then fucks her. Spoon positon next, reverse cowgirl, then on her back, then on top, facing him, then on her back again until he comes in her and it runs out. She says she wishes she could see it.

SCENE 3: Dani is home alone, in her cheerleading outfit, filming herself cheering. Mark (from England) is at the door and wants to talk to her mother. She tells him she's not home. His clothes got wet in the rain so he's got a towel around his waist and one around his shoulders while his clothes are in the dryer. He's sitting on the sofa and Dani cheers for him. She blows him (he's uncircumcised), he gets up and kneels in front of her and licks her nipples then has her sit on the sofa and proceeds to eat her, then fuck her in that position. She blows him again, then kneels on the sofa and he fucks her from behind. Reverse cowgirl next, then facing him. He comes in her and it runs out.

SCENE 4: Kiara is inside, cheering in her yellow outfit. Alex (he's uncircumcised) is a few yards behind her in an indoor swimming pool. She askes him to be quiet while she's practicing. He gets out, goes over to her, they kiss and he fingers her from behind while they're kissing. She blows him then he pushes her back onto a platform bed and eats her and fingers her with two fingers, then fucks her in the same position. She blows him again then gets on top, facing him. He keeps trying to put his finger in her ass and she keeps pulling his hand away. Reverse cowgirl with her rubbing her clit a lot. Spoon position, then him on top until he comes in her..and it runs out.

SCENE 5: Gracie is at home, practicing her cheers outside. She goes inside, the doorbell rings and she lets James in. They start kissing. She's leaning against the wall near the front door. He takes her skirt and underwear off, smacks her ass a lot and fingers her. They move closer to the front door. James in leaning against the wall right beside the door, she's in front of him with her back to him with her right foot on the door knob. He takes her shirt off and reaches around her and fingers her with four fingers. She blows him. He leans against the wall by the door, she's in front with right foot up on door knob and he fucks her. Reverse cowgirl on sofa, her on her back on sofa, her on her side with him kneeling in front of her, fucking her. He sits on the floor and leans back against sofa, her in reverse cowgirl position. She kneels on sofa and he eats her from behind while she fingers her asshole. She's on her back while he comes in her.

BEHIND THE SCENES- Very boring, as to be expected. It was sixteen minutes of watching the girls hang out while waiting to film their scenes. Total waste of time.

-Photo gallery, which I skipped.
- Cum shot recap

MY THOUGHTS: This is one of my oldest porn dvds that I've had since earlier in the year. It took awhile for the sex in each scene to get going. I liked that there wasn't any talking during the sex. I think scene one if my least favorite but I'm not sure why. My favorites are scenes two and four. Mark Davis, from scene three, has the most beautiful cockhead that I've ever seen and I had to go back and watch part of that scene. Pat is one of the most unattractive men ever. He also directed this. Breanne has the best body and some of the nicest natural breasts I've ever seen but she looks horrible as a blonde. The greatest thing about this dvd is no one had breast implants.

This came from my personal collection.

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