Back Cover: link
Screenshots: link
Length: 2 hr 33 min.
Rating: XXX
Released: Jan 21 2010
Studio: Zero Tolerance
My Grade: A

From DVD: These young sluts are doing toe-touches while cheering for you to stick your yardstick in their backfields. You'll love their firm and fresh pom-poms and their cock-swallowing splits will get you out of your seat! Nothing like young whores taking tons of cum into their tight little holes and having it drip out! With Creampied Cheerleaders, you'll be cheering for the finest young whores in XXX - as well as, the ooze out of the cooze!

Creampied means when a man ejaculates inside a woman and the camera shows the semen run out. So obviously no condoms are used in this. All the girls have natural breasts and no pubes and are eighteen and nineteen years old.

SCENE 1: Rebecca knocks on Pat's door. She's wearing her cheerleading outfit. He lets her in and she tries to get him to buy some chocolate bars from her for a school fundraiser. He won't buy them so she offers herself to him in exchange for the $600 that she needs to get to cheerleading camp. She blows him while he's leaning back at the top of the staircase. She's naked from the waist down and is laying on her back at the top of the stairs, being eaten out by Pat, who's fingering her pussy and ass. He fucks her in that position, then she blows him, he eats her, doggie style, reverse cowgirl, then her on her back.

SCENE 2: Breanne is in the car with a guy at a park. They get out so he can film her for her cheer movie. She's dressed like a cheerleader. Mick is far behind her, leaning against a tree. Her friend has her go up to him, so he follows her with the camera. They ask Mick if he wants to go with them back to their place and be in her cheer movie. When they get there, she masturbates for the camera while Mick watches from the sidelines. Mick lays on this huge round cushion thingie on the floor an she straddles his face, facing him. She turns around in the 69 position, then she lays on her back on the cushion while Mick eats her, then fucks her. Spoon positon next, reverse cowgirl, then on her back, then on top, facing him, then on her back again until he comes in her and it runs out. She says she wishes she could see it.

SCENE 3: Dani is home alone, in her cheerleading outfit, filming herself cheering. Mark (from England) is at the door and wants to talk to her mother. She tells him she's not home. His clothes got wet in the rain so he's got a towel around his waist and one around his shoulders while his clothes are in the dryer. He's sitting on the sofa and Dani cheers for him. She blows him (he's uncircumcised), he gets up and kneels in front of her and licks her nipples then has her sit on the sofa and proceeds to eat her, then fuck her in that position. She blows him again, then kneels on the sofa and he fucks her from behind. Reverse cowgirl next, then facing him. He comes in her and it runs out.

SCENE 4: Kiara is inside, cheering in her yellow outfit. Alex (he's uncircumcised) is a few yards behind her in an indoor swimming pool. She askes him to be quiet while she's practicing. He gets out, goes over to her, they kiss and he fingers her from behind while they're kissing. She blows him then he pushes her back onto a platform bed and eats her and fingers her with two fingers, then fucks her in the same position. She blows him again then gets on top, facing him. He keeps trying to put his finger in her ass and she keeps pulling his hand away. Reverse cowgirl with her rubbing her clit a lot. Spoon position, then him on top until he comes in her..and it runs out.

SCENE 5: Gracie is at home, practicing her cheers outside. She goes inside, the doorbell rings and she lets James in. They start kissing. She's leaning against the wall near the front door. He takes her skirt and underwear off, smacks her ass a lot and fingers her. They move closer to the front door. James in leaning against the wall right beside the door, she's in front of him with her back to him with her right foot on the door knob. He takes her shirt off and reaches around her and fingers her with four fingers. She blows him. He leans against the wall by the door, she's in front with right foot up on door knob and he fucks her. Reverse cowgirl on sofa, her on her back on sofa, her on her side with him kneeling in front of her, fucking her. He sits on the floor and leans back against sofa, her in reverse cowgirl position. She kneels on sofa and he eats her from behind while she fingers her asshole. She's on her back while he comes in her.

BEHIND THE SCENES- Very boring, as to be expected. It was sixteen minutes of watching the girls hang out while waiting to film their scenes. Total waste of time.

-Photo gallery, which I skipped.
- Cum shot recap

MY THOUGHTS: This is one of my oldest porn dvds that I've had since earlier in the year. It took awhile for the sex in each scene to get going. I liked that there wasn't any talking during the sex. I think scene one if my least favorite but I'm not sure why. My favorites are scenes two and four. Mark Davis, from scene three, has the most beautiful cockhead that I've ever seen and I had to go back and watch part of that scene. Pat is one of the most unattractive men ever. He also directed this. Breanne has the best body and some of the nicest natural breasts I've ever seen but she looks horrible as a blonde. The greatest thing about this dvd is no one had breast implants.

This came from my personal collection.


LENGTH: 1 hr. 38 min.
RELEASED: Feb. 2007
STUDIO: Marc Dorcel

FROM DVD: Intimate Journal: Just imagine... The country with its meadows, its sheep, its cows, and its gorgeous and beautiful girls! What a pleasant and quiet place to write a diary! Laurence takes the opportunity of renting a house to write all her intimate and exciting stories, including a riveting girl-on-girl episode with her friend, Fiamma. Her friend, Christine, takes advantage of the atmosphere by inviting two young hunks into her tent and, before long, they`re in a hot and extreme double penetration. Even the owner of the farm, Laure, decides to offer herself to the stable boy for a glorious romp in the hay. The countryside offers up extreme orgasms and deep penetrating satisfaction for everyone.

This film is supposedly narrated by Lucy in French so I have not a clue as to what she's saying. After this was over I discovered in the bonus features that I could have listened to this dubbed in English! Lucy's from the Czech Republic so I'm sure that's not really her narrating the film. She rents a farmhouse. She's sitting at the table writing in her journal and in voice-over begins to reminisce about past sexual exploits of hers and others. During the sex scenes there's no talking. I assume this was filmed in France since this is a French production company. Condoms were used throughout but you could hardly see them. The men are European, therefore are uncircumcised.

SCENE 1: Kathy is outside a tent during the day. Along comes Bob and Mick. They go in the tent together. She's wearing a skirt and shirt and is laying on her back being eaten out by Bob while she's blowing Mick, then she kneels and blows both. She's on all fours blowing Bob while Mick eats her from behind then fucks her in that position. She's on top of Bob, reverse cowgirl for a while, then she gets on Mick. Next, she's on her left side, spoon position, with Bob behind her fucking her vaginally. He lubes up (they show it) and fucks her anally, then Mick takes his place in her ass. Double penetration with her on top of Mick, anally, reverse cowgirl, with Bob kneeling in front of her, inside her vagina. She turns around and faces Mick and Bob is behind her, in her ass. They both come in her mouth and she spits it out.

SCENE 2: Kristi (she's got huge natural breasts) and Toni (from Spain) are in the stable. He pulls her shorts down and eats her while fingering her. She's standing up, leaning her right arm against a post. He fucks her in that position, with her left leg up on something. Reverse cowgirl with him sitting in the hay. He comes on her chest.

SCENE 3: Lucy and Suzan are sunbathing by a pool. Suzan get up and walks into an empty stall in the stable. Mick (from scene one) is there cleaning it out with a hose. He sprays her with it, they goof around and she blows him just outside the stall. He kneels down and eats her, then fucks her from behind while she's leaning against the wall, then anal in that position. He comes on her ass. He pushes her back into the stall and cleans her off with the hose, then she sprays him.

SCENE 4: Lucy and Toni and are having sex in the grass, with Lucy on her back. Spoon position, she blows him, he fucks her from behind while they're standing up, her leaning forward against a tree. Reverse cowgirl anal in the grass, anal spoon position, then he comes on her mouth.

SCENE 5: Jessica (from Hungary and the girl on the dvd cover) goes into a camper. Tony (from France) pratically mauls her as soon as she steps foot inside. He sits her on the counter and eats her. He puts her on the bed. Reverse cowgirl, she blows him, anal in spoon position, then anal standing up with her right leg up on the table. He comes on her chest then rubs it in and titty fucks her for a few seconds.

SCENE 6: Black Diamond (from Hungary), who's hair is blonde in this film and has since gotten implants, walks off the tennis court with Kevin. She blows him right near a fence in a field. Spoon position, then reverse cowgirl. Lucy shows up and spies on them. She goes over and licks Black's clit and nipples. Lucy pulls the crotch of her underwear aside and Black licks her a few times while still in reverse cowgirl position. Lucy goes away, Black jerks Kevin off until he comes.

SCENE 7: Lucy and Gabriela (who has since gotten implants) are outside their tent when Tony shows up. He takes Gabriela inside the house, sits her on the table, takes her shorts off and eats her. She's totally bald. Her fingers her fast with his right middle finger, takes it out and licks it, then continues to eat her. He fingers her with two fingers while she rubs her clit. She blows him, then he backs her up to the table, sits her on it and fucks her silly then fucks her anally, stops, eats her ass, then puts it back in, then anal from behind. He comes on her ass and she rubs it in.

SCENE 8: Everyone who's had a sex scene is together outside the house one night, drinking and dancing to music. Suzan and Toni go into the bedroom. He eats and fingers her on the bed, she blows him, she gets on top, then anal reverse cowgirl, spoon position anal. She leaves the room before he comes.

SCENE 9: Lucy, Kevin and Tony go into the bedroom. Toni is still on the bed. Lucy blows him then the other two. A whole lot goes on here including anal, then double penetration. All three come on her face, poor thing.

BONUS FEATURES- Twenty-nine minute making-of/behind-the-scenes that wasn't too interesting, two strip teases from some random girl not in the film and seven movie trailers for other Marc Dorcel porns, and two 45- second commercials for safe sex.

MY THOUGHTS: I enjoyed this but the sex scenes weren't long enough and there was too much position changing going on, which annoyed me. I liked that they showed the guys put condoms on. I really like seeing it but you hardly ever see that in American porn, which is mostly all I have. Natural breasts! Every girl had natural breasts. Two of the girls had huge ones. I like that none of the actors were American. They were all from Austria, France, Spain, Hungary, and the Czech Republic. And there was no dialogue during the sex scenes.

This came from my personal collection.


STUDIO: Vivid Entertainment
LENGTH: 2 hr. 55 min.

FROM DVD: And now the moment you've all been waiting for: Sunny does a man. It's true. It's her first boy/girl scene ever, and it's a stunner. Presenting Sunny Loves Matt, an all-sex feature in the critically acclaimed B. Skow style. The theme is how women take care of their every way...with the kind of tease and lingerie footage only B. Skow can deliver. America loves Sunny. AVN loves B. Skow. You'll love Sunny loves Matt...with the boy/girl of the century!

Though Vivid is usually condom-only, none are used in this film. I think this is Sunny's first film after getting breast implants. She's Canadian. There's really no talking except for what's said during sex. Low music is playing the entire time.

SCENE 1: Sunny's cleaning the window and pulls the top of her dress down. Matt calls her into the kitchen, they kiss, he smacks her bare ass a few times then she sits on the island (counter), spreads her legs, dress around her waist, and Matt rubs her clit. She blows him for the longest time then she lays on her back on the sofa, him standing in front of her with this left knee on the sofa, fucking her. Reverse cowgirl next, spoon, doggie, her on her back. He came in her mouth and that was the runniest come I've ever seen. It was like white water. He put it right back into her and kept going. She told him she wanted him to come on her 'pussy' and held it open for him, so he came on it.

SCENE 2: Nick is watching television. Rebeca (from Spain) walks over and stands right in front of him. He's rubbing her ass while trying to see the television behind her. She gets in front of the tv, strips, squats down and masturbates a bit. She lays on the sofa and rubs her clit while he fingers her. He eats her, she blows him, then gets on top, facing him and rides him hard and fast. Reverse cowgirl, sex from behind, she blows him, from behind again. He tells her to 'squeal' twice and she tells him to shut up! I had to rewind that to make sure I'd heard her correctly. Interestingly, he did shut up after that. She blows him again and he tells her to 'turn the fuck over' so she leans forward on the sofa while she pounds away. She gets on her back on the sofa, he's standing between her legs fucking her as she rubs her clit. Guess what comes next? Yep, she blows him again and he comes in her mouth. She lets it drip out. She's got nice B cup breasts but I see in her info online that she's gotten implants since then. Boo!

SCENE 3: It's Sunny and Matt again. Her friend Ann Marie comes over. Matt watches them go at it the whole time. They use two different dildos. Lesbian sex scenes do nothing for me and most of the time I fast forward through them.

SCENE 4: Megan is wearing a bikini outside near a pool while Charles watches her masturbate for the camera. She's got awful huge implants and ridiculous tattoos everywhere but a cute face. She's sitting on some piece of outdoor furniture that looks like a bed or something, legs spread and he rubs her clit. He titty fucks her (I can't stand that), eats her for five seconds then says, 'I gotta get inside that pussy'. Reverse cowgirl, spoon, doggie then he comes on/in her mouth.

SCENE 5: Sunny and Monique get naked and blow Matt. Sunny rides him and Monique rubs her own clit then becomes the third wheel. Monique get on Matt in reverse cowgirl, spoon. Sunny lays on her back, Monique straddles her face and Matt eats Sunny, then fucks her. Matt fucks Monique doggie style for a long time, Sunny's annoying mouth running the whole time. He came in Sunny's mouth. At least that shut her up for a few seconds.


Behind the scenes stuff for twenty minutes. Sunny talking about her implants being brand new and how she's always wanted bigger breasts, Monique talking about her less-than-a-week-old tattoo on her right arm, Rebeca telling us she's from Spain. This wasn't interesting at all and was a waste of film.

VIVID GIRL EXTRAS-  This was five five-minute bonus clips from the following Vivid films: Foreplay, Love Life, Pop Star, Savanna Loves Sex, It's Sunny in Brazil, starring Sunny Leone with natural breasts.

MY THOUGHTS: Sunny's constant, and I do me constant, cussing during sex (put your fuckin' cock in my fuckin' pussy. Are you gonna fuckin' make me fuckin' come again?) and emphasis on the F word every time she spoke it completely ruined this for me. There was a five minute clip of her in the bonus section and she spoke the same way during that scene. Every word out of her mouth is
contrived and she was aware of the camera on her 100% of the time. She's fake, fake, fake. I have one more dvd starring her and I dread watching it. She's a squirter but I never once saw so much as a trickle come out of her. She's pretty with a nice body but that's about the only positive thing I can say about her.

There wasn't enough Matt/Monique sex during the threesome. Monique had nice, small B cup breasts but she too has gotten implants since this was filmed in 8/07.

This came from my personal collection. 


SCREENSHOTS: link (click photos to enlarge)
STUDIO: Wicked Pictures
RELEASED: 2000 (filmed 10/99)
LENGHT: 125 min.

From DVD: She Came To Save Fantasy!

Jenna Jameson is Sara, an average blonde knockout that has had enough of her mundane life. Enter the faerie folk. They pull Jenna into a mystical world of seduction and danger. It's up to her to save "fantasy" from banishment at the hands of the evil Vladimir. Join this all-star cast of beautiful sluts as they tackle Vladimir and his minions - one cock at a time!

This is a time-travel porn. At the beginning, it's modern-day and Jenna and Devin are at the drive in. He takes her home. She's on her bed by herself when two fairies, Felecia and Stephanie arrive. She walks through a wall and ends up in Fantasyland. Condoms were used throughout.

SCENE 1:  Asia eats and fingers Jenna. Asia blows Evan Stone while Jenna is naked and squatting against a tree in the forest, rubbing her pierced clit. Jenna eats Asia from behind and fingers her ass. Asia gets on Evan in reverse cowgirl, then from behind she leans against the tree that Jenna's squatting against.

SCENE 2: Randy's in a castle and gets blown by two women, Johnni and Amber. He fucks them each in the usual positions, then comes on their faces, poor things.

SCENE 3: Hershel, who's been doing porn since before I was born, plays Vladimir, who has stolen 'fantasy'. He gets blown by a blonde who's got small natural breasts and no pubes. She gets on him, reverse cowgirl, then facing him with some really good close-ups. Anal, with her kneeling in a chair, him standing behind her. He comes in her mouth.

SCENE 4: Jenna, who's being lead through the forest by two fairies, Felecia and Stephanie, has a threesome with them. Boring!

SCENE 5: Jenna's still in the forest by herself when two more fairies come along to help her get to Vladimir, Inari and Teri. Along comes Brad on a horse and he doesn't want to let them pass. The fairies offer him favors in exchange for letting Jenna go. They blow him together, he fucks Inari from behind while Teri masturbates. He goes over to Teri and has her blow him while he's still wearing a condom. She fucks him reverse cowgirl and clearly has a vaginal orgasm twice. He fucks Inari anally while Teri masturabates, then comes on their faces.

SCENE 6: This story being a fairy tale during medieval times with weird Grimms characters, Anthony is in costume and looks all weird. He's in the forest getting blown by a brunette Jessica Drake, in one of her earliest films. She looks so much better with dark hair. In the bonus behind-the-scenes stuff, she says that she likes the attention she gets from doing porn and likes when all eyes are on her.

SCENE 7: Jenna found her way to the Ice Warrior Queen place. They go at it with clear glass dildos, including one in Jenna's ass, and including Jenna being penetrated with two at once vaginally (a first for her. She said in the bonus material that she was sore the next morning).

SCENE 8: Jenna makes her way to Vladamir's castle and he imprisions her. She's in a cell and in walks her boyfriend, Devin. Don't judge him by this photo! Anyway, he eats her, she blows him, reverse cowgirl, doggie style, missionary. He comes in her mouth and as usual, she lets it drip out.

The End!

BONUS MATERIAL- behind the scenes, bonus sex scenes, photos, actor bios, deleted scenes, company history.

Two sex scenes were cut from the film and were included in the dvd version. Not sure why they weren't included but they should have been, especially the one with four people.

Bonus Sex Scene 1: Alexa and Evan. This scene appears to have happened sometime around the Alexa (Ice Queen) and Jenna scene. Evan is a statue who comes to life. He's covered in black body paint and is wearing a face mask. He really does looked clothed. Anyway, he and Alexa get into a sword fight and end up having sex. She blows him, doggie style, her on her back with him standing in front, then he comes in her mouth.

Scene 2: Sydnee Steele, TemptressDale Dabone and Brad Armstrong. The four of them are somewhere in the castle, I presume, getting it on. They pair up for a while, then switch partners. There's too much going on to describe. I think there was anal sex with Sydnee.


This was 40 minutes long and I actually enjoyed it. It was the usual stuff with them being filmed between scenes and during. Jenna had on eyeglasses one morning when she arrived to the set. They were the same ones she was wearing during the opening scene of the film so they're obviously really hers. Watching it, I now understand why Jenna became so famous. She's funny, goofy and always smiling. She even said she could never be a comedian because she'd never be able to keep a straight face.

A part that I thought was funny was when Hershel was in full make-up and said, 'Seven hours of makeup and forteen minutes of sex- that's my idea of a good day. There was a part in the film where Randy, dressed like a weird character, was spying on Jenna while she swam nude. When she was drying off he came out of the tree and offered her a key to something if she'd let him feel her breasts. I figured she'd have had trouble not laughing during that scene because of the goofy way he was doing it and I was right- in the behind the scenes stuff they showed the filming of that and Jenna kept cracking up during that scene.

MY THOUGHTS: I liked this. I liked the whole fairy tale part, the costumes and everything. I find lesbian scenes to be boring as hell and there were two of them, unfortunately. My brain tunes out during them. There was only one scene with Jenna and a man. There should have been another one. Brad directed this and I think he did a great job. I've been watching too much gonzo porn lately, was getting sick of them and wanted to see something different. I was plesantly surprised with this one.

This came from my personal collection.

Fifty Shades of Erotica at EdenFantasys®

EdenFantasys® is well known for their large selection of adult products but did you know they also have a small section of erotica?

I'm sure all of you have heard about the Fifty Shades trilogy by E.L. James. Well, Eden has books one, two and three. That's where I purchased two of the three.

You've probably heard of the French classic, Story of O by Pauline Réage too. I first read that when I was eighteen, many moons ago. Eden has that too.

Something I've read and recommend is the Sleeping Beauty trilogy by Anne Rice. has all three in the trilogy. My favorite is book two, Beauty's Punishment. That one is about a male slave and contains m/m sex.

Are you a fan of Pride and Prejudice? Here's someone's erotic take on it. I've been meaning to purchase that one since last year. Do you enjoy reading about the forbidden zone? You may enjoy Luscious. What about oral sex? You may want to pick up Going Down.

There's more erotic fiction and nonfiction to choose from so go ahead and browse around.

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Released: 1973
Studio: VCX Ltd.
Run Time: 67 min.
Rating: XXX
My Grade: A-

From DVD: The Devil in Miss Jones opens as Justine Jones, a lonely virgin spinster, is driven to suicide through sheer sexual frustration. The fact that she's taken her own life means that she's forever stranded in limbo. She can't get to heaven, but she hasn't sinned enough to make it to hell. So the powers that be give her a chance to live her life again - this time with permission to indulge her lustful desires. The rest of the film follows Miss Jones on her voyage of erotic discovery. Devil in Miss Jones is a true classic.

SPOILER SYNOPSIS: The character Justine (stage name Georgina Spelvin, real name Michelle Graham) is in her bedroom. She undresses and gets in the bathtub, where she proceeds to slit her wrists and die. Next, she walks into a room where a man is sitting at a table. They talk about how she's dead and he doesn't know if she should go to heaven or hell, so she's in purgatory. She says she'll live out one of the seven deadly sins, lust.

She walks into another room where The Teacher (Harry Reems) is sitting. She stands in front of him and strips. He tells her to turn around and bend over, then puts a small butt plug in her. He lays on the bed, she sits beside him to his left, facing his dick. He has her blow him. This part of the scene is really slow and good. She gets on top, reverse cowgirl. He takes the plug out and fingers her asshole. She takes the plug and sucks on it. She said in her book that she wouldn't put the same one in her mouth so it's a different, clean one. She lays on her right side and he fucks her anally from behind. This is a very short scene.

A woman walks into a room where Justine is laying naked on a plastic-covered bed of some sort. She takes her robe off, sits on the bed and rubs oil on Justine. They kiss, the woman fingers her, eats her out, and fingers her some more. There aren't any close-ups like I was expecting.

Justine is in a disgusting looking bathtub, playing with a water hose. She puts it in her pussy and ass. Stupid, pointless scene.

The Teacher is telling a kneeling Justine how to blow him. She blows him, telling him she wants him to come in her mouth. So he does. Another short scene.

She's naked in bed, feeding herself grapes. She bites an apple, rubs it on her pussy, then licks the apple. She stuffs a few grapes in her pussy, then eats them. Next, she blows a banana. I know, stupid, right? She peels it, rubs it on her pussy then eats that part of the banana. She's laying there holding a snake. She keeps putting the snake's head in her mouth. Can't imagine why and I have no idea where the snake came from or how it fits into the scene.

She and Sue are on the bed, blowing some guy at the same time. He comes in Sue's mouth and it's dripping out. Justine, not wanting to waste it, licks it up with the tip of her tongue and she and Sue kiss. Poor Sue; we only see the right side of her face the whole time. She's got curly hair and appears to be attractive with perfect teeth.

It's double penetration time, boys and girls! Justine is in bed, laying on top of a guy, fucking him while another guy is in her ass. The men pull out but stay in the same position and come on each other's dicks.

Justine is talking with John, the man who's deciding whether to send her to hell or not, and next thing you know, she's apparently in hell. There's a man there (who happens to be the director) rambling on about a fly. He's obviously mentally ill. She's become a nympho or something and is trying to get him to have sex with her. She's straddling a wooden chest, he's sitting on the floor beside it, she's spreading her legs and is fingering herself with two fingers. She tells him to lick her 'cunt' and to bring her his 'prick'. She's murmuring to him that she'll suck his 'prick', 'balls' and 'ass'. He's not having any of it because he's off in his own little world. The End!


Just a seven minute preview of three other VCX films, Debbie Does Dallas, The Blonde, Candy Lips. If you put the disc in your computer you can watch three more full length films.

MY THOUGHTS: Despite the explicit sex this doesn't really seem like porn, especially the beginning of the film. The wrist-slashing scene was a bit disturbing. This film was filled with all brunettes, men and women. Not one blonde in site. How rare. I found it a bit odd that Georgina had harry armpits. She's got a very nice petite body and nice small breasts. The sex scenes were pretty short, which was a disappointment. I'm glad I finally watched this. Two years ago Georgina sent me her self published autobiography (personally autographed to me!) but I hadn't seen any of her films then. I want to reread it soon. It wasn't very good.

I wish I knew more about who Sue Flaken was. Like Georgina and Judith, from the lesbian scene, she probably wasn't even an actress. She may have been doing the catering (like Georgina and Judith) and got talked into doing the scene.

I received this from Babeland in exchange for an honest review.