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Studio: Vivid Man
Production Date: 1994
Release: 2002
Run Time: 74 min.
Rating: XXX
My Grade: B

From DVD: Star attorney Zak Spears, idolized by the firm's hot, new lawyer; Bo Summers, by chance happens upon two cleaning men having sex in his office. Not suprisingly, he's shocked. But quite suprisingly, he finds it erotic. And thus begins his odyssey into the world of man-to-man sex. Climaxing in a sexual odyssey through the pants of Bo Summers. And a change of heart that leads to a change of life and a change of career.

Condoms were used throughout.

SCENE 1: Tommy is jerking off at his desk at work during the opening credits. He stops when his boss calls him.

SCENE 2: Two guys from a cleaning crew, a brunette, here, and I'm not sure who the other guy is but he's blonde with an Australian accent ( I found out he's Karl), are there to clean that same office. Tommy's boss, Manny, the man on the cover, is in the bathroom in that same office and overhears them talking about having sex with men when they're supposedly hetero. Manny starts to jerk off.

The blonde is sitting on the desk with his pants around his ankles, getting blown by the brunette guy. The brunette gets on his knees and continues to blow the other guy while jerking himself off. The blonde lays back on the desk with his head hanging off. He's blowing the guy, who's standing beside him. I hate when they're in that position in porn. The brunette is rubbing the guy's asshole, then fingers it with one, then two, fingers. Meanwhile, Manny's still in the bathroom getting his jerk on. The brunette is standing up, fucking the blonde, who's still on his back on the desk. He jerks off onto the guy's stomach, then Manny comes, then the blonde.

SCENE 3: Tommy and another blonde man are sitting on his sofa at home. Tommy is leaning back against the arm, legs spread, while the other guy rubs his asshole. He tells him his asshole is 'gorgeous' and asks if he can 'fuck it'. He's told no.

A brunette delivery man stops by to deliver a package for Tommy. He sits on the sofa and the blonde guy starts rubbing his dick though his jeans, then takes it out and blows him. Tommy is standing up beside him, getting blown. The brunette delivery man is now naked and lying back on the sofa. His left leg is draped over the arm and his right leg is on the floor. Tommy is leaning over the arm of the sofa blowing him. The other blonde is kneeling on the sofa behind the brunette's head, leaning over his face, getting blown. Tommy is now laying on the sofa with his back against the arm. The brunette is kneeling between his legs, blowing him, while getting fucked from behind by the other guy. All three sit down on the sofa and jerk off. The two blondes jerk off onto the brunette at the same time, then the brunette comes on himself.

SCENE 4: Manny, decked out in awful bleached denim jeans, black boots and black leather jacket, shows up at some guys apartment. Director's commentary tells me the actor is named Christian. I can't find his photo but he's very skinny, not very tall, dark hair, blue eyes and according to the director, 'looks European.' He asks the man if he's going to blow him so the guy gets busy licking him through his jeans for several minutes. The guy leans over on the sofa, getting fucked by Manny from behind. He then leans over a chair and puts his right foot up on it and Manny's pounding away behind him. He jerks off on his back. He pushes the guy down and leaves. He's supposed to be hetero and is disgusted with himself for having sex with a man. The guy sits on the sofa and jerks off, coming on his stomach.

SCENE 5: Manny and Tommy are at one of their places. Manny tells him that he's had sex with a man and that it's like 'fucking a woman, but rougher'. They start kissing in the livingroom, then go into the bedroom. They're in bed, kissing forever, and holding hands. Manny leans over and blows Tommy, who's laying flat on his back. Tommy leans over and starts blowing Manny. They get into 69 position, with Manny on top. Tommy fucks Manny from behind on the bed, while Manny jerks himself off. They switch positions. Tommy is face down on the bed on his knees taking it from behind, telling Manny to 'fuck' him 'hard'. Manny is kneeling on the bed behind him, pumping away.

They lay beside each other and jerk off onto their stomaches.

MY THOUGHTS:  This was alright. Low budget as hell but still OK. My favorite scene was the last one. I liked it because it was longer than the others and didn't seem so porn-like because of them kissing and holding hands on the bed. It was more like they were a real couple who gave a shit about each other. The acting was as to be expected.

This was produced in 1994 but not released until 2002, or maybe it was rereleased then. Either way, the bleached denim jeans several of the men were wearing and some of the hairstyles gave it away as being produced then. No big deal. I'm sick of seeing men with hairy assholes though. Why 'manscape' the front of yourself but not the back?! None of the men were attractive to me but it wasn't their faces I was watching.

If you look at the photos on the back cover, the two guys in the second photo aren't in this film at all. It must have been left on the cutting room floor. The third photo is the scene with the Australian blonde on the desk. The last three photos are of the final scene.


There were previews of seven other Vivid Man titles:
Jock Strap- I've reviewed that dvd
I forot the title of this one but it was good and was 12 minutes long.
Steel Trap- very good, was 17 minutes long and took place in a auto shop's garage
Hand To Hand-, 17 minutes
Moan- 8 minute clip
The Uninvited- 11 1/2 minutes
Hole- I loved this clip. It was 13 minutes long. At one point the dark haired guy was sitting in front of a drawing board. The other guy got in front of him, faced away and lowered himself down on his dick. He kept backing himself into the guy in the chair while he braced his arms in front, on the board then later, supported himself by placing his arms on the sitting guy's legs. I could have watched that scene all night long.


I watched this again with the audio commentary with the director and lead actor, Zac Spears, the guy on the cover. Listening to that cleared up some questions I had about who some of the actors were. This was indeed not released on dvd until 2002 so that's when the audio commentary was recorded. Zac (Manny) said about the final scene that rewatching it 'had me going' in a nonsexual way. He said he likes romance and he had a 'major attraction' to Bo (Tommy) at the time.

When watching the scene where he's wearing that leather jacket, he said he later sold it on Ebay. He said that he has a difficult time staying hard during oral sex and that Christian did a good job of keeping him hard. In the other scene, the director said the Australian guy did some bisexual after this was filmed in 1994.

This came from my personal collection.

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