LORD GRAY'S LIST by Maggie Robinson

PUBLISHER: Brava, 11/2012
SETTING: England, 1820
GENRE: Historical romance
SERIES: The London List, #1

FROM PUBLISHER: The brainchild of Evangeline Ramsey, the London List features the latest gossip as well as blind advertisements. Every London resident, from the lowliest kitchen maid to the most exalted duchess, looks forward to Tuesday morning, when the newspaper publishes and speculation rises.

Baron Benton Gray is sick of finding his latest peccadilloes printed in the London List - and shocked to find his old love, Evangeline Ramsey, at the helm. He buys the newspaper from her ailing father with the intention of shutting it down, only to face uproar from its eager readers. Forced to enlist Evie's aid to re-start the newspaper, he finds that putting the paper to bed becomes an unexpected pleasure for them both...unexpected plot twists, humour, and plenty of "romangst."

MY THOUGHTS: I wasn't at all happy with this book. It's not believable that Evie could masquerade as a man for years and get away with it. I just couldn't get past that. She and Ben were likable and I enjoyed the dialogue between them, the way they were always aruging. I don't like a heroine being as old as her, thirty-two, nor do I like that Evie was slightly older than Ben, who's thirty.

I didn't like that Evie's big nose was mentioned often nor did I like the bit of violent nonsense involving Evie and another female character about halfway through the book. It came out of nowhere. Something else that had no place in the book was when some woman came to Evie and wanted her to write a bad story about her abusive husband. Ben got involved in that for no reason and I just had to roll my eyes and wonder why that character was even in the story.

I received this from the author in exchange for an honest review.

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