STUDIO: Digital Playground
RUN TIME: 138 min.
UPC: 787633007346

FROM DVD: The "Hard Candy" series is Robby D's tribute to gorgeous, young girls and their insatiable and deliciously naughty sex drive. From candy to cum, from pantyhose to jewelry, Robby captures the wholesome transition of fresh, youthful sluts experiencing the thrill of off limits sex, like anals and cum drenching facials and DPs. Volume two showcases innocent but naughty Charlotte Stokely disciplined by a big cock till cum explodes all her sweet face. Red-headed Riley Shy with her bright blue eyes makes an excellent "head" cheerleader. Anal queen Hillary Scott trades in her licorice for Erik Everhard's man candy. Both Kinzie Kenner and Jessi Summers anal scenes are so hot that Jerry had to unload TWICE in both scenes. This second edition also features Claire Robbins in a train wreck double penetration like we've never seen!

No condoms were used at all. All girls had bald labia and a little patch of pubes on the mound.

SCENE 1: Charlotte (the girl on box cover) is dressed like a little girl. She's sitting on the floor in her room, playing with a toy. In walks Scott, who stumbles over her dildo. As punishment for having one, he lays her over his lap and spanks her with a hair brush then makes her stand in the corner and strip while he jerks off. He has her come over to him and blow him. Next, she's laying on her back on the bed. He's standing by the bed, leaning over her, getting blown. I hate seeing that position. She's in doggie position on the floor, getting fucked by Scott, who's squatting down behind her. He comes around and comes on her face.

SCENE 2: Riley, dressed in her cheerleading uniform, is on the phone with her friend, telling her that her parents won't pay to send her to nationals (a cheerleading competition) but she could come up with a way to make some money. She's dressed, kneeling on the floor with her hands cuffed behind her back and blindfolded. In walks Erik (from Canada). He gets behind her, rubs her breasts and pulls her shirt up. He pushes her forward onto her hands and eats her from behind. She kneels on the sofa and he continues to eat her briefly, then she kneels on the floor so he can uncuff her hands. He fucks her from behind while he's fully clothed for a minute. She blows him then he sits on the sofa. She gets on top, still wearing her cheerleading skirt. He lays her back on the sofa, eats her quickly, then fucks her some more. He sits down, she's on top, facing away, legs straddling his. He's rubbing the hell out of her clit. She blows him then doggie style sex with her kneeling on the floor and leaning her upper body on the sofa. She blows him and he comes on her face.

SCENE 3: Claire, from the first dvd in this series, is once again straddling a chair with her ass stuck out, just being filmed for a minute. She sits on the sofa, takes her shirt and underwear off and masturbates for the camera for a few seconds, then gets on her knees on the sofa and fingers her asshole. Luckily her fake nail didn't come off inside. She's kneeling down, blowing Scott and Tony. The sex is all anal and double penetration and there's a whole lot of switching around and ATM (ass to mouth) oral. They finish off on her face.

SCENE 4: Hillary is wearing jeans and a t-shirt. She's on the sofa drinking soda through a Twizzler (I used to do that as a teenager) and chatting on the phone. Erik, from a previous scene, sits on the sofa with a bag of chips and they start bickering about stupid stuff. She tells him he's rude and couldn't believe they grew up in the same house and were raised by the same people. Guess that was the producers way of telling us they're brother and sister.

She leans over and blows him, then blows him on the floor. They're kneeling on the floor facing each other, fully clothed. She pulls her pants down and fucks her like that. I've never, ever seen that before in porn. It's not a good porn position because it's hard to see what's going on. She blows him, then, still kneeling, she leans forward on the sofa while getting fucked from behind. He puts a glass dildo in her ass, using spit as lube. What a guy. The dildo is pretty much left in place while he fucks her vaginally. A couple of times he takes it out and has her suck it. Gag. He lays her back on the sofa and fucks her anally, then comes on her face.

SCENE 5: Jessi. Boy, is she annoying as hell. She's got awful, big, round, hard-looking implants but a real nice body. She's there with Jerry, who's from the Czech Republic (pictured below in all his glory). She's supposed to be getting back at her exboyfriend by having anal sex on camera. She keeps looking at the camera during sex and I can't stand it. Jerry sits on the sofa and she kneels between his legs and blows him. She kneels on the sofa and Jerry puts one finger in her pussy and one in her ass and has her suck them. Doggie style vaginal sex on sofa, then with her on her back. Anal in doggie position. Vaginal reverse cowgirl on sofa. He comes, then she starts riding him again until he comes on her tongue...and she swallows it. Whenever his treasure trail was in view it was all I could look at.

SCENE 6: Jerry again (pictured below) and Kinzie. She's in the car, talking on the phone about being on her way to her first job interview. Jerry lets her in and takes her into a room with a big table. She talking about why he should hire her. He doesn't speak much but it was enough to hear he had a foreign accent. He leans her over the table, pulls her skirt up and smacks her ass a million times. He rips her panty hose in half and eats her from behind. She sits on the table and he continues to eat her. He lays her back and fucks her for a while, then she stands up and leans forward on table, left knee up on it, getting fucked from behind. She blows him, then reverse cowgirl vaginal then anal sex on sofa. Like in the previous scene with him, he pulls out and comes then sticks it back in her ass until he comes on her face. Again, I was distracted by his treasure trail. I might have a slight crush on him. His hair is darker than it appears in the photo at iafd.

A short preview of three other dvds, Control, Hard Candy 1, Pulse POV, about seven minutes total.

A slide show of each girl, still photos from this dvd with some disturbing lullaby music playing.

MY THOUGHTS: I was disappointed in this one. Two of the girls were annoying, Hillary and Jessi. The only one I really liked was scene two. I'm sick to death of seeing Scott. Only three of the six girls had natural breasts, Charlotte, Claire and Riley.

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