Kelly The Coed 1 Adult DVD

STUDIO: Heatwave
LENGTH: 1 hr. 23 min.
RELEASE DATE: 5/24/1999

From DVD: Meet Kelly the Coed. Fresh out of high school and away from home for the first time, what's a young freshman to do but get into trouble? Watch as Kelly experiences her first Rush Week on Greek Row as rowdy frat boys pledge new brothers and little sisters at wild toga parties. But the Greek system never saw a little sister quite like Kelly the Coed. All the holes are open boys, so grab a beer bong and go for a ride!

SCENE 1: Kelly is walking by herself on campus when two guys come up to her and invite her to a party that night. She agrees and goes to her dorm room. She walks in on her roommate, Debbie, who's being eaten out. She leaves them alone and starts playing some beer game with a guy in some room. Debbie continues to be eaten out and fingered. She blows him, then reverse cowgirl on the bed. Kelly has tiny A cup breasts but I see on her info that she's now a C cup. She's got a wide strip of hair but the labia is bald.

SCENE 2: One of Debbie's teachers comes in the room where she's still having sex. He tells her she's late for their appointment and makes the guy leave. She masturbates a bit while the guy is talking to her. He gets on the bed and she gets on top, facing him. Anal, then doggie style. You should have seen the misery on her face during anal. Delia has small breasts, probably a 32B and most of her pubes are there but trimmed. She forgot to shave the hair around her asshole.

SCENE 3: Kelly is sitting on a sofa playing a beer game with the guy. They strip down afterward, she blows him, shocking, I know. He takes her underwear off, kneels down and eats her. He sits on the sofa and she gets on top, facing him for a while, then reverse cowgirl, next, her on her back. He comes on and in her mouth and she spits it out.

SCENE 4: A different girl who's at the party blows three guys at once and, of course, they come on her face.

SCENE 5: Kelly is at the party she was invited to. The two guys who invited her invite her upstairs. She blows both and they come on her face.

SCENE 6: Kelly is naked, kissing one of the guys while the other is kneeling behind her, fingering her. She kneels down and blows the other guy in front of her and the other guy continues to finger and eat her from behind. Reverse cowgirl on sofa, her on top, facing him, then double penetration. She sits on the floor while the come on her face.

SCENE 7: Kelly's friend Holly is at the party looking for her. She ends up giving some guy a blow job at the top of the stairs.

SCENE 8: Kelly is in a bathroom stall squating above the toilet. The camera points to something else and we hear what is probably fake pee sounds. The camera is back to Kelly and some drunk, naked guy comes into the stall with her. She blows him and he comes on her face.

SCENE 9: Two guys at the party are sitting on a sofa, getting blown by Annabel. She's got small breast implants that don't look too bad. She gets on one in reverse cowgirl position, then gets on the other guy in the same position, then doggie style, anal on the sofa with her laying way back against the back of the sofa. Then double penetration in the same position. This anal scene was comical; the guy who was in her vagina, his balls were slapping against the base of the other guys dick the whole time. They come on her face. This is the only scene where the guys wore condoms.


Behind the Scenes: This was ten minutes of behind-the-scenes during filming of some of the sex scenes. It was semi-entertaining.

Solo Scenes: Each of the five girls were shown semi-masturbating while music was playing. This stuff was obviously filmed while they were killing time between their scenes. This was 15 minutes.

Dvd previews: This was not worth being on the disc. It was about a thrity second preview of four different dvds. Awful.

Bonus Film: There was just two scenes from a dvd called I Love You, Suck My Dick (Also known as Sweet Surrender) and appeared to have zero plot. Screen shots here.

MY THOUGHTS: This was alright but low budget. It fell way below my expectations, as most porn does. Low music was playing the whole time and that always annoys me. The plot was lame but the penetration scenes were good. Two of the scenes were just blow jobs, which bored me and I fast forwarded through most of it. I'd have graded this a B if not for those two scenes.

This came from my personal collection.

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