DONA by JO at EdenFantasys® carries a line of bath and beauty products called DONA by JO, a spin-off beauty line from System JO, a company based in California, I believe. The line is paraben-free and all are very reasonably priced, around $10.

If you enjoy relaxing in scented water, you may want to try their bath salts. They come in six different scents and it's a 9 oz. jar and each jar is a different color of lace. If they don't disolve fast enough for you, you could disolve them in a mug of hot water first, then pour it into the bath water.

Their bath milk too comes in six different scents. I haven't tried this yet but I like that this is in powder form. Seems like it will disolve much faster in hot water. I've read that milk power contains vitamins and lactic acid, both of which are good for your skin.

DONA body lotion is something we could all use on a daily basis. As with the rest of their products, this comes in six scents. Filled with multiple types of oils and vitamin E, it's sure to soften your skin while leaving a fresh scent behind.

I really like the idea of a body mist lotion. I never see too many of this type of lotion. Spritz evenly on bare skin. I feel it's best to put on slightly damp skin because it spreads around much easier.

If you're looking for a product to get naughty with after you've bathed in their products, try their Kissable Body Drizzle. It comes in a squeeze bottle. What a sexy idea. Hopefully they'll add food/candy flavors to this line in the not-too-distant future.

The one DONA product that I'm most interested in trying is their body polish. Everyone need to slough off dead skin cells that cover our entire body and using a product like this is very necessary. I think it should come in a tube instead but as long as you don't get water in the container, all should be well.

If you've never used any type of body scrub, just know that with the exception of your face and genitals, you can use this very roughly everywhere, hands included (and your butt cheeks!). Women, I recommend you use this once a week on your legs and do it right before you shave them. Men, use it once a week right before you shave your face.

This DONA line is fairly new to me. I'd not seen it anywhere until I was browsing around at EdenFantasys. I'm most anxious to try the body mist and body scrub.

Please don't forget that EdenFantasys® also has plenty of luxury personal products, so browse around.

*None of the ingredients are harmful but look them over before purchasing to see if any may cause you allergies!

This was a sponsored post.