Pub. Info: Zebra, July 2012
Original Pub: Zebra, 3/1995
Setting: England, 1761
Series? Yes, book 2
My Grade: C

The Riskiest Game

Portia St. Claire’s brother has gambled and lost once too often, thrusting her into the hands of ruthless men. To keep his life he must give up his sister’s virtue, to be auctioned off in London’s most notorious brothel.

To retrieve an incriminating letter, Bryght Malloren once broke into a house where he was greeted at pistol point by a resolute woman…a woman he could swear stands before him, masked and trembling, on a madam’s auction block.

Unable to leave Portia to such a cruel fate, Bryght turns the private wager into a very public game of seduction, one that confirms his reputation as a shameless rake and keeps all of London society breathless with anticipation. But on a night shimmering with destiny, truth, and passion, those who tempt fortune risk losing everything…including their hearts.

MY THOUGHTS: Well, the story started out really interesting. Portia and Bryght had a really interesting first meeting and the story flowed nicely. I’m not sure why Bryght was so into wanting to mary Portia. Nerissa is Portia’s married, whoring cousin and she’s quite evil and greedy. I like those type of characters so I liked her. I feel as though Portia is cowardly where her half brother is concerned. Really she has no backbone. The problem for me is that about halfway through, the story got real boring and it became a chore to finish it. Honestly, I can’t recommend this to anyone.

I received this from the publisher in exchange for an honest review.

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