NICHOLAS by Cheryl Holt

Pub. Info: Samhain, 7/2012
Genre: Historical Romance
Setting: England, 1814
My Grade: B-

From Publisher: Captain Nicholas Price is a man with a plan. As the newly minted Lord Stafford, he is determined to have the best of everything. Clothes, horses, women. Miss Emeline Wilson is a woman on a mission. Forced into penury by the cruel estate manager of the indifferent Lord Stafford, Emeline is determined to confront the new Lord with his callous ways. When they finally meet, sparks fly, and Nicholas finds himself knocked for a loop by the feisty, intelligent, and definitely not high-born Miss.

MY THOUGHTS: Emeline is twenty-four and responsible for her ten year old twin sisters. She’s definitely down on her luck when she encounters the hero, Nicholas. Nicholas is thirty years old. He’s beyond uncaring and is unsympathetic and isn’t very likeable. He thinks he’s above anyone else…at first. He redeems himself a bit when he helps Emeline with something that’s important to her.

The story started out interesting but I lost interest halfway through. This book seemed short and their relationship with each other was underdeveloped. Nicholas didn’t seem too into Emeline so when he confessed his love for her, I had to roll my eyes and wonder what the author was thinking.

Nicholas has a younger brother, Stephen. I liked Stephen but didn’t see the point in him having a young daughter. It didn’t add to the story and another young character wasn’t necessary since Emeline’s sisters were already in it. His affair with Josephine was mildly interesting and the author clearly wanted to make this story a 2-for-1 by making it about not just Nicholas but his brother too.

I received this from the publisher in exchange for an honest review.

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