Keep Yourself Clean with Sliquid® from EdenFantasys®!

Most of you probably know that I absolutely love They not only sell alone time treats, they sell a safe, chemical-free, non toxic feminine wash by Sliquid®. I want to tell you about my experience with it.

Sliquid Splash® comes in an 8.5 oz. bottle. Below are the ingredients for the Naturally Unscented varity, which is the one I own.

Purified Water- has had chemicals removed from it via different methods.

Cocoamphoacetate- It's an organic biodegradable compound. It's made from fatty acids from coconut oil. Used in cleansing agents, it helps with viscosity and conditions.

Coco Betaine (Derived from Coconut Oil)- Used as an emulsifying agent and thickener.

Coco Amide (Derived from Coconut Oil)- increases foaming capacity and is a good emulsifier.

Sea Salt- Salt that comes from evaporated sea salt water. Helps to soften the skin.

Citric Acid- It's used in personal care products to adjust the pH balance.

EGMS (Ethylene Glycol MonoStearate)- A fatty compound that's used to thicken fluids and also gives a pearlescent shine.

Potassium Sorbate- A crystalline powder used as a preservative.

Two other scents are available: Grapefruit Thyme and Cucumber Honeydew. The fragrance is all-natural and comes from essential oils, not synthetic chemicals! The ingredients in those differ slightly from the Naturally Unscented version so do your research before purchasing.

This lathers very nicely, not quite like you'd get from regular chemical-filled body wash or bar soap, and the unscented one has an attractive pearlized sheen to it and almost no smell, which is what I was hoping for. It has a handy push-top, as opposed to a screw-off top. A little is all you need and it does a good job of cleaning. Of course, you can use this as an all over body wash but I think it's a little too expensive for that. If only used on the vagina, it will last you quite a while. Read for yourself what other Eden customers are saying.

EdenFantasys® has plenty of other intimate care items so take your time and browse around. Do remember they offer free shipping within the U.S. on orders of $59 or more!

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STUDIO: Ninn Worx 
FILMED: 9/2003 

FROM DVD: An ancient book awakens the sexual forces of angelic souls. In a garden of dreams and desires, a carnal rite awakens the world...

Anais stars in a Michael Ninn project of celestial sexuality and unworldly powers. With a dream-like ambience, the viewer is taken on a hypnotic journey of passionate sex and haunting imagery.

This was odd, to say the least. It made no sense to me at all so as I usually do, I'll stick to describing the sex scenes. The sex acts themselves were the only things that weren't strange.

There was voice-over dialogue here and there thoughout this but Anais spoke so softly I couldn't really hear her. At the very beginning she got out some big book and started fliping through it. I heard her say it was 1861. That explains the clothing in some of the scenes. I couldn't really hear what she was saying so I'm a bit confused by all that went on. I could tell that she somehow was reading about herself in a past life or something.

SCENE 1: Anais is in a room by herself wearing a long shirt and knee boots. Wind is blowing through the open window. She walks over to a chair and begins masturbating. Music is playing. She has decent looking smaller implants (smaller as far as implants go, about a C cup) that look real most of the time. Yep, her info says she's a 32C. She's bald below except for a tiny strip of hair. An unattractive man with short dark hair comes over, kneels down in front of her and eats her out and fingers her at the same time. She blows him then he fucks her from behind while they're standing up at the bottom of a staircase. A few times he reaches around and rubs her clit. He sits at the bottom of the staircase and she gets on top, reverse cowgirl position.

SCENE 2: Anais is dressed like it's the 1800s. She's being pulled in a rickshaw by who looks like the man/groom from the previous scene. He stops the cart and Anais is watching a brunette (Justine Joli) who begins to masturbate for a few minutes.

Anais is still sitting outside where she had be watching the girl. She begins to masturbate in the rickshaw. At the same time, a different brunette (Violet Blue) is sitting outside masturbating. The groom, who's wearing sunglass! (remember, it's supposed to be 1861)  begins to eat the girl out and finger her with one finger. She seems to have an orgasm despite the fact the man didn't seem to know what he was doing. She's got bald labia and small breasts with huge nipples. She blows him, Anais watching the whole time. Violet lays on something that's draped in a black cloth and Talon fucks her. Then reverse cowgirl, then anal sex while they're both standing up.

SCENE 3: Anais goes over to where Justine is sitting. Her dress is around her waist. She has small natural breasts and is totally bald below. With her black lace gloves on she begins to rub Justine's clit and finger her. Anais is now naked except for her hat and shoes. She's leaning over on something and Justine is eating her and fingering her from behind with two fingers. Anais leans against something and Justine uses a thick dildo on her. It looks like it might be made of steel. Anais rubs her clit the whole time. No telling if she came or not.

SCENE 4: RayVeness. She's got large natural breasts (D cup) and a small strip of hair. This is one bizarre scene. Some strange man with fake, gross, nasty teeth and a miners light around his head is watching RayVeness masturbate in an old wooden wheelchair. Anais, still wearing her 1800s fancy clothing, is watching. RayVeness is wearing a strapless evening dress and gloves (women didn't dress like that in the 1800s). Two men, wearing shiny, plastic looking black pants and white shiny doctor's coats and blue thingies over their mouths, are in the room. RayVeness blows one, then both of them. She gets on her back and one fucks her, then reverse cowgirl anal sex. Next, double penetration while the strange man with rotten teeth jerks off.

SCENE 5: Anais and Nick, who's her boyfriend or husband, are back in the present. They're outside in their pool. She gets out, leans against the wall by the pool and he eats her and fingers her while she fingers her ass. Inside, she blows him for a while. She very good at it. Rough, fast doggie style next, then equally hard, fast, rough missionary position on the bed for a long time, him sweating his ass off the whole time. Sweat was dripping off his hair onto her face. Gag. She blows him and he comes in and around her mouth. In true porn style, she had to make a mess out of it.


This was forty minutes of behind the scenes stuff, same things you find on most bonus discs. Mostly filming Anais and the other 'star' performers between scenes, when they're just standing around bored to death and goofing off. Nothing special.

MY THOUGHTS: This was just alright. I own so many porn dvds that I'm sure I'll never watch this one again. I think too much time was wasted between sex scenes showing us things that made absolutely no sense. The sex scenes were good but there weren't enough close-ups, oddly enough. This looked expensive and the behind the scenes stuff could have been better. If film is supposedly so expensive, why waste it showing us a lot of nothing? Why not interview the actors while they're just standing around?

Since this was supposed to be the 1800s, I don't understand why one guy was wearing sunglasses and some of the clothing didn't fit the time period. That wasn't mentioned at all in the bonus material, unfortunately. I'm confused by it.

This came from my personal collection.

NICHOLAS by Cheryl Holt

Pub. Info: Samhain, 7/2012
Genre: Historical Romance
Setting: England, 1814
My Grade: B-

From Publisher: Captain Nicholas Price is a man with a plan. As the newly minted Lord Stafford, he is determined to have the best of everything. Clothes, horses, women. Miss Emeline Wilson is a woman on a mission. Forced into penury by the cruel estate manager of the indifferent Lord Stafford, Emeline is determined to confront the new Lord with his callous ways. When they finally meet, sparks fly, and Nicholas finds himself knocked for a loop by the feisty, intelligent, and definitely not high-born Miss.

MY THOUGHTS: Emeline is twenty-four and responsible for her ten year old twin sisters. She’s definitely down on her luck when she encounters the hero, Nicholas. Nicholas is thirty years old. He’s beyond uncaring and is unsympathetic and isn’t very likeable. He thinks he’s above anyone else…at first. He redeems himself a bit when he helps Emeline with something that’s important to her.

The story started out interesting but I lost interest halfway through. This book seemed short and their relationship with each other was underdeveloped. Nicholas didn’t seem too into Emeline so when he confessed his love for her, I had to roll my eyes and wonder what the author was thinking.

Nicholas has a younger brother, Stephen. I liked Stephen but didn’t see the point in him having a young daughter. It didn’t add to the story and another young character wasn’t necessary since Emeline’s sisters were already in it. His affair with Josephine was mildly interesting and the author clearly wanted to make this story a 2-for-1 by making it about not just Nicholas but his brother too.

I received this from the publisher in exchange for an honest review.

Best of 2011 and Free Goodies From EdenFantasys®

For me, it's always interesting to see what a company's best sellers are. EdenFantasys has posted a list of their best selling products for 2011. The list features dildos, vibrators and sensual love kits, just to name a few catagories. Personally, I'm most interested in knowing what types of vibes and dildos other women are interested in.

Not surprising, glass toys were popular. Yes, you read that right- glass! I was once worried about trying that type because, well, it's glass, but as long as you check it over for cracks, you'll be fine. I am surprised that no G spot vibrators were on the list. Those are the best type to own! You can browse for some and be sure to read their reviews before making a purchase. Most don't include batteries so make sure to pick some up.

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EdenFantasys® also allows you to choose a free gift with any purchase. But it's always better to give than receive, right? Why not add a gift card to your order and surprise someone you care about?

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Pub. Info: Zebra, July 2012
Original Pub: Zebra, 3/1995
Setting: England, 1761
Series? Yes, book 2
My Grade: C

The Riskiest Game

Portia St. Claire’s brother has gambled and lost once too often, thrusting her into the hands of ruthless men. To keep his life he must give up his sister’s virtue, to be auctioned off in London’s most notorious brothel.

To retrieve an incriminating letter, Bryght Malloren once broke into a house where he was greeted at pistol point by a resolute woman…a woman he could swear stands before him, masked and trembling, on a madam’s auction block.

Unable to leave Portia to such a cruel fate, Bryght turns the private wager into a very public game of seduction, one that confirms his reputation as a shameless rake and keeps all of London society breathless with anticipation. But on a night shimmering with destiny, truth, and passion, those who tempt fortune risk losing everything…including their hearts.

MY THOUGHTS: Well, the story started out really interesting. Portia and Bryght had a really interesting first meeting and the story flowed nicely. I’m not sure why Bryght was so into wanting to mary Portia. Nerissa is Portia’s married, whoring cousin and she’s quite evil and greedy. I like those type of characters so I liked her. I feel as though Portia is cowardly where her half brother is concerned. Really she has no backbone. The problem for me is that about halfway through, the story got real boring and it became a chore to finish it. Honestly, I can’t recommend this to anyone.

I received this from the publisher in exchange for an honest review.

It Ain’t All About The Cookin’ by Paula Deen with Sherry Cohen

PUB. INFO: Simon and Schuster/Hardcover 2007
PAPERBACK: Simon and Schuster, 2009
GENRE: Memoir/Autobiography

From Publisher: Do you know the real Paula Deen? You may think you know the butter-loving, finger-licking, joke-cracking queen of melt-in-your-mouth Southern cuisine. You may have even visited The Lady & Sons to taste for yourself the down-home delicacies that made her famous and even heard some version of her Cinderella story (a single mom with two teenage sons started a brown-bag lunch business with $200 and wound up with a thriving restaurant, a fairy-tale second marriage, and wildly popular television shows), but you have never heard the intimate details of her often bumpy road to fame and fortune.

Courageously honest, downright inspiring, and just a little bit saucy, Paula shares the highs and lows of her life in the inimitable charming and irreverent style that you know from her television shows and personal appearances. She talks about long childhood summers spent in a bathing suit and roller skates and hard years living in the back of her father's gas station; a buzzing high school social life of sleepovers, parties, cheerleading, and boys; and a difficult marriage. The death of her beloved parents precipitated a debilitating agoraphobia that crippled her for years. But even when the going got tough, Paula never lost the good grace and sense of humor that would eventually help carry her to success and stardom. Of course, you can't get by on charm alone: as Paula has learned, you need plenty of willpower, hard work, and, above all, the love and support of family and friends to finance, sustain, and run a successful restaurant.

MY THOUGHTS: I enjoyed reading about someone I find to be highly entertaining. I've been a fan of her and her Food Network cooking show since soon after it began in late 2002. I first knew of her a few years before that when her first cook book was sold on QVC.

The one thing that bothered me most was how she dropped the bomb about being molested on the school bus when she was little but didn't say how often that was or anything. She mentioned it and was off onto another topic when I wanted to know more about this.

In her Foodography episode on Food Network in 2007, around the time this book was published, I thought it was real strange her ex-husband Jimmy, and father of her two sons, was mentioned only once. In her book he's talked about a lot; he's a verbally abusive piece of garbage who could never keep a job. She never mentioned if she ever sees him or if they have anything to do with each other these days. I do not like the fact that her oldest son Jamie bought him a home. I wish Jimmy had been interviewed

Overall I was happy with this autobiography but wish she had gone more in depth with certain things. I think the recipes that were peppered throughout should have been saved for the end.