STUDIO: Wicked Pictures
LENGTH: 2 hr. 12 min
UPC: 713079285536

FROM DVD: When these naughty girls are sent away to be reformed, everyone learns a lesson in lust! From nasty girl/girl to penetrating anal, these girls really know how to please!

Condoms were used throughout the entire film.

SCENE 1: Lorelei and Randy. Lorelei has no pubes at all and has perfect natural breasts. She's supposed to be eighteen and is in the priciple's office, being reprimanded for saying the word 'cock' in science class. He asks what she thinks her punishment should be and she says should should be taught to use her mouth for good things, not bad.

Next thing you know she's on her knees, blowing Randy, the principle. He says, "Can you put that dick in your throat?" Next, she's laying back on his desk, legs spread while he eats her and fingers her with two fingers. She appears to have an orgasm and he continues to rub her clit and finger her. She leans on the desk and puts her left leg up while Randy fucks her from behind. Now for the best view of all- reverse cowgirl on the desk. They alternated between rubbing her clit. She had one or two orgasms. She's on her back on the desk asking for anal sex. He's standing between her legs, pounding away. Looks like she had a vaginal orgasm strickly from anal, with no clitorial or vaginal stimulation. I've seen that before in porn. She gets on her knees and he comes on her face.

SCENE 2: Hershel and Penny. Penny has no pubes except for a silly little landing strip and perfect breasts. Hershel has no pubes. He's 29 years older than her, lol. Penny is sitting in Hershel's classroom. She's in trouble for telling someone that she wants to have sex with him. He tells her he's flattered and has her blow him. She thenlays back on his desk and he eats her and fingers her with two fingers. He stands in front and fucks her, then she gets up, leans on the desk with her left leg up on it and he's behind her. Reverse cowgirl on the desk. She appears to have had three vaginal orgasms in that position. She gets on her knees and he comes on her face.

SCENE 3: Tory and Anthony. Tory has awful brest implants and I can't remember if she's totally bald or not. Anthony is from Hungary and is uncircumcised. He's overly muscular and gross. Tory is in the locker room when Anthony, the P.E. teacher, comes in and starts mouthing off to her, about what, I can't remember. She blows him, reverse cowgirl on bench, her on her back with him standing between her legs, doggie style, anal in reverse cowgirl position with him laying on his back on bench. She kneels down and he comes on her face. A few times they'd spit in each others mouths.

SCENE 4: Lindsey and Lisa. Lindsey is pretty and has tiny A cup breasts. Lisa is cute and has implants. Linsdey is in her dormroom, sitting on the bed, when Lisa comes in. She's her new roommate. Lindsey is smoking and drinking and trying to get, and succeeds in doing so, Lisa to do the same. They take each others shirts off and lick each other's breasts. They eat each other out. Lisa gets on all fours and Lindsey uses a vibrator on her then they switch positions and Lisa uses a different vibrator on Lindsey. No orgasms, no nothing.

SCENE 5: Steven and Roxy. Roxy is cute with small breasts. No way is she a C cup like the info states unless she's gotten implants since then. She's bald except for a tiny landing strip. Stephen is the school's psychologist and he's having a 'session' with Roxy in his office. She lays back in the big chair and she blows him. His penis is curved like a G spot dildo. She lays back on the sofa and he eats her. He lubes up two fingers with his saliva and says, "back door or front" and she says, "front." He fingers her like crazy with two, then four, fingers, while she rubs her pierced clit. Reverse cowgirl on sofa. Spoon position on sofa with them on their right sides, her left leg up. Awkward position time! I can't really describe it though I've seen it a lot in porn. She's on her back on the floor in front of the sofa, legs spread. He's kneeling on the soft in front of her, looking down at her with his hands on her legs, fucking her that way. Later, she's laying on her back and he comes on her face.

SCENE 6: Daisy and Marcos. That photo of Daisy doesn't do her justice at all. In this dvd she's very cute. She's tiny with tiny breasts. The info says she went from a C cup to D but she couldn't have been bigger than a 32B before the implants. Her back is covered in a ridiculous cherub tattoo. She quite the squirter too.

Marcos is the Spanish teacher and he's uncircumcised. He's behind his desk and Daisy's sitting in front, telling him that she needs to pass her Spanish exam in order to graduate (from high school). He comes around, drops his pants and she blows him while he lays on his desk. She lays on the desk and he eats her 'latin pussy', as she calls it, then fingers her at her request. Then fucks her while she's laying there, then doggie style. Now for my favorite position of all-time- reverse cowgirl on desk. She ejaculates once. This is a really good scene that lasted a while. Sounds silly but it was funny when, during that scene, she kept calling him Mr. Español. Like in the previous scenes, she kneels down and he comes on her face.


Bonus scene with Daisy, from the previous scene and Chris Cannon. This scene was twenty-three minutes long and was taken from the dvd Hook-Ups 12. ( I just happen to have Hook-ups 10)

Daisy is outside on a balcony, stripping down for the camera. Chris comes out, turns her toward the railing and eats her ass, then pussy while fingering her. She lays back in a chair as he continues to eat her. She blows him, reverse cowgirl in chair, then her knealing in the fchair, him behind her. She ejaculated four different times. She's standing up, he's behind her hoklding her right leg up while fucking her. She kneels down and he comes on her face.

She was annoying as hell in this scene! She cussed like crazy and it just seemed like she was trying to impress the viewers with her foul mouth or something. During one of the scenes when Chris was behind her, sometimes when his penis would come out of her, he'd use his left hand and smack the left side of his dick as hard as he could. I mean hard, like if you were to smack someone in the face with all your might.

BEHIND THE SCENES- There was a bit of behind-the-scenes stuff that wasn't worth watching, surprise, surprise. It was twenty-two minutes long.

MY THOUGHTS: My favorite scene was 2, with Penny Flame and Hershel Savage. I know of Penny, real name Jennifer Ketcham, from the VH1 reality show Sex Rehab With Dr. Drew.

It was clear that she was having vaginal orgasms during the reverse cowgirl scene and that made the scene all the more enjoyable to watch. Her minimal dialog was funny too during that scene when she said she'd just 'take the tip' inside her and that that was a 'game' she'd play with 'all the boys'.

Second favorite scene was with Daisy and Marcos, specifically the reverse cowgirl scene.

My least favorite, hands down, is scene three, in the locker room. It was so fast and frantic, chaotic and gross. I did not like seeing them spit into each other's mouths and chose to fast forward through most of it. The only problem is that when you fast forward through a dvd you can still see what's going on. I liked the behind-the-scenes part where they showed the filming of this scene. It was actually very funny, especially Tory.

My second least favorite scene was the lesbian scene. Very boring, to say the least.

I didn't like two of the six scenes so I guess I'll have to give this a B. Same review here.

This came from my personal collection.

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