's Sliquid Feminine Wash

This Sliquid feminine wash came to me from It's made by an American company that specializes in healthy, nontoxic personal lubricants. I'm reviewing the Naturally Unscented version.

The ingredients are:

Purified Water- has had chemicals removed from it via different methods.

Cocoamphoacetate- It's an organic biodegradable compound. It's made from fatty acids from coconut oil. Used in cleansing agents, it helps with viscosity and conditions.

Coco Betaine (Derived from Coconut Oil)- Used as an emulsifying agent and thickener. This ingredient is a known cause of contact dermatitis (eczema) so don't use it as a hand wash if you've got skin issues.

Coco Amide (Derived from Coconut Oil)- increases foaming capacity and is a good emulsifier.

Sea Salt- Salt that comes from evaporated sea salt water. Helps to soften the skin.

Citric Acid- It's used in personal care products to adjust the pH balance.

EGMS (Ethylene Glycol MonoStearate)- A fatty compound that's used to thicken fluids and also gives a pearlescent shine.

Potassium Sorbate- A crystalline powder used as a preservative.

MY THOUGHTS: This product is indeed pearlized. It lathers nicely, much like baby wash does, but not quite like regular bar soap or body wash. It doesn't have much of a smell which is why I wanted to try it. Every single feminine wash that I've ever smelled has had fragrance added. I use this to wash my adult toys with too.

I really like how this works but while researching cleanser ingredients I was horrified to see that coco betaine, which is short for cocamidopropyl betaine, is a known cause of contact dermatitis, which I already have. I'll use this bottle but I can't get it again. You decide for yourself if it's one you'd like to try.

If you prefer scented wash, they have two other scents to choose from.

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