EdenFantasys: Debbie Does Dallas, A True Classic!

EdenFantasys.com and EdenDvd.com carry one of the most well known XXX adult dvd classics: Debbie Does Dallas, from 1978. It's from their classic dvd section. Run time is just under 84 minutes with no bonus material.

This gem is filled with sex though, oddly enough, Debbie only has one sex scene. Her little high school cheerleader friends (don't worry, they're all of legal age) are the ones being the most naughty and its made for one helluva good film.

Watching this was a real nice change. Since it was 1978 people looked a whole lot more natural than they do these days. No fake breasts, fake nails (or toenails!), body piercings or tattoos were to be found in this film, and only one blonde, believe it or not. My only complaint is that everyone, male and female, had an overabundance of pubic hair, which I'm not a fan of.

The character of Debbie was played by Bambi Woods and I have to say that she's not the greatest actress. I don't think she delivered her lines too well but who watches porn for the dialogue? Not I. The other characters did a pretty good job of acting.

I've known of this film for many years and was never interested in seeing it. Then I decided to get it last year and was not disappointed and was a bit angry with myself for not getting it sooner. I do recommend this to anyone and everyone.

Don't forget that EdenFantasys has a huge selection of sex toys too. You can use one while watching this film, lol.

This was a sponsored post.