Craving Cake™? Let EdenFantasys® Serve You a Slice! sells a very popular brand of beauty items made by a company called Cake™. All products are parabens, which may be linked to breast cancer. To explore all Eden has to offer, go here.

Like the smell of raspberries and vanilla? You may want to try their milk made™ Nourishing Bath & Shower Bubbles. This comes in a large 17.4 oz bottle. It's reasonably priced and I hear that a little goes a long way so this should last you a while. It also has milk power for extra moisturization.
Everyone, both men and women, need to exfoliate their skin, everywhere. With Cake's Smoothing White Sugar Scrub, you'll have it covered. This contains milk protein and coconut oil, designed to soften your skin. This comes in a huge 21 oz. tub. Be sure to use it once a week.

It's important to keep your hands moisturized if you're like me and wash your hands a lot throughout the day. A great way to do it is with a flip-top tube of Cake's UnSweet Velveteen Hand Creme. It comes in four scents, including an unscented one, which is the one I'd prefer. It contains an important moisturizing ingredient, dimethicone, which is found in most good quality hand and body moisturizers. If you have any eczema issues, you need this.

Cake's Supreme Body Mousse comes in three scents and I'd like to try the unscented one. This is a smaller 8.5 oz. bottle. This is supposed to be thicker and richer than the previous Bath & Shower Bubbles product I mentioned. I wouldn't recommend that you use this as bubble bath since it's in a smaller bottle. Save it for when you want a true shower-time treat.

Have I made you bath-hungry with all this Cake™ talk? If you're at all curious about these products, please visit to explore this line further.

P.S.- Did I mention you get free shipping within the US when you spend $59 or more?!

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