Q&A With Historical Romance Author Grace Elliot, author of Ebook 'Hope's Betrayal'

One wild, winter’s night two worlds collide. Known for his ruthless efficiency, Captain George Huntley is sent to stamp out smuggling on the south coast of England. On a night raid, the Captain captures a lanky lad, but finds his troubles are just beginning when the lad turns out to be a lass, Hope Tyler.

With Hope as bait, the Captain sets a trap to catch the rest of the gang. But in a battle of wills, with his reputation at stake, George Huntley starts to respect feisty, independent Hope. Challenged by her sea-green eyes and stubborn loyalty Huntley now faces a new threat – his growing attraction to a sworn enemy. And a love where either Hope betrays her own kind, or Captain Huntley is court-marshalled, is not an easy destiny to follow.

It’s Q&A Time!

Welcome Grace! I’m Terri.

Hi Terri, lovely to meet you and your followers.

Q: Can you tell us a little something about where you grew up and what your childhood was like?

A: I’m a Yorkshire lass born and bred, who now lives just outside London. I grew up in a tight knit family; my Gran lived next door to her eldest daughter, with my other aunt living just a few streets away. The hub of my childhood was my Gran’s house – everyone naturally gravitated there. Gran’s house was made of red brick and there was always a smell of coal dust in the air, and to this day, the smell of a coal fire takes me back to that happy childhood.
There was a strong sense of community in a village where I grew up, a place that existed on the back of coal mining and the steel works. I remember neighbours calling at the back door with runner beans and sweet peas grown in their allotments, and the sense that people had time for one another.

Q: When did you first begin reading novels?

A: Talking of my childhood reminds me of learning to read on the Janet and John books – anyone else remember them? For as long as I can remember I’ve been an avid devourer of books. I had a long journey to school and used the time to read. Some weeks I’d get through five or six books, and the library was a regular stop on the way home and part of my selection criteria for my next book was that it was thick! I especially loved Arthur Ransom’s “Swallows and Amazons” books, science fiction, the classics and anything featuring animals!

Q: When did you realize you had writing talent?

A: At school I remember the English teachers telling me I didn’t need to write such long stories for homework. When given a topic the story would take root in my mind and I’d write and write until I’d got it all off my mind, even if that meant filling a whole exercise book. Those essays must have had something about them because it was not unusual for the teacher to read excerpts out to the class.
I first thought I might be a writer on a train journey when I caught myself describing the passing scenery in my head. But that was years ago and marriage, a family and a career took over. It wasn’t until a school reunion (20 year) and class mates reminded me of the stories I wrote for homework, that I had a eureka moment and decided to start writing again.

Q: When did you realize you wanted to become a writer?

A: Once I rediscovered the joy of writing, I discovered an addiction! I couldn’t stop writing; I had to do a little every day and got twitched if I couldn’t. It was more about the process of creating and expressing myself than ‘being a writer’, but it gives me great joy to share my efforts and if readers enjoy my books, then I’m thrilled.

Q: When you’re working on a book, how much time per day is devoted to it?

A: I write everyday. Since taking part in NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month) last November, my writing habits have changed. I used to set myself a time target, writing say for a minimum of twenty minutes a day (I also work as a veterinarian so writing isn’t my only career). However with NaNoWriMo you have a daily word target – by changing I discovered just how much time I spent getting distracted whilst thinking I was writing. So when writing a first draft, I now attempt to produce 1700 words a day – no self editing, no self criticism but just letting the inspiration flow and fingers fly over the keyboard. It’s so liberating. Of course this then needs to polished and reworked in subsequent drafts, and that’s where taking my time has its place.

Q: Who are some of your top favorite historical romance authors?

A: Some of the first historical romance authors I read were Stephanie Laurens, Gaelen Foley, Mary Balogh and Lisa Kleypas, who I love and will always go back to. I recently discovered Tess Dare and she’s my favourite author of the moment.

Q: Where did the idea for your newest release, Hope’s Betrayal, come from? I must say it’s a very beautiful cover.

A: “Hope’s Betrayal” was in part inspired by a true story. One of my favourite places is the Isle of Wight (just off the south coast of England) and the island is rich with smuggling history. One of the local legends is that in the late 1700′s there was a fisherman’s daughter, who was also a smuggler. She was so beautiful, that when one night a Revenue Officer caught her, he couldn’t bear the thought of putting her in jail and released her without charge.

This struck me as a wonderful starting point for a story. It set me asking about what happened to that officer’s career, after his authority was ruined? And what about the girl, what happened if two people on opposite sides of the law fell in love? Would her family shun her, or would her lover be rejected by his community? The result is my homage to that local legend, in “Hope’s Betrayal.”

Thank you so much for the compliment on the cover. I just love the image – it perfectly captures the allure of Hope’s green eyes, and her daring, untamed spirit.

Q: What do you like to do in your free time?

A: If anyone ever tells you that when your children get older, you’ll have more time – don’t believe them! My sons are now teenagers and most of my spare time is spent ferrying them around. Apart from reading, writing and fussing cats, I have been known to jog – but not terribly fast or far!

Q: What is your favorite type of film?

A: We don’t have a cinema near us so I don’t get to the movies as often as I’d like and most of the films I see are biased towards teenage boys! However, through this I have developed a grudging penchant for Iron Man. It made a change for me to drag them to a movie – The Hunger Games – and I’m still not sure if they liked or loathed it! One of my son’s hopes to go and see Prometheus this weekend, but since I nearly fainted in the first Alien film (all those years ago!) – perhaps I’ll deposit them at the cinema and go shopping instead.

Q: What are your upcoming projects?

A: I’m currently working on the third book in The Huntley Trilogy – “Verity’s Lie.” In this book we follow Lord Charles Huntley, rogue, in his undercover role to protect the bookish daughter of a government minister. As in all good historical romance, nothing ever goes smoothly as Verity feels she’s exchanging a overbearing parent, for an domineering rogue as Charles seeks to save her from being kidnapped by the French.

Q: Please tell my readers where they can find you on the internet.



IN THE BARRISTER'S BED by Tina Gabrielle

Pub. Info: Zebra, 7/3/12
Genre: Historical Romance
Setting: England, 1819
Series? Yes, book two
Author Site: link
My Grade: A

From Publisher: A bastard by birth, James Devlin lives on his own terms – until a twist of fate reveals that he is the true Duke of Blackwood. Though the brooding bachelor swears to hold on to his freedom, he does intend to take back his childhood home. But once at Wyndmoor Manor, he discovers an arresting adversary in Bella Sinclair. Her hot-blooded claim to his home is amusing …and arousing. Which is why he isn’t leaving until he takes possession of everything – starting with the bewitching Bella.

Bella is furious when the Duke barges into her home, declaring it rightfully his! The wilful widow is not about to give up her haven without a fight, no matter how determined the Duke is – or how sensual the battlefield. But once she’s sharing a house with the beguiling barrister, she is in danger of losing everything – one deep, slow kiss at a time.

MY THOUGHTS: I really enjoyed this book. I never once got bored with it. Both lead characters were very likeable. The hero is James, who has dark hair, blue eyes and is thirty-three years old. There was instant attraction when he met the heroine, widowed twenty-four year old Bella. She has auburn hair and green eyes. She was in a bad marriage to an older, abusive man for seven years and was very unhappy…..until James came along.

I liked the mystery that was going on in the story. Was someone out to get Bella, James, or both of them? They come out on top. This is a romance, after all.

This was an entertaining read and I’d certainly read this author again. Her complete book list can be found here.

I received this from the publisher in exchange for an honest review.


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PinkCherry.com's Sliquid Feminine Wash

This Sliquid feminine wash came to me from PinkCherry.com. It's made by an American company that specializes in healthy, nontoxic personal lubricants. I'm reviewing the Naturally Unscented version.

The ingredients are:

Purified Water- has had chemicals removed from it via different methods.

Cocoamphoacetate- It's an organic biodegradable compound. It's made from fatty acids from coconut oil. Used in cleansing agents, it helps with viscosity and conditions.

Coco Betaine (Derived from Coconut Oil)- Used as an emulsifying agent and thickener. This ingredient is a known cause of contact dermatitis (eczema) so don't use it as a hand wash if you've got skin issues.

Coco Amide (Derived from Coconut Oil)- increases foaming capacity and is a good emulsifier.

Sea Salt- Salt that comes from evaporated sea salt water. Helps to soften the skin.

Citric Acid- It's used in personal care products to adjust the pH balance.

EGMS (Ethylene Glycol MonoStearate)- A fatty compound that's used to thicken fluids and also gives a pearlescent shine.

Potassium Sorbate- A crystalline powder used as a preservative.

MY THOUGHTS: This product is indeed pearlized. It lathers nicely, much like baby wash does, but not quite like regular bar soap or body wash. It doesn't have much of a smell which is why I wanted to try it. Every single feminine wash that I've ever smelled has had fragrance added. I use this to wash my adult toys with too.

I really like how this works but while researching cleanser ingredients I was horrified to see that coco betaine, which is short for cocamidopropyl betaine, is a known cause of contact dermatitis, which I already have. I'll use this bottle but I can't get it again. You decide for yourself if it's one you'd like to try.

If you prefer scented wash, they have two other scents to choose from.

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PinkCherry.com's The Super 6" Silicone Dildo

This silicone dildo came to me from PinkCherry.com, home to many a sex toy. It's called The Super 6". The company is Doc Johnson® and they're based in California. This is from their line of Platinum™ Premium silicone. The color I'm reviewing is called white (UPC 782421001193/code DJ010101CD ) and it also comes in purple.

MATERIAL: This is thick, solid, premium silicone. Silicone is 100% body-safe in all ways; it's hypoallergenic, nontoxic, phthalate free and nonporous. This is very flexible and can be bent in half

MEASUREMENTS: This is slightly under the 6" measurement given; it's insertible length is 5 3/4". The coronal ridge is the thickest part, 1.75" in diameter. The shaft is slightly less thick, almost 1.7" in diameter. The base of this is 4" x 2 5/8". This weighs a hefty 12 oz. The base is totally flat and will suction lightly to a hard surface, such as the toilet lid for hands-free fun.

CARE AND MAINTAINENCE: Silicone can be cleaned in several ways: use soap and the hottest tap water, boil it or put in in the top rack of the dishwash, but I don't recommend the dishwasher. I do recommend you wash all toys, no matter their material, with unscented soap and blot dry.

Silicone will react badly if stored directly against another, from what I've read, so wrap each silicone toy in plastic wrap (which is what I do) or store in a zip-top bag before placing them in a box/container together.

LUBE: You cannot use silicone lube with silicone toys because the material will break down. Use water-based lube only. I used Sliquid Sassy Booty with mine. A little goes a long way with it! It's all natural ingredients and is worth the money. Ladies, never use a lube with glycerin in it unless you want a yeast infection! Stick with Sliquid.

The package is very easy to open and requires no scissors, thankfully. You just pull it apart at the top.

MY THOUGHTS: I loved using this dildo. It's the right length for me. These days I prefer to use my dildos that have a flat base while straddling a pillow. Place a pillow on the bedroom floor and place a folded towel over the pillow. Insert it, straddle the pillow and you can either lean forward, placing your hands on the floor as you raise up and down or have a chair in front of you so you can place your forearms on it as you raise yourself.

Because the dildo wasn't too long, like most seem to be, I could sit on it all the way without it hurting. The scrotum gives us something to hold on to if you chose to to not straddle it. I love the thick ridge on it. It's a beautiful dildo and I've got no complaints.

It's pretty thick but with a little lube, insertion wasn't problem. I absolutely love the very think coronal ridge on it. This has lots of veins too for added stimulation.

This is priced very well, under $40, and if you add a bottle of Sliquid lube to it, you'll qualify for free shipping.

I recommend this to anyone to likes a shorter, thick dildo. If you like your toys on the thinner side, this isn't for you.

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PinkCherry's Waterproof G Spot Vibrator

This vibrator came to me from PinkCherry.com sex toys. This is made by an American company called California Exotic Novelties and is called Waterproof G-Spot 7 Vibe.

MATERIAL: This is clearly made from harmful PVC. PinkCherry was given wrong information by the company, as were other sites that sell this. PinkCherry has it listed as being made from TPR (thermoplastic rubber, high on the safe toy material scale) but it is not. Each of the three sites I looked at has this listed as a different material than the other sites. Google PVC and you'll see it's not safe at all.

MEASUREMENTS: This has an insertable lenght of 6 3/4". The tip is the narrowest part, just under 1" in diameter. The shaft is the same width the whole way down, 1.4" in diameter. Without batteries, this weighs 5.1 oz.

VIBRATIONS: This uses 2 AA batteries, which aren't included. There are seven speeds to choose from. There's a tiny on/off button that you push on the bottom of the screw-off base. There's another tiny push button that controls the pulsations.

1- This speed is about medium, just like any other vibrator.
2- This is faster than the first speed.
3- Super fast, like high speed on any vibe.
4- Pretty neat; the vibration starts slow then gets real fast, lasting about three seconds total.
5- Very fast pulsations, sounds a bit like an engine revving.
6- Same as the previous speed but faster.
7- Three super quick pulsations, about 1/2 second each, then the fourth pulse is longer, lasting about 1 1/2 seconds.

MY THOUGHTS: Based on this being made from a harmful material, I cannot recommend it to anyone. This is the second time I've gotten a CalExotic toy that was incorrectly listed as being made from one material when in fact it turned out to be awful PVC. Shame on the company. I'm fed up with them and would steer you far away from them. The smell is awful and so strong it burned my nose and made my throat hurt. The chemical smell will stay on your hands for a few minutes.

This is a very attractive toy and I like the different vibrations and size of this. Too bad this material still exists in the adult toy world. Please read this about how harmful PVC is.

Having said that, I would, without hesitation, recommend PinkCherry.com or PinkCherry.ca to any and all. They truly have one of the largest inventories I've ever seen, including a catagory for my favorite material, silicone.

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EdenFantasys: Debbie Does Dallas, A True Classic!

EdenFantasys.com and EdenDvd.com carry one of the most well known XXX adult dvd classics: Debbie Does Dallas, from 1978. It's from their classic dvd section. Run time is just under 84 minutes with no bonus material.

This gem is filled with sex though, oddly enough, Debbie only has one sex scene. Her little high school cheerleader friends (don't worry, they're all of legal age) are the ones being the most naughty and its made for one helluva good film.

Watching this was a real nice change. Since it was 1978 people looked a whole lot more natural than they do these days. No fake breasts, fake nails (or toenails!), body piercings or tattoos were to be found in this film, and only one blonde, believe it or not. My only complaint is that everyone, male and female, had an overabundance of pubic hair, which I'm not a fan of.

The character of Debbie was played by Bambi Woods and I have to say that she's not the greatest actress. I don't think she delivered her lines too well but who watches porn for the dialogue? Not I. The other characters did a pretty good job of acting.

I've known of this film for many years and was never interested in seeing it. Then I decided to get it last year and was not disappointed and was a bit angry with myself for not getting it sooner. I do recommend this to anyone and everyone.

Don't forget that EdenFantasys has a huge selection of sex toys too. You can use one while watching this film, lol.

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