Studio: Vivid Man
Release Year: 1999
Length: 71 minutes
Rating: XXX
My Grade: C

From DVD: Did Someone Say "Tight End"? The story of five hunky cock-happy footballers who pull together to save their asses…on the field and off. And after their star quarterback gets abducted by horny survivalists, a lot more than the game's at stake!

MY THOUGHTS: Boy, was this awful. I knew better but took a chance on it anyway and got burned. I didn't even take my ususal notes; I could tell it wouldn't have been worth it.

All but one sex scene took place outside. At least two took place on a big rock. Talk about uncomfortable. You know it was bad because I don't even have a favorite scene. None were good because of the ugly setting. They were in the woods amongst leaves and in fact, they always had their shoes on. A couple scenes were outside at night and the lighting wasn't too good.

There were 'extras' that included a few sex scenes that seemed to be taken from other gay films. They weren't anything special but were better than the feature film. There were other Vivid gay porn previews that all seemed to have silly plotlines too. I wouldn't have bought any of them.

This was awful and I'm sticking to the gay porn compliations that I love.

This came from my personal collection.


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